Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2006

The Nuclear Club crossing the Rubicon towards Armageddon

In what current historical context is the Bolivarian Revolution unfolding itself globally, are the presidential elections of Brazil and Venezuela taking place? What is the real Damocles sword that is hovering over Chavez and Lula, Fidel and Evo, over humanity? What does the "empire," the nuclear age hold for all of us?

Let us learn from our immediate history.

The Nuclear Matrix

After having made its own democratic, capitalist, social revolution during the "American Civil War" (1861-1865), reflected historically in a major conflict between the industrial North and the slave-owning South, between wage-slavery and slave labor, and, of course, between the corresponding antagonistic social classes, the United States of America definitely celebrated its "Union victory" and took the bloody path towards "reconstructive," corporate imperialism, towards world military hegemony, towards human annihilation.

Within the psychological framework of a globally so much glorified "abolition of slavery," it began with the "democratic" construction of a national war economy, that eventually would generate arsenals of arms of mass destruction everywhere, on land, in the sea, in the air. Politically and militarily it conspired with others to oust its mother country from world power and to stop the other upcoming competitors in their endeavors to conquer world hegemony.

During World War II, leaving Cuba, Costa Rica or Puerto Rico aside, because it did not have colonies itself to plunder, on the fascist ruins of the "Old World," it planned the progressive "dollarization" of the world, ushered in a new epoch of neo-colonialism. By hiding its coming systemic "full spectrum dominance" and "shock and awe" strategy behind empty ruling class phraseology and political jargon, swaying the "stars and stripes" banner, it promised to grant "democracy" and "independence" to the "wretched" of the "Third World," as compensation for their unconditional military solidarity against the Hitler monster. In reality, Africans from Senegal were just allowed to perform menial tasks as "pack animals" for the noble white heroes on the battlefields of France, where they died for nothing that concerns their well-being, they just defended world capitalism and imperialism. This is currently exactly the same case of the "poor devils" fighting and dying for Bush and consorts in Iraq and elsewhere.

What the "peaceful" world war propaganda veiled was that the USA itself was getting green with envy when it registered the mighty forward march and original victories of Hitler Nazism across Europe, Africa and Asia. Impatiently the North American state was awaiting its turn, wanted to do it even better. its mind and thought control mechanisms and its brain laundering immediately set in already.

Better than Nostradamus both sides made propaganda of eventual total victories.

It seems that today the new allies, Merkel and Bush, may have better luck.

Already under "Operation Paper-Clip," during and after World War II, this military cooperation was taking shape secretly. The USA recruited thousands of Nazi scientists, and employed them in NASA and Pentagon projects, to continue research work related to future atomic warfare, Nazism, holocausts and genocide. Including Israel in these projects is more than macabre, it is simply void of any decency or human ethics.

This type of inhuman brutality and military vandalism reflects the real, true grimace of imperialism, generally masked by hoaxes like "democracy" and "world peace." Objective contemporary history verifies that these murderous, intra-imperialist world wars are inherent in the capitalist world order in crisis, even more so, they are present in corporate globalization in self-destructive transition.

On November 12, 1933, with Leo Szilard's invention of the atomic bomb, the United States government saw the golden opportunity of fulfilling its wildest "democratic" and "republican" dreams: Orwellian world power. By unwillingly launching the nuclear arms race, already on August 2, 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, Albert Einstein in his "First Letter" to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, warned humanity about the apocalyptic magnitude of this coming weapon of mass destruction:

"...In the course of the last four months it has been made probable -- through the work of Joliot in France as well as Fermi and Szilard in America -- that it may become possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction in a large mass of uranium,by which vast amounts of power and large quantities of new radium-like elements would be generated. Now it appears almost certain that this could be achieved in the immediate future.
This new phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs, and it is conceivable - though much less certain - that extremely powerful bombs of a new type may thus be constructed. A single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory..."

On September 3, 1941, Winston Churchill and the other allied "anti-nazi" heads of state decided to produce the atomic bomb, strictly for military purposes. The American physicist Julius Robert H. Oppenheimer (1904–1967) as director of the "Manhattan Project" was instructed to produce atom bombs at top speed on American soil.

