Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2006

The USA is creating a world of fear and treachery and torment for all of us...

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us all up on lamp posts."
(George H. W. Bush Sr.)

A while ago, on the Dark Continent, in the heart of capitalist colonial racism, one morning we woke up and suddenly three and a half centuries of White Apartheid were no more there; another morning we crept out of our Northern white igloos and astonishingly nearly a century of "communist danger" suddenly had disappeared into thin air; yet another morning in the New World hurriedly we enjoyed a late breakfast, when suddenly at the spur of the moment United States world hegemony was crashing down; the corporate center of world imperialist trade was burning, imploding right in front of billions of awe-stricken eyes, in front of a mesmerized world public that till this very day barely sees anything, any world fascist reality, definitely not the economic collapse of the USA as a terrorist world power.

Yes, as Marx predicted, the Siamese Twin Towers, Capital and Labor, are currently crushing and crashing under the economic weight of super over-production, monopolization, sinking profit rates and dwindling capital accumulation and realization. Exxon Mobil and consorts still make billions of US$ of profits per week, however, over the last two decades, this happened on the basis of destruction of hundred thousands of already obsolete physical labor forces, the mighty profits are being made on the lean corpses of a million poor, innocent Arab "camel drivers."

For human existence, the degree of destruction of capital, of profits, of raw materials, of natural and social forces and resources are limited; hence, from a scientific point of view, in the mesocosmos, soon we will reach the limits of capitalist barbarism and imperialist vandalism, and then?

The world is sinking into a modern Dark Age, into corporate, imperialist, fascist barbarism; ... thanks to a "New American Century," to globalization, to the Information Age, to intellectual property and copy rights, to the mother of all bombs, to depleted and enriched uranium weapons of mass destruction, one of these fine mornings, that is, if we still would have the chance or the human energy to wake up at all, to collect our fallen hair, rattling bones and gnashing teeth, then totally stunned with Rumsfeld's shock and awe treatment and his "full spectrum dominance" strategy, we would see that the USA, the World Market, Humanity, the Life Sciences, Life on Planet Earth itself ... daily, in geometric progression, are all inexorably are already fading away into the darkest night, into galactic oblivion.

The Bush family knows with precision what we have to do to stop this coming Armageddon.

Bush Sr. (but also the Bilderberg elite) fears that the world proletariat would "string up all of them on lamp posts," should the peoples of the world ever discover the truth about the current global state of affairs, that began with the original massacres of "Red Indians" right down to the current merciless genocide of Arab peoples in the Middle East. These political crusades are launched in order to steal the natural wealth and resources of the "under-dogs," their biodiversity, gas, oil and water resources. The White House fears the flowing, ever flowing, over flowing Truth, fears that billions could discover the macabre heartless contribution that the United States governments have made across the last two centuries towards total human poverty and misery, towards human alienation and annihilation in our solar system.

Only seen from these sublime theoretical heights and concrete praxical depths could we get an idea what the US war machine has in mind for the Bolivarian Revolution within the next month or so. In its corporate agony, still power drunk, it is capable of any military disaster.

Its big business is war, and big war is its business.

In April 2002, the leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution saw what was coming, but there was no way to stop it, to avoid it. The oil sabotage came, and also nothing could halt it. However, for four more years, specific civic-military events, that is, not planned, not prepared, not organized popular defense, saved our democratic government and us from a cruel genocidal dictatorship.

Similarly, currently mankind is in serious trouble, in serious danger. Who still has eyes and brains to see, across the globe (s)he could perceive the moribund stench caused by the United States war economy, a global bulldozer that since World War II was principally producing Death, arms of mass destruction. Anybody sane in mind could sense the political decay of its democratic power structures, the social decomposition of its moral, cultural and religious fibers. This affects the whole world market and world order. Revolutionary space narrows every millisecond and in every millimeter emancipatory time is running out. Within the formal logical scientific parameters and ideological paradigms, within the closed mesocosmic global system, nowhere there is any solution in sight.

