Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2007 is but a droplet on the lava of Murdoch's disinformation volcano

Elio Cequea's excellent article "Venezuelan government urgently needs an international razorblade," published by, today, underlines the danger of under-estimating the urgency for true, globally distributed information about Venezuela.

In fact, launching a full scale information attack against the international disinformation campaign has already become part of our armed self-defense against the coming brutal imperialist military invasion ... for which the current "big lie" strategy is preparing the psychological bellicose terrain.

 SUPPORT VENEZUELA?  Drew Raines, July 11, 2007

Let's look at the possible emancipatory exodus from this systemic and systematic brainwashing and violation of the human mind.

The only choice that remains for us is an immediate exodus from this destructive world order.

Especially in a Jewish-Christian world, concepts like genesis, exodus and creation are consecrated to the dimension of sublime religious categories. Philosophers like Ernst Bloch have elevated them to worldly revolutionary arms of full spectrum emancipation. In my latest book, "Venezuela: Revolucion, Exodo y Emancipacion" (May 2007) I have illustrated the urgent necessity for the Bolivarian Revolution to cross the Rubicon and to enter the sphere of exodus out of this capitalist vale of tears ... out of this Via Crucis which seems to be leading us to our nuclear Golgotha.

In this sense, what does exodus mean for Venezuela, for humanity?

Let us first identify what we are talking about. For revolutionary theory, dialectically linked to emancipatory praxis, it is pertinent to "etymologize" and conceptualize our intellectual weapons. Imprecision of ideas and confusion of thoughts have no chance of success when they are confronted with sophisticated global corporate means of mind and thought laundering, of "education," socialization, indoctrination and manipulation. I have called this transhistoric ruling class violent onslaught against free thought and thinking "the mental holocaust."

It is the most heinous crime ever perpetrated against humanity, against billions of innocent peasants and workers.

In our religious Christian studies. we have been taught that Exodus is the second book of the Old Testament; also of the Torah and the Tanakh. However, the word exodus comes from Greek and means "departure" or "out-going."  Later, the Latin language adopted this name and passed it on to other languages. For Christians, the main connotation of this word simply is the departure of Hebrew slaves from Egyptian bondage to the "promised land," led by Moses.

What this was all about, Wikipedia English Edition summarizes as follows:

The book is generally broken into six sections:

* The account of the growth of the Israelites into a people, their enslavement in Egypt, and eventual escape (1-12)
* The journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai (13-18)
* The formation of a covenant between God and the people, and its associated laws (19-24)
* Intricate instructions for the construction of a tabernacle, priestly robes, and other ritual objects (25-31)
* The episode of the golden calf, and the regiving of the law (32-34)
* The construction of the tabernacle, priestly robes, and other ritual objects (35-40)

A major chiliastic structure runs throughout the second half of Exodus, centered on the episode of the golden calf.

Sad to say, within the global labor process, for the common Hebrew and Palestinian slaves and wage slaves of yesteryear and of today, this "exodus" from Egyptian slavery was just a jump from the frying pan into the future capitalist fire, into Apartheid and Zionism.

Certainly, this is not what we understand by "crossing the Rubicon" or by an "exodus" from revolution to emancipation, or even by the "New."

In previous writings we made it very clear that the Bolivarian Revolution cannot annihilate the metropolitan "seven plagues," that is, corruption, bureaucracy, exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation, within the framework of a capitalist society and a ferocious, global, fascist environment.

All our immediate programs, tactics and strategies, our medium range policies and long range goals should be anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-corporatism, that is, must be part and parcel of a scientific and philosophic exodus.

We are not building our emancipation on promises, we are not steering towards a "promised land." We are not making or breaking history, nor are we going to perpetuate the process of production, or to only reproduce new dimensions of human exploitation.

As we stated so often, we are creating the new ... a new logic ... a new science ... a new philosophy ... a new man ... anything less than this is not an exodus from capitalist slavery to human emancipation.

It is very important for us Bolivarians to understand the concept of exodus and its concomitant terms like "exvolution" or "exformation." It is an exodus from all the "re's-," from eternal re-petition, re-ligion, re-forms or re-volutions.

However, much more important is to tell the world in all languages about our transhistoric exodus.

This is yet another Achilles Heel of the Bolivarian Revolution: Until now, with due respect for all the media that so heroically have spread the revolutionary word about the truth in Venezuela, the true voice of Venezuela still cannot be heard anywhere in the metropoles.

We have not yet noted the real revolution, the revolution of ideas, of theory, of philosophy, that is based on action, praxis and armed resistance.

Current information is still just like a drop on the lava of Murdoch's disinformation volcano.

It is time that we launch our emancipatory exodus out of this global corporate mental holocaust.

The current violent anti-Chavez psycho-war is just the prelude to foreign military invasion.