Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2006

When will this Cultural Revolution be launched within the Bolivarian Revolution?

In his recent commentary "Did God 'instruct' Bush to overthrow Venezuela's government in April 2002?," Arthur Shaw wrote: "This fiend said, in 2000, that Jesus, the renowned semi-divine being and Lord of the Nazarenes, is his 'favorite philosopher' and 'I talk to Him [Jesus] and he talks to me.'

* In only three years, by 2003, Bush has moved up in the society of divines, for he said in the spring of 2003 'God instructed me to attack Iraq and I did.' "

For the Bolivarian Revolution, for its praxis and theory, the above is a serious matter. First. it necessitates profound and delicate respect for the most sacred feelings and emotions of peoples and individuals. Second, we have no intention whatsoever to hurt the religious feelings of anybody or any people.

However, third, although we love Jesus Christ, we love Karl Marx, we love the Truth even more.

We cannot fool our mothers, fathers, children, youth, students, workers and peasants any longer with Christian religious myths, ideological metaphysical products of the Conquest, with the patriarchal, macho religion of the foreign conquerors, imported from colonial Europe, all which only serve capitalist interests.

The blue-eyed, blond Christian god was deaf, and still is blind, he did not hear or see the cries, prayers, death yelling and agonizing pleas of millions and millions of Christianized, baptized "niggers, coolies, kaffirs, camel-drivers and slit-eyes." His angels were all white as snow, and no business wants to produce or to paint black angels. Till this very day, no child wants to touch a black doll as Christmas gift, not even with a long five meter stick.

This European and North American god is not only racist, he is against anything feminine, that gives birth, that is natural.

* When will this cultural revolution be launched within the Bolivarian Revolution?
* When will we conquer our lost souls again?
* When will we restore our true essence, emotions, feelings and sentiments?
* When will we find ourselves again?
* When will America begin to really emancipate itself from its heavy, religious chains of illusion?

For the very first time in their earthly lives, the sovereign, the poor, the wage slaves have to be given a real opportunity to discover the truth all of, by and for themselves. This has nothing to do with electoral cannon fodder, with fears to lose votes, with atheism, communism or Marxism, it concerns cruel colonial mind and thought control, a huge devouring imperialist mental holocaust lasting more than five centuries already.

The very Jesus Christ (or some other wise man) has stated that here on earth we must know the truth and that the truth will make us free. Unfortunately, in the White House the Truth is a Black Lie. Furthermore, Karl Marx ... after having identified Christian religion and its gods as the "sigh of the oppressed creature," as the "soul of soulless conditions" and as the "heart of a heartless world" ... has invited us to pluck the beautiful, living flowers of religion. In other words, he asked us to become aesthetic, creative, to become creators of our own future, of our own earthly heaven.

However, unless we stop them pretty fast, in the near future, if the gods of war, Bush, Rumsfeld, Negroponte and Cheney, should succeed to launch their destructive world wars and to terminate their apocalypse, then, not much of nature will be left on planet earth for us to plant flowers or to be creative at all. All over we will just be hearing "weeping and gnashing of teeth," everybody will be broiling in "fire and brimstone." This is the hell which happened already in August 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this all occurred with the help of the gracious blessings of the North American State God.

To crown it all, now the radical neocon hawks want to convert Japan into the next Israel, into an atomic watch-dog of corporate imperialism in Asia.

All this concerns a fundamental problem that affects human praxis and theory, that deviates the Bolivarian Revolution away from its emancipatory course. It has to do with the long overdue scientific and philosophic study of Christianity, of what it was originally, why it was reformed by all ruling classes from feudalism to capitalism, and to know into what the current Bush administration and the Ratzinger Vatican are converting world religion in the epoch of fascist globalization.

A year ago, in a VHeadline article named "Venezuela between Jesus Christ and Karl Marx..." I asked central questions pertaining to Shaw's current article: "What would Venezuela be without these traditional colonial customs and religious beliefs? Well, the oil sabotage of the capitalist creme de la creme in December, 2002, stole all these Christmas niceties and has taught us in the long queues day after day that Venezuela could survive, could live with other delicacies, with revolutionary praxis and theory, according to new, until then, still unknown socialist measures. Months before, in April 2002, in a ferocious class struggle, we already have pulled ourselves by our own hair out of the capitalist bottomless pit of puntofijista golpismo."