In other words, within imperialism itself, the ruling classes did nothing to stop the coming apocalypse; this is not the historic task of capitalism. Socialism and communism did not have the political, military and economic power, not the necessary space and time, to annihilate the globalized capitalist mode of production. In both cases, leaving the current world market intact to continue on its inexorable death track, or to smash it to pieces by means of a necessary forceful world revolution (Fanon and Trotsky), will have the very same results within the next decades, that is, bring about a global human hara-kiri. This is precisely the quo vadis and cui bono towards which ab ovo the unilateral, master-slave relations, the exploitative, dominating, discriminatory, military and alienating labor process, viz history, always had been and still is directed.

In a nutshell, here in Venezuela, and everywhere else, we have Hobson's choice, we are on the horns of a multi-logical "trilemma," that cannot be solved and resolved within the current world order, in the prevailing formal logical process of production.

Catching the corporate bull by its three horns, with three hands, instead of organizing treacherous military coups, we rather should create a new (wo)man, a new species, a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy, a new culture, a new wisdom.

This is the transhistorical context in which the current Bolivarian Revolution finds itself a few weeks before the presidential elections, before the carrying out of planned fraudulent elections by the "opposition," like lately in Peru, Ecuador or Mexico, and before another military coup attempt organized by the USA and its local bloodthirsty lackeys.

Yes, in the "Third World" the opulent capitalist parasites have thrown hundreds of millions of menial laborers out of the production process, they are now condemned to vegetate in a beggar and parasitic, globalized existence. Also in this case, Marx's prediction in "Capital" gets an "A" grade. Against this progressive pauperization of the "Third World" within "globalization" the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is directed. And, as can be witnessed in the United Nations elections, about 80 nations support its socialist objectives for the near future.

Now, as stated before, within the merciless competition for global hegemony, let us just spotlight the real world war for a place in the sun, the economic aspects that indicate a real danger for humanity, that is, the collapse of the North American war economy, and therewith endangering the world market itself. In other words, as already expressed in its "Project for a New American Century," how real is the economic collapse of the North American military and industrial complex, that is, the demise of the USA?

To say the least, any conscientious student of international political economy would immediately say that it is highly probable.

Economically, is the USA losing the current raging global battle for world hegemony?

As we will see below, instead of defending the spiritual interests of the poor in Venezuela and Latin America, even the Vatican is trying to control and get hold of the trillions of US$ dollars of the international kleptocratic mafia, of "Wanta" and consorts.

For us, to get an idea of what is going on financially, let us just look at the latest economic news.The threatening spiral of deception, the collapse of the global financial system could occur anytime in the very same way as the bringing down of the Twin Towers, which in all probability was orchestrated by the very same Bush administration itself. In fact, this hoax of the "Pearl Harbor" pedigree ushered in the current imploding stage of world capitalism, but also of the annihilation of all global popular resistance spearheaded by the USA military complex, by the industrial and energetic forces and by its corresponding loyal bellicose associates, like Britain, Israel, Japan, India and Colombia.

A recent article in, reports about the latest United States defaults at home and abroad.

It states that "as of 26th October (2006), more than $4.275 trillion of US Treasury securities and Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) were reported to be in default in several European financial centers, including London.  Legal action is known to have been taken in the US court system against the Federal Reserve in respect of certain of these defaulted transactions. The ‘Full Faith and Credit of the United States’ means that when US official securities are redeemed, the United States will provide cash against the redeemed paper. This pledge can no longer be relied upon."

This simply means, that like in the case of the past US fraudulent elections, the ruling inhuman ethics, patriotic disrespect for the sovereignty of other nations, brutal fascist torture, bare-faced lies and escalating genocide of Middle East Arab peoples, the so-called 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States' is simply non- existent, its state is totally bankrupt, it only survives by means of terrorist violence, global plunder and global fascist wars.

A little while ago, in a VHeadline article of March 31, 2006, I gave an example of the corruption and kleptocracy of the North American state: On May 18, 2003, we were informed by the San Francisco Chronicle that $1 trillion of the Pentagon's military budget was missing, has evaporated just like that.

