Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2007

Are we facing a possible "Capitalist Nuclear Apocalypse of the 21st Century"?

There we are, VHeadline is back! At last, after months of a sojourn in the desert of financial misery, we are leaving the state of emergency. Yes, we are still fighting for our very economic survival.

On this planet where money makes the world, the "revolution," go round, the very last thing that is being sustained financially, by corporate moguls, democratic institutions and endowment foundations, is the truth about capitalism, imperialism and socialism, even less so, about Marxism, Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution and especially not about President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Nonetheless, we sincerely convey our profound gratitude to all real revolutionaries, socialists and democrats who have enabled our information 'Phoenix' to soar again above all conspiracy, corruption, lies and genocide ... to carry the torch of truth about Venezuela to the four corners of the earth.

Again, our Venezuelan flag of emancipatory militancy and militant optimism, which embraces the deepest daydreams and aspirations of the millions of impoverished masses of Latin America, proudly blows in the global trade winds that howl above the sinking imperialist Titanic.

Much has changed since November 2006.

We highlighted some of the historic events in our emergency edition, but it will take time to really assess and analyze the true dimensions of the current revolutionary processes in Venezuela.  In the following weeks, we will try to enlighten these decisive developments.

Over the last years, in hundreds of commentaries and editorials we have described the transhistoric process of the social revolution in Venezuela.

As the Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch has explained, revolutions are not one-day flies: they do not come from above, they do not follow mathematical or formal logical equations; they do not occur outside the labor process, outside the global class struggle; they are not isolated from world events, from the death agony of capitalism.

Also, they do not follow CIA manuals or papal catechisms, are not concocted on the basis of economic, revisionist recipes, they do not follow time-tables. Like the French and Industrial Revolutions, they are unique, new, original and authentic.

Philosophically, as emancipatory guide, Ernst Bloch described a very sublime category, Exodus. In my latest book, that will be "baptized" next week, "Venezuela: Revolucion, Exodo y Emancipacion. Ensayos para la Praxis y Teoria socialista," I am introducing the "trialectical jump" from Revolution to Emancipation ... that is, the emancipatory Exodus from this vale of proletarian tears and capitalist misery.

In his philosophic principle of hope, Bloch  ... like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and many other scientific and philosophic socialists ... underlined that in spite of the imperialist Damocles Sword that is hovering above humanity, nothing has been totally won as yet, but also he emphasized that all is not lost as yet.

The "experiment world," the hypothesis "new man" continues to be sphingid, an enigma. In spite of all the imperialist big lies about Venezuela, of all the versions of "socialism," ranging from "national" to "Christian" to "21st century" socialism, we still did not solve the emancipatory world riddle, we still did not undo the creative, creating Gordic Knot.

Reproducing higher planetary forms of the bourgeois, democratic, capitalist French Revolution, of the master-slave relations, of the world market, of economic exploitation, political domination and social discrimination, is one thing, however, eradicating human alienation, by creating galactic Human Emancipation is something totally "trifferent."

Finally, to achieve the latter, we have suggested that the Bolivarian Revolution urgently needs as short, medium and long term strategy a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy and a new man.

If any single element of this emancipatory process is nor being nurtured, not being cultivated with human care, inexorably, within the next decades, we will be confronted with a nuclear conflagration.

Venezuela: Are we approximating a possible "Capitalist Nuclear Apocalypse of the 21st Century"?

Should we not include this theme in our debate on Socialism?