Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2006

Venezuela ... after the electoral triumph, what now?

Straight after the presidential elections, comrade Paulino Nunez asked me the following: "After the electoral triumph, what next?"

Since this burning issue concerns many of us, I will reply in an open letter.

In the first place, many times, President Hugo Chavez has already revealed the revolutionary program of his government for the years to come. Of relevance is that what we should do and could think here and now?

President Chavez cannot do and think it all alone ... we have to join the revolution in an organized responsible manner.

This is the real New to come.

What follows now are just ad hoc revolutionary ideas, real creative food for emancipatory thought.

1. One thing is certain, urgently we have to launch the next phase of the Bolivarian Revolution, but, at first, in our brains we have to separate the healthy, germinating wheat from the sick, religious and ideological chaff; also concretely, in our midst we have to separate the wolves in sheep's clothing wearing red caps from the real, true Bolivarian liberators.
2. Our political predictions have to be scientific, this is what natural and social science is also about. In my latest commentary in Aporrea, we were very clear. It was not difficult to forecast the exact figure (over 60%) with which Chavez, and therewith all of us, would win for the eleventh time in a row: "However, it is not so much what the ballot eventually will reveal, this is an open secret, its very clear. Under normal democratic electoral conditions void of fraud, sabotage and conspiracy, even Venezuela's arch-enemies in the White House should know that President Chavez, the political darling of the millions of Latin American pauperized masses, and of the entire globe, would win with over 60% of the cast votes."
3. Against what we have to fight in Venezuela now must be crystal clear. Our fight is not against a Bush, or against an Empire. We stated categorically that it is against: " ... the exploitative nature, the parasitic existence, social contradictions, terrorist modus operandi, racist cruelty and the barbaric alienation of imperialist capitalism, of capitalist imperialism, of global fascism and of fascist globalization in Venezuela and elsewhere in the solar system."
4. What really happened in Venezuela over the last eight years, specifically in April and December 2002 (coup and oil sabotage), and in December 2005 and 2006 (parliamentary and presidential elections)?
We explained the revolutionary essence of these historic moments as follows: " WHAT HAPPENS TODAY HERE IN VENEZUELA IS A CLASS STRUGGLE, A CLASS WAR AGAINST GLOBAL FASCISM.
Already the fact that we have democratic political elections, discovered and developed by bourgeois political scientists, indicates our real, true dilemma: the daydream of trying desperately to abolish wage-slavery within the context of private property of the means of production and reproduction, within the capitalist system of eternal barbarism, within the fascist world market, by using its own political institutions, rules of the game of capital accumulation, its instruments of legal oppression, political parties, the State, etc. "
5. What evolved on planet earth in 6 billion years, capitalism is about to destroy within 200 years; similarly, the Bolivarian Revolution is destined to annihilate the corporeal and intellectual colonial plague of five centuries within the next 20 years. Hence, with much bravery and piquant brevity I have emphasized the quintessence of our major revolutionary problem in the following way:
The crux of the matter is how to get rid of capitalist norms, patterns, customs and vices. We have to change the social conditions that nurture and sustain capitalism. We have to study Marx's Capital, to know what to dismantle, to eradicate forever. In this case, the Holy Bible is useless. We have to study imperialism, the theories of imperialism. We have to know what is globalization, the realization of capitalism and imperialism on a world scale. Only, then we will understand the global panorama of the Bolivarian Revolution.
6. The above will reveal a macabre reality, will detonate our current world outlook, but this is necessary. It will demonstrate the bourgeois-democratic limits of many a past social revolution in the colonial world also it will show the reformist human boundaries of many a comrade around us.
7. We definitely are making a social revolution here, the first one in the epoch of globalization, but this Bolivarian Revolution is not complete as yet, it has just begun, it is still weak, is in danger, and can be frustrated, can be "nipped in the bud". Hence, more than ever, now we have to be very careful. The whip of the counter-revolution is vanishing, reformism is rapidly spreading, we ourselves could jeopardize our own revolution. We urgently need a real, true opposition, a dialectical, revolutionary negation. We need the real, true negation of capitalism, we need Socialism, we need Marxism.
8. Currently, in full victory, we are mostly threatened, some of us completely lulled by triumphalism. Our quo vadis has to be subjective, to be desired, to be thought by all of us, be directed, be watched, be revised. For this we need our own revolutionary práxis and theory, invented of, by and for us.

We are not storming the Bastille anymore, also not the Winter Palace, we are not fighting in the Sierra Maestra anymore, , we are faced by atomic weapons of mass destruction, by HAARP, Fallujah, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We need the respective, corresponding arms of self-defense.