'The Department of Defense, already infamous for spending $640 for a toilet seat, once again finds itself under intense scrutiny, only this time because it couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes. ... Though Defense has long been notorious for waste, recent government reports suggest the Pentagon's money management woes have reached astronomical proportions. A study by the Defense Department's inspector general found that the Pentagon couldn't properly account for more than a trillion dollars in monies spent. A GAO report found Defense inventory systems so lax that the US Army lost track of 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units.' "

Then, I asked already: Where did all these greenbacks go?

Till today patriotic America does not know the answer.

I commented ironically that according to racist rumors "only in Africa, in Nigeria such huge sums of money could suddenly disappear into thin air, but Rumsfeld surely beats all of us. This is the 'Empire' that wants to rule Venezuela, Latin America, the World!"

In reality, by bringing the whole imperialist financial system to its knees, by a possible coming hyperinflation, the whole globe is now being held to ransom by the capitalist kleptocracy of the Bush military regime. The article quoted above summarizes this economic "trilemma" as follows:

"Everyone in power circles throughout the world knows about, and commends, the Leo Emil Wanta Plan – since the stabilization of the United States' chaotic official finances is in everyone's interests, even those of America’s worst enemies."

To understand all this, what capitalism is all about, it is pertinent to know:

* Who is the big time international money launderer Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta?
* In the nineties, what was his master plan?
* With whom did he conspire to destroy the Soviet Union economically, and to make a multi-trillion dollar fortune?
* How did he ruin the Soviet economy, and brought about the crash of the ruble in 1991?
* How did he make trillions of bucks?
* After such a patriotic masterpiece, why was he arrested in 1993 and later sentenced to 22 years imprisonment?

An informative article written by J. Orlin Grabbe clears up all these interesting issues, here we will just mention the most important aspects.

In the meantime, we know that Wanta is out of jail, and that for survival the US economy urgently needs his accumulated trillions of dollars.

According to another article of Greg Szymanski, published on October 3, 2006, we learn that during the era of US President Reagan, Ambassador Wanta was used as a strategic economic pawn of the New World Order, of the CIA and probably also of the Vatican; of course, as always, behind the scenes, the latter was controlling Wanta's $4.5 trillion in repatriated off shore money.

Concerning this scandal, Eric Jon Phelps, the author of the world famous writing, "Vatican Assassins," strongly confirms Roman Catholic Church involvement in this kind of international economic corruption and fraud. Ever since the Conquest, oligarchic religious collaboration with vile capitalism and bloody colonialism has a very long tradition, including the concrete support of Nazism all over the show, especially in the attempts to organize military coups in Venezuela and Latin America.

Currently, the US economy, ... on the verge of collapse, as a result of the fascist, bellicose, aggressive adventures of the Bush clique, and of the internal contradictions of corporate imperialism ... urgently needs the Wanta assets, but in which bank could the offshore money be deposited?

Surely not in the Bank of Ambrosia? Who all control the big banks of the world? For example, we know that the Bank of America is being controlled by the Jesuits, and the Citibank by the Knights of Malta. What the Jewish and Israeli lobby controls is even more dangerous for the destination of such huge sums of money that really should belong to the workers of the USA, and not to pay the skyrocketing war debts of a murderous globalized economy.

However, at last, now we know how the Vatican, the Virgin Fatima and Pope John Paul II have destroyed international "communism" over the last decades. Also, we begin to understand the current "Holy Alliance" Bush-Ratzinger. In fact, according to Phelps, Wanta is not the real, legal owner and distributor of this huge sum of money. The very Bush government itself places obstacles in the way of transfer and therewith is usurping not only political power via fraudulent elections, but also "Wanta's and the American people's legal right to the money."

