Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2007

Castro: "If Venezuela's President should die, the revolution would not last"

We are born in global, globalized social violence, we live and die in the labor horror and capitalist terror of master-slave relations, of omnicide by social order, of genocide by world order and of "magnicide" by State order.

At the eve of imperialism, like Charles Darwin has described in his Descent of Man, gone are the good old days when ape-men and men-apes were still deciding about the future creativity, beauty, truth and love of coming mankind.

Nowadays god-men and men-gods decide over the life and death of individuals, of nations and of all species on planet earth. Ruling class perversion has no limits, natural and social destruction have already reached catastrophic dimensions.

Within this historic context, on June 11, 2007, in an Associated Press Interview with Ian James, President Hugo Chavez Frias explained his revolutionary relation to the poor classes of Venezuela. Of course, they still do not compose a conscious class in and for itself. However, their beloved leader is Chavez and they are prepared to give their very lives for him, for Venezuela. In December 2006 six million of them brought him back into power, and the same amount of downtrodden feverishly supports the foundation of a new socialist party.

According to Ian James: "The tour with Chavez offered an unusual glimpse into the life of a man who has transformed Venezuela and spread a socialist, anti-American message throughout the world."

Personally Chavez explained his simple human likes "he enjoys watching Clint Eastwood movies, and liked the film 'Gladiator' so much he saw it three times. He sometimes plays late-night pickup baseball games with ministers and others, using a rubber ball. He relishes contact with the public, reads voraciously and makes hours-long speeches."

However, President Chavez is a prisoner in Miraflores, in his own country.

This is not because he is a terrorist, dictator or tyrant, like Batista, Idi Amin, Mobutu or Pinochet, all previous imperialist lackeys; it is not that the millions of poor masses want to kill him; on the contrary, they simply love him.

In reality, global terrorists like the "opposition" in Venezuela, its right wing mafia in Miami and the imperialist metropolitan moguls want Chavez dead, better yesterday than tomorrow. The reason is not so much that they do not like Chavez's face. They know that he is the Achilles Heel of the Bolivarian movement which has not yet developed class consciousness, not yet taken up real socialist arms against global capitalism, in other words, is not yet participating consciously in modern global class struggle.

This is the international terrorist situation that Chavez himself blames on conspiracies to kill him. "I'm condemned to death, like Fidel (Castro) has been for a very long time, and as such forced to take security measures that are so extreme one ends up not having a personal life,"

Of course, on the ideological level, all this collides with the understanding of democracy by the upper class corporate Herrenvolk, which supports the occult United Nations' gruesome plans of how to reduce world poverty and it is in conflict with the secret war games of Bush, Chaney, Rice and others, like Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Joseph Ratzinger and Lech Walesa. It concerns the elimination of Satan, of "international terrorism," the "axis of evil" and therewith Chavez. Chavez is revealing and is unraveling the big lies of the bosses of this world, and this has to be stopped now, once and for all.

The USA is really desperate, it urgently needs Venezuela's wealth, resources, oil, gas, biodiversity, water and oxygen. In order to materialize its wildest nightmares, a Second Conquest, the Bush clique is prepared to cross rivers of innocent Latin American blood.

Long ago, the White House confirmed its plans to assassinate President Chavez. The then notorious, arrogant US Ambassador to Venezuela Charles S. Shapiro categorically stated the naked truth of United States foreign policy, of Washington's heinous programmed crime, that "it's not a crime to kill a President." (September 28, 2003 posted: By: Reporters).

Expressis verbis, in typical diplomatic jargon he stated:

"it is not necessarily a crime (to kill a President) ... but we are in the full process of collecting information and we must follow all legal procedures ... if there is anyone to blame, our government knows what to do!"

At that time, in a national television broadcast President Chavez warned that " ... they are conspiring against Venezuela in the United States,... the peoples of this continent need to know that their (USA) terrorists are preparing an attack against Venezuela!"

This is valid till this very day, for example, on July 18th, 2007, President Chavez could not come to inaugurate the completion of the first section of the trolley-bus in Merida because of "higher will"; in reality, according to trustworthy intelligence sources, another assassination plot against his life was aborted.

In the meantime the international context of the Bolivarian Revolution is becoming more and more apocalyptic.

According to Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV), citing a report in the daily "Yediot Aharonot," Israeli pilots are being trained to participate in future large distance military operations over Iran. In alliance with other world capitalist powers, Israel as loyal United States imperialist bulwark in the Middle East and as military watch-dog of the economic mega-interests of oil giants like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Total and other transnational corporations and as bloodthirsty honorary member of the "Nuclear Club," is preparing a planned genocide of millions of Arab and Muslim peoples, in fact, the logical result of globalization:an atomic holocaust.

As we know, in the name of "peace" and "freedom," as a result of brutal, arrogant United States military invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decades a million innocent Arabs were simply massacred, Currently within the context of the planned invasion of Iran the imperialist omnicide continues. But, the attack on Iran is part of the elimination of the "axis of evil" of which Venezuela is a senior member.

According to Prensa Latina, Venezuelan Minister of Science & Technology, Hector Navarro, warned that in spite of the fact that Venezuela supplies over one million barrels of oil to the US on a daily basis, currently the country is under threat of an oil blockade by the United States government, "there are clear signs of a Venezuelan siege by the empire."

So often we have stated that great gods, great ideas, great men and great "races" all of and by themselves do not make history. Napoleon had a cook and Simon Bolivar had a horse, all part and parcel of the making or breaking of history.

In Venezuela, any president, messiah or great man, all alone does not and cannot make the Bolivarian Revolution. Even President Chavez begins to see very clearly the Achilles Heel of socialism in Venezuela; lately he revealed:

" ... that he has received a warning from Fidel Castro on several occasions that if the Venezuelan President should die, the revolution would not last."

He uttered: "I have said so many times and I'm still reluctant to accept it but when I think and see what is happening around me, I realize that unfortunately, Fidel Castro once again is right."

Consequently, what is missing in Venezuela?

According to President Chavez we urgently need "a disciplined, efficient and committed revolutionary party with sufficient quality to defend the Bolivarian process."

For a start, we agree, but there is much, much more absent: for example, a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy, a new emancipator, a new Bolivarian. Without all of them, any socialist party will remain void of real revolutionary praxis and of true theory, within a very short period of time it would fade into oblivion; across the 20th century we have dozens of tragic examples to verify this emancipatory assertion.

Also in Venezuela, class consciousness, the real praxical power of the "poor" can only be won within the true class struggle against globalization; its transhistoric clarion call is scientific, philosophic, emancipatory theory, pointed against feudal obscurantism, metaphysical religion and ideological mind and thought control of capitalist education and imperialist socialization.