Franz J.T. Lee, May, 2007

Chavez urgently needs our unconditional solidarity at this very moment...

Over the past ages functioning as the main intellectual instrument of ruling class ideology and domination, formal logics, by permanently cutting the vital, delicate, thin umbilical cord that sustains objective nature and subjective society on earth, has produced religious absolute truths, severed transhistoric relations, prohibited dialectical contradictions and manufactured a galaxy of big lies, a labyrinth of static belief systems.

This alienating process continues till this very day and here in Venezuela it is becoming daily more fatal than ever.

On a world scale we can measure the lethal and mortal effects of its application from the cradle to the grave. As a mode of ideology and religion, as handmaiden of master and slave social formations, it inexorably destroys human social fiber and capillaries, that is, thinking and thought, praxis and theory, intellectual ability and philosophic potency, in a nut-shell, creativity and emancipation.

With its third law, which excludes anything that is not "A" or "Non-A," it blocks all human transcendence, its emancipatory trinity. Across the millennia as a ruling class intellectual weapon of mass indoctrination, manipulation and destruction, which forms a conditio sine qua non for disseminating ruling ideas, religious idealism and idealist religions across the globe, geocentrist formal logics brought about a Dark Age Moloch, sparked off a global mental holocaust, which devoured millions, and which currently as Orwellian Newspeak, as a global wild bush fire threatens to extinguish that which in our solar system is a differentia specifica of humanity: praxical thinking and theoretical thought themselves.

As a "world war on ideas," on human thinking and thought, it is directed against the revolutionary youth, in Venezuela it is now trying to use the students as coup bait, as cannon fodder, for global fascist machinations. In its total madness trying to gain "full spectrum dominance," internationally the Yankee golpistas are monopolizing "information" about Venezuela and in many diabolical appearance forms they are taking the whole planet on a wild goose chase: launching dangerous 'Big Lies' from Miami to Washington D.C.; concocting ideological strychnine from Toronto to London; pouring out lethal Zyklon B from Berlin to Paris; organizing mortal witch-hunting campaigns from the White House to the Vatican, disseminating moribund 'Newspeak' from CNN to Fox News; chewing old ruminated straw from the Miami Herald to the Toronto Star, preserving obsolete "absolute truths" from El Nacional to El Universal, nurturing myopic obscurantism from Globovision to Omnivision, planning parochial skirmishes and guarimbas from La Frontera to El Nuevo Pais, stoking diatribal megalomania from La Razon to the Cambio del Siglo.

Calling all these "news" and "information," "freedom of the press" and "freedom of expression," everywhere the golpista stench of death is transmitted across the globe, telling the same old Orwellian story: 'Chavez is a Dictator,' 'Freedom is Slavery,' 'War is Peace,' 'Two and Two make Five' ... on the other hand, stating that the "opposition" golpistas are democratic angels, defending Western, Christian "freedom of expression."