Furthermore, concerning Vatican involvement, Phelps explained:
" 'You have to question the Vatican involvement here ... They want to bring this country to its knees and never would they allow this much money back into the economy since we know they have control of our banking system through the CFR (Presidential executive orders) and control over the Federal Reserve.' "

Worse even, ever since Wanta became the "legal trustee" of more than $27.5 trillion accumulated ... as a result of his "big business" on behalf of President Ronald Reagan, who begged Wanta to destabilize the Russian ruble ... under the next three United States presidents, a real El Dorado of corruption and theft set in.

Many of the USA bankers, deceived by the CIA, have treated the Wanta funds as their own, and when they could not account for their transactions anymore, desperately some of them simply jumped out of high-rise windows and committed suicide.

How to handle this international economic and religious mafia, Michael Cotrell commented: "It is these people who need to be rounded up and, as Michael C. Cottrell MS, has suggested, 'given the meat-hook treatment.' This may be indistinguishable from the 'lamp post' treatment implied by the confession attributed to that arch-criminalist, George H. W. Bush Sr, who is reported to have commented: 'If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us all up on lamp posts.' That may well yet happen."

According to him, "the ship of state is on a disastrous course, and will founder on the reefs of economic disaster if nothing is done to correct it."

Hence, what is the bottom line?

"If the United States government conducts business as usual over the next few decades, a national debt that is already $8.5 trillion could reach $46 trillion or more, adjusted for inflation. That's almost as much as the total net worth of every person in America - Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and those Google guys included.

A hole that big could paralyze the US economy; according to some projections, just the interest payments on a debt that big would be as much as all the taxes the government collects today.

And every year that nothing is done about it, Walker says, the problem grows by $2 trillion to $3 trillion."

This should be enough to indicate the current apocalyptic situation. This is what dictates the US international military aggression, its "foreign policy" and "international relations," In this economic degeneration the explosion and implosion of the "Twin Towers" have to be seen.

The chronic deficit of the US economy, the devaluation of its currency, the run for the euro and other currencies, the launching of new stock markets, the trickling deposit of petrodollars in the US economy, all these things are driving Uncle Sam mad, is threatening Yankee future world hegemony.

Our life and death problem in America in the first place is not winning or losing the so-called "democratic" battles, is not a matter of tending the scapegoats of the United States and of the United Nations ... of fighting against trafficking of drugs or human organs, against "Castro-Communism," "terrorism" or the trampling on "human rights," against the "tyranny and dictatorship" of Chavez or against the secret Iranian production of nuclear weapons, or against North Korea testing atomic bombs ... all these are just side lines for Big Brother, are reasons to cause "collateral damage."

Since centuries already, Bush and his like themselves have the global timeless monopoly of committing these kinds of savage crimes against mankind. Our transhistoric task is to see our emancipatory struggle within the context of a dying Western culture, within the economic decay of the USA, to have alternative, auxiliary and emergency plans, strategies and tactics to topple world fascism once and for all.

The USA and its allies, like Britain and Israel, are already establishing a total, totalitarian Orwellian global society. In the USA itself Mind and Thought Control reach Newspeak degrees, in Body and Social Control Britain tops the list of global fascist epicenters. A few days ago, in an excellent article, "Big Brother Britain 2006: 'We are waking up to a surveillance society all around us'," Jason Benetto described the political terrorism that is being generated by the current global imperialist corruption, by the collapse of the economy of the USA and therewith of the world market.

New technology and "invisible" techniques are being used to gather a growing amount of information about UK citizens. The level of surveillance will grow even further in the next 10 years, which could result in a growing number of people being discriminated against and excluded from society, says a report by the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas.

Future developments could include microchip implants to identify and track individuals; facial recognition cameras fitted into lampposts; and unmanned surveillance aircraft, predict the report's authors.

Precisely to confront the coming global "trilemma," that is, world economic conflagration, Israel and the USA are constructing apartheid walls, Europe is mounting an "invisible" iron curtain along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, that is, violently to stop the future "invasion" of millions of marauding, starving masses. In their desperate struggle for pure survival, millions, even billions, will have to resort to cannibalism, and the ruling elites of the world, without excuses and pretexts, will have to indulge openly in vandalism, savagery and barbarism. The events in the Middle East already demonstrate the expansion of the latter, of the inexorable laws and absolute, unilateral, perverse logics of capitalism and imperialism.

