Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2006

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias doesn't need fraud to win a popular election...

In a typical reactionary style, previewing Venezuela's elections, Aaron Mannes paved the true serpentine road towards fascist violence as follows: "It isn't strictly a terrorism issue, but Chavez has a growing alliance with Iran, has been providing FARC a safe haven, and has been a general source of instability for the region - so it merits watching carefully."

One of the racist presidential candidates in Venezuela, Manuel Rosales, threw more oil onto the already flaming terrorist fire:

Lagging way behind in the polls, Rosales, a victim of Bush's Mental Holocaust himself, in an interview claimed that Chavez is brainwashing Venezuela's innocent children, whom he calls "parasites" and that if he should win ... which for him is a fact ... then he would "oil" the delicate brains of the youth, and would make them fit for modern anti-dictatorial democracy."

Rosales: "We have a number of proposals: on education, health care, and most important, on how to distribute a portion of our oil wealth, so that the middle class and poorer sectors can lift themselves up, start their own businesses. We have to create an atmosphere of confidence, reestablish the autonomy of the various state bodies, improve public safety, respect private property -- all to encourage a return of capital and investment. And in order to create jobs, let’s bring back all the companies that have been shut down."

In other words, the program is back to neo-liberal capitalism in Venezuela!

Now, without being socialist soothsayers, what will happen within the next days to come?

A few hours away from the estimated end results of the December 3, 2006 presidential elections in Venezuela, everybody still has an ominous premonition of the immediate, imminent future; the common folks expect that something tragic could happen ... but nobody seems to know with scientific certainty what exactly will occur.

Some of the rats are already leaving their sinking ship of State.  Some leave via Maiquetia, others are warming up the engines of their private airplanes, are already on their way to Miami.

However, it is not so much what the ballot eventually will reveal, this is an open secret, is very clear. Under normal democratic electoral conditions void of fraud, sabotage and conspiracy, even Venezuela's arch-enemies in the White House should know that President Chavez, the political darling of the millions of Latin American pauperized masses, and of the entire globe, would win with over 60% of the cast votes.

Any transhistoric process could have a myriad of appearance forms, but they do not affect its essential reality. You could change the color of the cap of an Adeco or Copeyano, but this does not change his inherent wolfish nature. Furthermore, we should not call the individual trees a forest, or identify the Black Forest with a Nazi Gestapo jungle, or with Amazonia.

Also, to know what will happen, we do not need a crystal ball, the magic wand of our fairy godmother or the awesome bones of our African wizards, to understand what has been happening daily in Venezuela over the last decades, especially ever since 1998.

Concerning the Bolivarian Revolution, over the last three years in 150 commentaries I have explained the exploitative nature, the parasitic existence, social contradictions, terrorist modus operandi, racist cruelty and the barbaric alienation of imperialist capitalism, of capitalist imperialism, of global fascism and of fascist globalization in Venezuela and elsewhere in the solar system.

Concerning the above, nothing new is happening.

What happened, what is still happening, and what will happen as long as Venezuela exists, is as clear as sunlight. I said it a while ago, in capitalism ... especially in its final imperialist, corporate, globalized stages ... war is big business, and business is big war. This bloody trail we can follow from European discovery, to Christianization, to military occupation and "native" pacification, to colonialism, to imperialism, to "petro-dollarization," to economic plunder, political domination and privatization of all our natural and human sources and resources. In brave battles, we resisted, we were massacred by the millions, all over, in the Congo, in Indonesia, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Chile, in the Middle East, and elsewhere, we died like flies, and this struggle continues, in Venezuela today; on December 3, it will continue tomorrow, and will last way beyond 2030.

Who supports, cultivates and nurtures capitalism in Venezuela, is signing our death sentence as a people, as a species. What happens today here in Venezuela is a class struggle, a class war against global fascism. Already the fact that we have democratic political elections, discovered and developed by bourgeois political scientists, indicates our real, true dilemma: the daydream of trying desperately to abolish wage-slavery within the context of private property of the means of production and reproduction, within the capitalist system of eternal barbarism, within the fascist world market, by using its own political institutions, rules of the game of capital accumulation, its instruments of legal oppression, political parties, the State, etc.

Political power, the struggle for political power in a class society, is a dirty, corrupt, fraudulent business, it is in the interest of class business. It never was non-violent, the oligarchs never stepped down in peace from their opulent black golden thrones. If we should have forgotten these realities, today it is pertinent to recall the past dictatorships in Latin America and elsewhere.

Chavez needs no fraud to win any popular election in Venezuela, and anywhere else for that matter; he is the living expression of the billions of defrauded masses in global capitalism. Who urgently need fraud, corruption, sabotage, conspiracy. murder and coups are the "opposition" and their paymasters, like Bush or Blair.

The sooner that we learn and know what is happening every day in Venezuela, the better it will be for our emancipatory defense, for our human emancipation.

What is happening today, is what is happening across the globe, is the arduous, bloody, merciless battle against capitalism, that is flourishing in Venezuela, that corrupts the best of us, which is the worst corruption on earth.

We will never be safe in December, every coming election will be more brutal, every oil sabotage will pierce the very heart of the Venezuelan economy.

Hence, comrades, now we know what is happening today, what will come tomorrow, all the way towards 2030: permanent world revolution against global, fascist capitalism.