Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2007

The Bolivarian Revolution is in great danger ... not externally ... but within!

At this fleeting trans-historic moment, in the darkness of the shadow of death, at the eve of a possible, brutal United States megalomaniac nuclear attack on Iran ... probably already planned for Good Friday ... it is simply incredible to see what has become of the human species, the "highest blossom of nature" that calls itself the "crown of creation."

Today, already, thousands of living innocent Iranian people, women and children, are sentenced to death for the sake of billions of US petro-dollars of profits, exploited by Bush and the oil conglomerates, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Total and others.

The good old days of the bourgeois democratic weapon, the panacea of the "reign of terror," are coming back: Robespierre and Danton are welcoming the Bush family and friends under the guillotine of universal justice and world peace.

Never ever did ruling classes tremble like at this ominous hic et nunc, never ever so tangible did desperate "cattle" sense their inevitable slaughter by the billions, never did mankind ever come so close to global butchery, to the gigantic global battle between a dying dollar and a condemned Euro, to a devouring, devastating, corporate wild bush fire.

And yet, the corporate ruling class arrogance, the blatant, bare-faced lies, the barbaric, perverse immorality, the merciless massacres, the rampant terror and marauding horror, accompanied by an eternal blood hunger of imperialist parasites and corporate mongrels ... all these bastard traits of current global fascism ... are putting past pharisaic monsters and snatching mongrels like Draco, Nero, Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Verwoerd and Pinochet all of them to shame.

The global perversion is taking on megalomaniac dimensions that veil the total bankruptcy, the Lilliputian character, the Cyclopic nature, the complete collapse of millennia of alienating and alienated Greek, Judaic, Christian, Western Civilization. Yes, at last, the lords, waterlords, overlords and warlords have made it, the game is over. Alea jacta est! Over-production has given birth to the total destruction of nature and society on planet earth.

By destroying the negation of capitalism, by not giving socialism, Marxism, a minimum chance, for over two centuries capitalist and imperialist egoism, greed and avarice have condemned all species to a long suffering death agony. All that the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki have brought into existence now merits to pass away, including the latest billionaires of China, India, Russia and Brazil. Globalization is proudly sowing the wind, is building walls of woe, soon it will reap the dialectical storm, From the battle front the own terrorist chickens are coming home to roost. For them the electro-magnetic weapons and fascist concentration camps are constructed around the globe.

The year 2007 is decisive: Nostradamus, Thomas Bearden and Michael Ruppert have warned us centuries and decades ago already.

Man, ruling class man, your computers on a quantum, your colonies on the Moon or Mars, your scalar waves, your cloned sheep and exterminator warriors, your genome, your global positioning system, your scramjets and "flying saucers," driven on by the technology of Nikolai Tesla, all of them cannot save you anymore, also not your mother of all bombs, your arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, Uncle Dagobert, you failed to count more than one, you never learned to go beyond "A" in the ABC of spheric galactic life. Formal logics, geo-centrism and ego-centrism are causing your inexorable downfall, the inevitable end of your global hegemony and empire, your historic exodus has begun. Bombing Iran, Pakistan, Cuba. Venezuela or China will not stop your demise.

Yes, metropolis. gnothi seauton, know thyself!

Fatherland, patriarchal god-man, your philosophic genii and geniuses of the Enlightenment, Socrates, Kant and Hegel, have taught you dialectics. Together with Marx they explained what is a contradiction, an affirmation and a negation, what is your master-slave earthly relationship. Not only is your Achilles Heel the moment of truth, it is your own slave, serf or worker. Your other self is the worker; if you kill him, you yourself will be stone dead. If he kills you the result will be the same.

In the "Wretched of the Earth," Frantz Fanon has explained this to us: to wipe out the colonizer, you have to eradicate two persons, the colonizer and the colonized, your master and you yourself, his slave. If the workers of the world should destroy your international division of labor, your world market, then they will all end up in living hell. If they fail to do so, as Marx warned you, then you yourself will end up with all your workers in hellish, earthly barbarism.

This is the current trilemma of exodus, of emancipation. Within the current unilateral labor universe, there is no possible liberation anymore, we will have to transcend, to transmute towards real creativity and true creation.

This is why the Bolivarian Revolution urgently needs a new logic, science, philosophy and sapience, a new morality, a new cultural revolution, a new human being, existence and transcendence, an emancipatory sacred human trinity, with its own praxis, theory and excellence.

Of course, this is not a local, parochial, national or continental issue, it concerns global, globalized emancipation.

The days of social democratic reformism, of labor and capital alliances, of trade unions, political parties and guerrilla movements are gone; any emancipatory effort of a minimum chance of realization has to be social, continental, global.

We are in the epicenter of the boiling cauldron of the "war of ideas," of "psy-ops," of mind and thought control, of the mental holocaust. If for the first time in our lives, thinking, thought, theory and philosophy are beyond our reach, are totally impossible, well, then we have lost the trans-galactic express to freedom already long ago, then we are doomed to "weeping and gnashing of teeth," to eternal hell on this toxic, polluted god forlorn planet, in the only hell ever possible.

Because now the Bolivarian Revolution has to show its true colors, has to separate the socialist germinating wheat from the capitalist rotting chaff, currently we are experiencing a most critical moment.

The revolution is at the crossroads, it has to choose the affirmation or the negation of the world system: the road towards reformist capitalism, to hell, or the highway to socialism, to human emancipation.

We have no choice, no alternative, we have to act, think and excel of, by and for ourselves, here, now, everywhere, always.