As we all should know, Karl Marx, who today is more topical than ever before, also predicted this coming barbarism on earth with scientific politico-economic precision. Unless, at the speed of scalar waves, we annihilate alienating work and production on our planet, and consequently we ourselves freely and creatively invent and establish socialism on a global scale, we will not be able to transcend this vale of terror and horror. Furthermore, unless we succeed to apply creatively as creators our experiment emancipation in all the meso-, micro- and macrocosmic spheres, the human species is doomed to extinction within the next decades or the current century.

As things develop currently on a global scale this alternative seems to be an impossible earthly possibility. The barbarism of the Bush military junta is on the order of the day, over the last decades, during the "Gulf" wars and Israeli military conspiracy, a million innocent Arab victims could not survive modern technological savagery, and yet, in the USA hundred millions still believe in the Bin Laden brutal fairy tale, they do not see that they themselves are already in the queue leading towards the Orwellian slaughterhouse.

Now, concretely, let us see how far Orwell's "1984" and also how the coming Mental and Physical Holocaust is already taking on world fascist forms in Great Britain, ready to be exported across the globe. The major surveillance fascist techniques that are planned and partially already functioning in "democratic" Britain, include:

* Video cameras monitoring buildings, shopping streets and residential areas. Automatic systems can now recognize vehicle number plates and faces.
* Software that analyses spending habits and the data sold to businesses. When we call service centers or apply for loans, insurance or mortgages, how quickly we are served and what we are offered can depend on what we spend, where we live and who we are.
* Electronic tags to monitor offenders on probation.
* DNA taken from those arrested by the police and placed on a database.
* Information stored about foreign travel.
* Smart cards in schools to determine where children are, what they eat or the books they borrow."

Soon nothing will be private anymore, more than three times a day everybody could be photographed somewhere; soon not on earth, not in the air, not underground, will we be save anymore. Really, the metropolitan "God" is becoming omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, is guiding all of us towards his "Ministry of Love."

But, let us see what world fascism, what Big Brother still has in store for billions of us, how he will get rid of world poverty:

* Taps on telephones, e-mails and Internet use that can screened for key words and phrases by British and US intelligence services.

The Government also still plans to introduce a new system of biometric ID cards, including "biometrics" - fingerprints and iris scans - linked to a database of personal information.

The group of academics who compiled the report have also predicted future trends in surveillance in the next decade. They include:

* Shoppers being scanned as they enter stores. This will be matched with loyalty card data to affect how they are handled, with big spenders given preferential treatment over others."

All this is really hair-raising, sounds like cheap science fiction, a product of a bad soap opera, and yet, for those thousands that perished in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Workuta, Dachau and the Twin Towers, all this was doom, was already stark reality. Forever, they were all prematurely and brutally ripped out of world reality, out of galactic existence.

But, there are much more diabolical, sadistic projects to come:

* Cars linked to global satellite navigation systems which will provide the quickest route to avoid congestion and allow police to monitor speed and to track selected cars.
* Employees subjected to biometric and psychometric tests plus lifestyle profiles with diagnostic health tests common place. Jobs are refused to those who are seen as a health risk.
* Schools using card systems to allow parents to monitor what their children eat, their attendance, academic and drug test results
* Facial recognition systems to monitor our movements using tiny cameras in lampposts and walls, and unmanned aircraft above."

Finally, for the time being, all this should suffice to give us revolutionary food for thought, to introduce the coming apocalyptic danger, to learn to know the quintessence of the "devil" (Chavez) who haunts our galaxy.

Orwell described this coming fascist hell, the "Fourth Empire," with scientific utopian incision as follows:

"A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but MORE merciless, as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. ... In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy."
(George Orwell, 1984, The New American Library, New York, 1969, p.220).