As we all know, with the scientific aid of Leo Szilard, Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Frederic Joliot, Niels Bohr and others, the USA detonated the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. On August 6 and 9, 1945, unnecessarily but in accordance with imperialist logic and megalomania, atomic boms were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively, probably for the only reason to see how they work. In fact before this heinous crime against humanity the capitulation of the fascist powers was already in sight.

This then was the matrix of the nuclear age, the birth of the current Nuclear Club.

The Nuclear Club

The so-called "Nuclear Club" is simply a polemical term to designate those world powers that possess nuclear weapons. As nuclear powers they are determined by the time of their first successful atomic tests and by the quantity of atomic warheads in their possession. For example, Britain, France, China, India and South Africa have performed successful atomic tests in 1952, 1960, 1964, 1974 and 1979 respectively, but according to the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," only five countries ... those that sit permanently in the Security Council of the United Nations, the United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, France and China ... are officially recognized as sonorous members of the "Nuclear Club."

Three countries refused to sign the treaty: India, Pakistan and Israel, together they possess hundreds of nuclear warheads. Countries that had nuclear programs and have abandoned them are: South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Egypt, Kasachstan, Bielorussia, Ucrania and Sweden.

Meanwhile, South Africa, Egypt and Brazil are activating their nuclear projects again. Originally, North Korea and Iran ratified the treaty, but because of the double standards applied by the Nuclear Club ... for example, accepting Israel secretly as their sub-imperialist pawn, and arming it heavily with nuclear arms ... they canceled their signatures. In fact, Israel openly is now deploying its nuclear arms against Iran. On the one hand, Iran insists that its nuclear program is exclusively designed for civil, domestic energetic purposes. On the other hand, North Korea, in reaction against the United States nuclear terror, threatens to make an atomic test any moment. Hence, currently, a pre-world war atmosphere rages across the globe.

Although South Africa, the main arms producer on the African continent, renounced its nuclear program in 1990, a recent news item from Al Jazeera surprised the world.

On September 5, 2006, Russia and South Africa signed a treaty of mutual atomic collaboration., that will reactivate the Koeberg nuclear plant, and will enable the construction of six more nuclear reactors in South Africa. Accordingly, until 2010, Russia will supply the necessary technology for the production of nuclear energy and President Thabo Mbeki in return will provide President Vladimir Putin with the necessary uranium fuel for his current production of nuclear energy and weaponry.

Nuclear apocalypse here and now in the making

If this continues, then soon we will have to welcome South Africa, not in the Nuclear Club, but in the "axis of evil"!

In a recent article of Dan Williams, "Israel seen lifting nuclear veil in Iran stand-off" (25/09/2006) very clearly portrays the Israeli military aggression in the Middle East. Beyond doubt Israel is acting in accordance to Bush's "Jewish lobby" and in the interest of the industrial and military complex nurtured and protected by the current Republican administration.

Concerning a possible future nuclear war in the Middle East, Dan Williams explained: "Talk of a nuclear stand-off between Israel and Iran has sparked comparisons with the 'mutually assured destruction' formula that reigned during the Cold War and, more recently, between India and Pakistan. ... The use of a nuclear bomb against Israel would completely destroy Israel, while (the same) against the Islamic world would only cause damage. Such a scenario is not inconceivable," former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in a 2001 speech."

In the meantime, Al Jazeera surprised us with the next piece of nuclear news:

"Egypt has said it will re-launch its nuclear energy program after a 20-year freeze as it announced plans to build a nuclear power station on the Mediterranean coast. ... 'The meeting decided to immediately begin studying a nuclear alternative in the light of increased need in Egypt,' Magdi Radi, a cabinet spokesman, told MENA, the official news agency."

Welcome, Egypt, join the nuclear "axis of evil" soon!

Now again, suddenly nuclear power is "cool." This new nuclear race was brought about by the "G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, (where) President Bush and Russian President Vladimir V. Putin announced a far-reaching agreement to cooperate in the rapid expansion of nuclear energy worldwide and called on other countries to join them."

