Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2006

This is what Venezuela has defended for a whole decade already!

What freedom fighters like Ho Chi Minh and Pablo Neruda underlined long ago, lately, in an interview with BBC News (January 27, 2006) the heroic Afghan woman Malalai Joya ... who has survived many assassination attempts already ... summarized as follows:

"They will kill me but they will not kill my voice, because it will be the voice of all Afghan women. You can cut the flower, but you cannot stop the coming of spring."

What is behind such blooming and blossoming voices is a slender transhistoric thread, a life-wire on which the whole species man, that is, all life on planet earth itself is hanging. We heard this voice from the wilderness on the plazas of Miletus, in the cradle of Western Civilization, in the dying screams of the human torches, of the rebelling burning slaves of Ancient Greece. Original Christians were thrown into the arena to be devoured by lions, to the joy of a feudal creme de la creme.

The followers of Jesus Christ screamed: Knoweth ye the truth, and the truth shall make thee free!"

In the Dark ages, hundred thousands of women in agony on the burning stake, many more quartered slaves, peasants and serfs, including a roasting Giordano Bruno versus the brutal Dominican Order, all of them yelled this very same desperate hope into outer space; their agonizing voices were carried away by the four winds, across the seven seas. The status quo, the establishment, the old and new masters continued their dolce vita, drinking nectar and imported whisky.

In the Middle Ages, in Europe during the peasant revolts, inspired by the theologian of revolution, Thomas Muenzer, at the decisive bloody Battle of Frankenhausen against the German princes in 1525, the poor, the conquered peasants returned to their feudal hell singing: "Beaten we return home, our grandchildren will put up a better fight!"

In strange African tongues which no slave master, no bourgeois philosopher, no Voltaire, could understand, black voices begged for mercy in a white, divine, colonial hell, all in vain. To enable the market prices to skyrocket, ten millions of black living human beings over centuries were simply thrown into the Atlantic Ocean, to be ripped to pieces by ferocious man-eaters; their white bones were slowly sinking to the bottom of the red-colored sea; about this holocaust, across the ages, the mass media kept total silence.

There was not a word about these crimes against humanity in the university manuals, in the feudal Voice of America, of "God Bless our Noble King" and of "God bless America."

Later these same surviving slaves were emancipated to be thrown into the industrial Moloch. Also, in this case, their protesting voices were nipped in the bud; completely doped and stoned by Christian religion, for these wage-slaves there never ever was a revolutionary spring to come. In Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Workuta, Dachau, Djakarta, My Lai, Soweto, Fallujah, Guantanamo, Palestine, Lebanon, ... these echoing voices could still be heard, already slowly fading into oblivion.

Lately, over the last decades, the few independent newspapers and mass media which tried to disseminate the truth about corporate imperialism all find themselves on the brink of economic bankruptcy ... they are being sabotaged in all kinds of ways. The authors and editors themselves are forced to perform extra work to finance a website like in defense of world truth.

On Internet, CIA hackers destroy our computers (four of them over the last weeks), send hundred thousands of viruses, to shut them up forever. Hence, the defense of truth has become cyber guerrilla warfare ... a very expensive and dangerous venture.

Already in the 1960s, at the height of revolutionary and youthful hope, in the very citadel of future world fascism, Joan Baez had to ask: "Where have all the flowers gone?" Of course, the modern weapons of mass destruction, the mother of all bombs, using depleted and enriched uranium are even destroying spring, suffocating all revolutionary fervor leaving behind the barren surface of a scorched radio-active, dead planet.

No matter what Big Brother does, the begging voices of billions, their cries for compassion, their death agony, their infinite screams for human creation and creativity, for beauty, truth and love, for hope, justice and freedom, will forever be heard on the scalar waves, in the transgalactic winds, leaving behind planet Pluto, the symbol of the current Orwellian god of fascist death.

All these transhistoric voices in unison is that what the enemies of the real, true Bolivarian Revolution, of world emancipation, most fear, is what corporate world fascism has to silence, is the truth that fascism wants to disappear from the face of the earth.

This is what they will defend till the bitter end.

Who can still hear all the transhistoric voices of the poor, in Africa, Asia, America, Oceania, and elsewhere, of the "miserables" (Hugo), of the "wretched of the earth" (Fanon), of the Caribbean "tin-collectors" and the Venezuelan "parasites" (Manuel Rosales) is still a real revolutionary, is a true emancipatory mouthpiece of the working slaves against exploitation, discrimination, domination racism, lies and ignorance. Who blends out of existence the truth of the suffering billions, who dries up the living, flowing resources of the few independent democratic currents are surely neither liberators nor emancipators of any lower classes, of any toiling peasants or workers.

In a nutshell, a while ago, we wrote: "Only the Bolivarian Revolution can still save"

Even in its own class interest, urgent aid to disseminate the much-needed truth about the Bolivarian Revolution, in support of all its other revolutionary attempts and websites, just did not come from the authorities, as yet. Of course, such things take time, must go across the legal channels, but military coups do not wait for all such measures.

The truth and its dissemination as defense of human lives stand high above any bureaucracy.

Many promises are being made, many are helping, but all this cannot keep our site alive. Internet is big business, it is the future of still bigger business to come. Our loyal readers, some institutions and organizations are helping as far as they can, but all this is simply not enough to arm such a formidable weapon of self-defense of real democracy against the violent assaults of the disinformation campaigns and of the raging, terrorist information war.

Finally, if we should not see us again very soon on, allow me to utter the following words of departure. In Africa, long ago my now-deceased father told me: "Son, you can take a horse to the river , but you cannot force him to drink."

We wish the Bolivarian Revolution an informative success around the globe, and that the millions of dollars already spent on information projects really should bear the necessary democratic and socialist fruits of emancipatory enlightenment. In this way, we will deepen the revolution not only here, but across the globe.

All of us ... the whole crew of ... will continue the battle wherever we will face the enemies of emancipation, our voices will be heard in cyberspace, our spring nobody and nothing can stop. Of course, even if the rats are already leaving the sinking Titanic, nonetheless, we, as our own revolutionary hope, still stand in full battle array.

All killed and deceased voices of the aspiring peoples and of their true leaders never come to rest, like Phoenix they always return triumphantly to planet earth.