Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2006

Crossing the Rubicon on a dangerous emancipatory voyage towards New Socialism

Anything new is complex, is complicated. It needs scientific incision and philosophic precision. This also applies to our new unified party and the creation of a new global socialism.

Here in Venezuela, after having left the electoral doldrums behind us, we are now entering the "New Year 2007."

President Chavez is now re-shuffling the cards anew, and a brand new "Partido Unico" suddenly wakes us up from a deep, lethargic, triumphalist slumber. In the Bolivarian government many dormant heads are already rolling.

Praxically and theoretically, totally unprepared many of us are being catapulted onto the stormy permanent revolutionary waves of the South, and the mighty popular sails of our participative ship of state are now being set to discover the unknown southern oceans of human creativity and creation.

At last, we are crossing the Rubicon, the dangerous emancipatory voyage towards a New Socialism against senile capitalism in Latin America and the Caribbean. (See the new book: Franz J. T. Lee & Jutta Schmitt, "Venezuela: La Revolucion Bolivariana cruzando el Rubicoón,"  Imprenta de Mérida C. A. (IMMECA), Dicienbre de 2006, 370 páginas.)

However, apart from the construction of a new "Partido Unico,"  we have to create a new (wo)man. However, there are concepts that have been deliberately emptied of their revolutionary, emancipatory contents. In schools, universities and the mass media, they are being down-sized as cheap, obsolete, intellectual wares on the ideological capitalist world market. In fact, the Cartesian dubito, cogito, ergo sum, I doubt, I think, therefore I am, has become obsolete.

Veni, vidi, vici! (I came, I saw. I conquered!) is more alive than ever.

Although these terms are still en vogue, in everyday use by millions, especially here in South America, yet very few people know their precise, flowing, transhistoric connotations and their incisive, ever-changing social meanings. The reasons for this inculcated ideological ignorance concern the international Orwellian, fascist "war of ideas,"  the destruction of the history of the global working classes, the falsification of the real. true negation of capitalism, of scientific and philosophic socialism, of Marxism, and the age old Mental Holocaust, the annihilation of workers' revolutionary memory; all these have been directed and generated by all ruling classes across the global accumulation of capital, profits, wealth, privileges and power.

Whether we like it or not, the sovereign, the workers of Venezuela must become acquainted with these historical developments and social data, in order to arm themselves with truthful knowledge in their everyday struggle against mortal ignorance, to save themselves from being converted into subservient Pavlov-dogs and alienated zombies, in a nut-shell, to arm themselves against the capitalist and imperialist Mental Holocaust generated by all the major global mass media, by information wars, fascist education and racist socialization.

Surely, in Venezuela, in a country since eight years already heavily politicized, naturally everybody is talking about capitalism, socialism, the new, our new socialism, the masses, democracy, revolution, the people, the sovereign, the state, dictatorship, the empire, fascism, private property, class struggle, Marxism or social reform.

However, after five centuries of religious dogmatism, absolutism and education, of colonial socialization and oligarchic deformation, of ossified behavior patterns, of extreme mental alienation, most of us still do not have the foggiest idea of the real, contemporary, globalized meanings of our central theoretical arms that we use, or should know how to use against global, fascist "Newspeak,"  against "The Times,"  "The Sun,"  "The Sunday Times,"  "The New York Times,"  "Newsweek,"  in short, against the global, corporate "news." 

We know very little about the counter-revolutionary effects of launching a CIA psychological golpista operation against us, like "La Negra" of Manuel Rosales in the past presidential elections of December 3. It probably has robbed Chavez and us of more than a million votes.

In fact, "La Negra,"  not launched as electoral fraud, not as ideological CIA gimmick, not taking the poor masses for a ride, but in a serious socialist program ... theoretically well thought out and scientifically applied in a revolutionary process of popularization, "communalization" and collectivization of the major means of production in Venezuela ... would transcend the current unequal distribution of national income and wealth, would halt the production of a rising, opulent, political middle class, a social lair for coups, corruption, sabotage, conspiracy, bureaucracy and impunity, and would give birth to real, true socialist measures and economic planning.

Nonetheless, let us see: What is the New?