What is the logic of the proposal of Bush and Putin?

Well, beginning anew with the nuclear programs of South Africa, Egypt and Brazil, soon every state, including Lesotho and Djibouti ... why not, also the Vatican City ... would have a mini or maxi nuclear reactor of the fourth generation. Thereafter, all would go bankrupt because of expensive nuclear energy and technology, of the scarcity of uranium, would not know what to do with the mountains of accumulated atomic waste, lasting for 100,000 years and more, would eventually simply produce atomic weapons, and at whim and caprice as "terrorists" slaughter each other, and eventually would put an end to this human vale of torture and earthly terror.

The G8 group had nothing better to suggest. Of course not. The only alternative would have been to dismantle capitalism and imperialism forever.

Because of the deepening energy crisis in the USA, of the fear that the OPEC countries could use oil as an economic "atom bomb" against Bush's terrorism, now suddenly obsolete, dangerous, expensive atomic energy is again en vogue.

Who are they fooling?

Germany just sold two nuclear submarines that can carry atomic weapons to Israel. Here on the Latin American continent, any moment one of the major producers of conventional arms, Brazil, could continue its atomic program and reach the point of enriching uranium, and thereby producing nuclear arms.

Just imagine if Chavez would take Bush and Putin by their words and launch an atomic program tomorrow what would happen.

The planned attack on Iran by the United States and with the strategic and logistic aid of Israel is already an open secret, even the military forces of Iran know all the programmed phases of attack.

Time Magazine, in its September 17, 2006 issue ... as cover story, edited by Michael Duffy ... inter alia, informed us about a possible military scenario. We quote this text extensively to demonstrate the United States and Israeli apocalyptic megalomania expressed in the planned military strike against Iran and the coming future nuclear wars:

It will take a few days with thousands of sorties, satellite and laser-guided bombs will be aimed at targets -- 1,500 already planned by the Pentagon -- and will try to infiltrate armed concrete, under which some of the nuclear sites are hidden... The sites are spread across the country, some of them exposed, some operating under the guise of regular plants, and others buried deep under the ground... The military offensive requires activating nearly all types of planes in the army’s possession: Warplanes and stealth vehicles, F-15 and F-16 aircrafts taking off from the land and an F-18 which takes off from an aircraft carrier.
"Such an attack requires satellite guided weapons and laser-guided ammunition, as well as spy-planes and unmanned aerial vehicles. Since, many targets are hidden underground and are reinforced with armed concrete, they will have to be hit once and again in order to guarantee that they are destroyed, or at least seriously damaged.”

The United States of America became a world power as the result of a radio-active atomic egg, of an aggressive war economy, now that its chickens are coming home to roost, its globalized industrial and military corporate complex wants to take all of humanity into its nuclear grave. All the metropolitan nations and their faithful lackeys are singing the Swan's Song, are taking their last supper in radio-active Chernobyl and Fallujah, are preparing the farewell agony of homo homini lupus, its disappearance from planet earth.

For Latin America, this is the dangerous historic context in which President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela gave his famous speech in the recent United Nations summit conference: it is the political, military background in which the current Brazilian and Venezuelan presidential elections are taking place.

It is clear that the attack against Iran concerns its oil bourse, its oil resources and its moving towards the euro, and not nuclear plants in the first place. The monopoly and privilege to produce and possess atomic arms of mass destruction exclusively belong to the members of the "Nuclear Club," and secretly to its Quislings like Israel and India.

In the case of North Korea the issue is simple, the only way to deter Uncle Sam in his nuclear madness is to have sufficient atomic warheads and powerful long range missiles that could reach the White House.

In conclusion, it is evident that the Nuclear Club is now crossing the Rubicon, we are already partially radio-active victims of the current Third World War, however, let Albert Einstein warn the great power war-mongers for the last time:

"I don't know what kind of weapons will be used in the third world war, assuming there will be a third world war. But I can tell you what the fourth world war will be fought with -- stone clubs."
Albert Einstein.