A few weeks later, in another article, "The Second Coming of George W. Bush: 'The Messiah' of the 21st century," we already confirmed what Arthur Shaw has formulated so poignantly: "This is a classical example of a religious, pathological delirium, of a dangerous unio mistica with the earthly gods of fascism, in fact, historically it is a paradigm of why in the first place Roman feudalism, the Spanish Inquisition, had to invent official, dogmatic, Christian religion, why an omnipotent God had to be fabricated and was later used by all conquistadors, tyrants and dictators as spiritual legitimization, as absolution from the most heinous and barbaric crimes committed against humanity."

The above is the ideological essence of the divine conception of history, that is, of a great God that makes history. By the grace of this very God, all kings, popes and presidents freely could perpetrate the most abominable crimes against humanity. Till today this obscurantist, rotten conception still spooks in our brains. This is the context in which Bush made and is making all his delirious neocon statements.

This is nothing personal, it concerns the social individual, the current head of state of the Orwellian United States of America. Bush took the job, usurped power, he gets paid for his divine hallucinations. In fact, in all probability he himself (also Ratzinger himself) does not really believe in all this "walking and talking with God" nonsense. However, it is being disseminated as part of the disinformation war campaigns across the globe to keep at bay all those billions who believe in all calibers and pedigrees of supernatural spirits, that is, to control them, to give them something to get excited about.

In reality, in macro- and microcosm, the ELF and scalar waves, the satellite death rays and espionage gadgets are all running hot with HAARP and "Flying Saucer" experiments. This is the result of urgent global preparations for military invasions, plots, plans and atomic wars against the real big powerful competitors, for example, Eurasia, striving to conquer future world hegemony.

In order that such religious hoaxes could function at all, for millennia already, the sine qua non was that we, the "les miserables" (Victor Hugo), the imperial "subjects," the absolute majority of the downtrodden world population, should internalize, should believe in these devils, gods, angels and holy ghosts, that we must see and grasp them as existing realities. Also, we must learn that hell, purgatory and limbo are concrete, real places, namely, our future transcendental destinations. Only then, Bush could bomb them away, and Ratzinger could cancel them if they do not fit in the current religious globalized policy anymore. Culturally, in our educational and socialization institutions, we are being programmed to reproduce all these ideological, religious and theological awe-inspiring paraphernalia, all these awful chimeras and awesome phantasmagorias.

How to get rid of all of them is the most serious problem that confronts the current "Mision Ciencia" and "Misioón Conciencia" within the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. It blocks all serious efforts to develop a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy, a New (Wo)Man.

In this way social and individual fear is being created and perpetuated. The old and obsolete, jealous "wrath of Jahwe." the outdated "fear of the feudal hellish second death," both are now being transformed into apocalyptic "full spectrum dominance," into nuclear intimidation, into the "shock and awe" policy of corporate imperialist Donald Rumsfeld. In the United Nations (see the North Korean nuclear issue), even Europe, France, Russia and China seem to be shivering in their very own military capitalist boots because of their inherent insecurity; they are afraid of the devastating consequences that could result should Big Brother in total bankruptcy and death agony really get crazy, really begin to walk and talk with himself, and desperately start to attack everything left, right and center.

A huge crash of the USA would immediately be followed by a crash of the world market, would be the end of all the world powers, of humanity. This wear and tear of global imperialism is an in-built essential factor of the current mode of production. There is no escape, the longer the agony, the more devastating will be the end results of its inexorable, total implosion and explosion. The global situation is grievous indeed. We are slowly approximating the Rubicon already.

