Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2007

Strange things are currently happening in Venezuela

Many times we have warned about coming plots ... they came ... but could not topple the Venezuelan government. This does not mean that we erred. We are scientists and philosophers, we are not prophets.

It would have been an equivocation not to warn about coming events whose roots and reasons historically and globally are crystal clear.

Whether we like it or not, the Bush regime, together with its European and Israeli allies, have declared us as part of the 'axis if evil,' as 'international terrorists' who deserve the royal military humanist treatment: violent invasion and genocide, by capturing our wealth, oil, gas, biodiversity, water, strategic minerals, metals and oxygen.

This indicates that the Bolivarian Revolution was never and will not be pacific, simply because the USA permanently has to try to topple President Chavez in its own 'Yankee' geopolitical and economic interests.

Of course, the constitutional reform and the founding of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the first place, concern the physical and theoretical defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. This is why everything has to be done pretty fast, within weeks, because we know what is coming any moment, as from now onwards.

The problem is not local ... it is not a matter of whether international imperialism will attack us now, next year or not, it is worldwide ... all the peoples of the globe are in danger. The world system, because it has globalized itself, realized itself, is in severe danger, in an apocalyptic crisis.

It is showing its true capitalist grimace, real ruling class democracy: fascism.

In this perspective, we note that strange things are currently happening in Venezuela.

Across the country, the delegates for the future United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) have been elected by popular vote. However, many critical observers note that the whole process was not so clean after all ... progressively the party in embryo is now already being infiltrated by the opponents of socialism, by members of the old political parties, and by 'Chavistas without Chavez.'

Surely, a number of things seem to be just casual: nothing really to worry about; no fresh milk, no powder milk, shortages of sugar and other necessities of life. The delivery trucks of gasoline from El Vigia to Merida are on strike. In Caracas, as from midnight tonight till tomorrow morning, transport workers plan to suspend their activities and duties: President Chavez caught a cold in Cuba and could not present his Sunday program 'Ola Presidente'. ... What is going on?

Furthermore, here in Merida and elsewhere, reactionary students will start with their guarimbas, with their programmed disturbances again tomorrow. 100% of the Catholic Church ... that is ... its oligarchic hierarchy, is opposing the Bolivarian Revolution.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 'opposition,' savagely protesting the planned constitutional reform, is determined to march to parliament and deliver a dubious document to the assembly. During the next weeks, all the political weather signals are indicating towards possible coming earthquakes, landslides and social typhoons.

This is the revolutionary process of radicalization of which Chavez spoke a while ago. This is the radix, the root of the current danger. To radicalize the Bolivarian Revolution means to attack the golpista problem at its very roots, from within, at its class contradictions, at its class struggle. As long as we preserve capitalism in Venezuela, we will forever nurture economic exploitation, will generate political domination, produce social discrimination, racism, will organize military genocide and foment universal human alienation.

The real, true Bolivarian Socialist Revolution will begin when we as workers will definitely say NO to every single one of them ... to what Simon Bolivar has called the 'plague' of America.

This categorical dialectical negation is socialism, anything else is just another caricature of human emancipation.

Venezuela has chosen the road towards socialism, let us cross the Rubicon and say farewell to globalized capitalism forever.