First, the New is not repetition, a replica or reproduction of the past, it is something that never has existed before, is present, here and now, and which will not repeat itself in future. In other words, the New is against all forms of the Latin prefix "re-,"  which means "again,"  "again back" "backward,"  "arrange again,"  "form again,"  "build again,"  "pair again,"  "make, run or write again,"  "turn again," "link back,"  "circular motion,"  etc.

Second, from its archaic origins in the Mediterranean region, already centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ, the original accumulation of capital in the Ancient Greek colonies, and later in the Roman Empire, already made sure that the status quo would always be preserved. In its superstructure, it erected a closed system, forever guarded by its holy intellectual "re-" guardians. Philosophy, formal and dialectical logics, safeguarded its "religion,"  "revelation,"  "renaissance,"  "reformation,"  and above all, its "rivoluzzione,"  "rivoltura,"  its Revolution.

Third, none of the above "re-volutions" reflects or enlightens the real, true New. The Re-volution is an invention, an instrument, an arm of the French Revolution, of Capitalism. It leads everything back to capitalism. Hence, we have to think our basic concepts like Revolution and Democracy anew. This is not simply an issue of changing the contents and leaving the concept itself safe and sound. We have to call a spade a spade, we have to call socialism, socialism. Nobody sane in his or her mind would like to further "good "Nazism,"  to be a sweet "Nazi": similarly, we have to be extremely careful with concepts like ideology, democracy. socialism and the revolution. They have to be seen in their real, true historical context. The French Revolution did not take place in Nazareth. Jesus Christ was not born in Paris in 1789, at the time of the French Revolution.

It seems that some of us long ago already have lost our original youthful innovations, that most of us never had the real opportunity to find our own human novelty, to become ourselves.

Scientifically, the new man, the socialist new, is not a determined, limited spatial-temporal entity.

Philosophically, for billions of downtrodden peoples in Asia, Africa and America, to be born and to exist in wage-slavery, to vegetate and pass away as toiling slaves and eventually to die and descend like flies in a militarized global quagmire, are surely not transcendental parameters and emancipatory paradigms towards the New, towards New Socialism.

Fourth, in simple terms for anybody to understand in everyday life, what is the new? Even in capitalism, what is a new ware, a new dress? What is new about the next version of the same cellphone, computer or browser? The "new" itself, even its "news,"  is already ideologized, every nonsense is being offered as new on the market.

What is new about a socialist united or unified political party? What was the Socialist United Party of East Germany all about? Was it really something new? And, what about Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party? Why did Lenin call the Bolshevik Party a "new type of party"? Compared to all political parties, what was new about this special Leninist revolutionary party?

Why is our "Partido Unico" new?

Fifth, now, because we are just highlighting the New, this is not the adequate revolutionary context to debate and study the above fundamental issues in detail; nonetheless, it is important to note that they are not simply "intellectual" pipe-dreams produced for ivory-tower ideological consumption; in Latin America, within the framework of the Bolivarian Revolution, their praxical answers would determine the destiny of the lives of millions within the next decades to come.

Sixth, as indicated, the New cannot be the old crap of yesteryear, it is not the warming up of stale food or cold coffee. It is not developing technologically the same old Volkswagen year in and year out. In fact, the New is not production, is not eternal business, social labor, the eternal reproduction and accumulation of capital, profits, wealth and power. It is not age old economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, genocidal militarization and universal alienation ... is not capitalism, imperialism, globalization.

Seventh, it is not obsolete formal or dialectical logics. It detonates their systemic limits and limitations. It is exodus, "transvolution,"  "exvolution"; it transcends the geocentrist third law of formal logics. It bursts heliocentrist intrasystemic, dialectical chains, is neither "A" nor "Non-A,"  it is this but it postulates much more. It is, exists and transcends, it is apeiron, A, B, C ... "ad exfinitum." 

Eighth, in this sense, the possible New (Wo)Man could only be a real, true human trinity: a human being, human existence and human transcendence.

Finally, according to stringent scientific and philosophic socialism, logically such a liberated humanity can only be classless, it must have surpassed all forms of property and master-slave relations, consequently, scientifically, it should be neither a One in All nor an All in Flux, that is, philosophically, it should be neither a kind of Parmenidean human hen kai pan nor a Heraclitean panta rhei, that is, it should be emancipated Creation, creative Emancipation.