Changing over to day-to-day realities, with reference to the immediate revolutionary tasks ahead, Marx stated categorically that all social critique must start with religious and ideological criticism. This the bourgeoisie, the forefathers of the Bush family, knew very well; with their atheist mechanical materialism they separated Church and State, toppled archaic feudal governments by the grace of God, and victoriously they replaced them with governments of, by and for their own earthly ruling, capitalist classes. As Lenin pointed out, this occurred by means of the democratic dictatorship of the few over the many.  This is the real historic context of Bush's military revelations, of his divine raison d'etre to organize a coup in Venezuela, to attack Iraq, and other Arab countries in the Middle East.

Now let us just briefly spotlight the origins of this religious, ideological mental holocaust.

The Ancient Greek panpsychic, natural philosopher Heracleitus of Ephesus (535-475 B.C.) indicated that patriarchal Society was progressively exploiting and dominating Nature, that male ruling class gods are beginning to conquer creative, creating Minerva or Venus. Then already he feared that patriarchal monotheistic, religious beliefs and hoaxes would strangulate healthy, creative, natural and truthful thinking and thought processes. He feared the coming mental holocaust, the mind and thought control machinations and mechanisms generated by master and slave relations within the exploitative historic labor process.

In the very Old Testament, as we should know, Job ... who was tortured mercilessly by the jealous and wrathful Jahwe and by evil Satan alike ... feared the coming social religious decay; hence, he sought for scientific succor, truth and knowledge in the creative, caring womb of earthly Mother Nature: “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.” (Job 12:7-9)

Even in European history itself we find all over hundreds of non-Marxist disalienating endeavors to emancipate man from the clutches and shackles of religious fantasies. Long, long ago ... before Marx and Engels ... more than two and a half millennia ago, another hylozoistic Ancient Greek philosopher Anaximenes of Miletus (585-525? B.C.) had taught us that we ourselves as human trinity can think in a "divine," transcendental way, without the necessity of creating fictional "gods," god-men or men-gods, without "believing" in our self-created divinities. Like the late German philosopher Ernst Bloch, he taught us that we could transcend in immanence, and "emanate" in transcendence.

Just like Ludwig Feuerbach in the 19th century, Anaximenes showed that by means of his own religious projections of his own inner self, global ruling class man in embryo had alienated himself, created all his gods and devils, and has transmitted all these phantoms across history to all socially oppressed layers. For any still thinking mind to grasp the earthly origins of the globalization of ruling class religious terrorism, Anaximenes very simply explained to us the following logical truth: "Yes, and if oxen and horses or lions had hands, and could paint with their hands, and produce works of art as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and make their bodies in the image of their several kinds."

Hence, is Bush the republican painting, the image of the neocon god?

It is as simple as all that.

This is the transhistoric context of Bush's religious utterances. He really walks and talks with his god. As maximum expression of divine will, of globalization, he is a big brother, a big self-ordained god, a big power himself.

* As a white, civilized, western, Christian god, he cannot commit any error, any crime.
* He alone decides what is a crime.
* He stands above natural and divine law.
* He needs no pretext for anything.
* According to his whim and caprice, he alone creates the "axis of evil."
* Above all, he alone knows what is ethical, what is good or bad, cultured or barbarian.
* He alone ate the apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge.
* He became like god, ergo, he created god in his own image, he is a god.
* He is both the Greek god of wealth, Plutus, and the god of death, Pluto.

In a nutshell, Bush is the scientific verification of what Mammon, of what a real "devil" (Chavez) is all about. His domain, his historic task (and that of his neocon successors) is to transform the planet into hell, into hell fire. He blesses America, in him, in his divine dollar the whole world is being forced to trust. Ratzinger forms the other side of this "golden calf," of this global Baal, of this Janus-faced, corporate, military and industrial Moloch.

Only now we could really understand and fully appreciate the furious description of Arthur Shaw of North American corporate imperialism and religious blasphemy, currently personified by Bush, and whose divine qualities will later survive in his successor:

"The most powerful man in the world is the disreputable, or ... more correctly ... despicable George W. Bush, the leader of the GOPs in the USA, who is a murderer, liar, kidnapper, concentration camp operator, election-rigger, torturer, oil thief, exterminator of humans, warrantless eavesdropper, violator of the US Constitution and the rule of law, depraved dictator, devil, pervert, etc..."