Franz J.T. Lee, September, 2006

What are we waiting for? Let the grave-diggers dig their own globalized graves!

What is still brewing on the Middle East bloody horizon for Iran and Venezuela, and for mankind as a whole?

Over the last months, concerning the explosive global situation, nothing has really changed; on the contrary, the United States and Israeli war machine cold-bloodedly is planning the next step of the inexorable forward march of its destructive policy to stop its Eurasian competitors for world hegemony.

In fact, we are nearer than ever to global atomic wars, that will launch all types of weapons of mass destruction.

It seems that nothing can stop this unfolding bellicose barbarism and vandalism anymore, neither god nor devil, neither didactic nor dialectic, neither sword nor feather, neither the ballot nor the bullet, neither bits nor bytes.
It seems that we are living in the dark epoch of the decay of capitalism, in the obscure era of the hara-kiri of imperialism, of the fascist triumph of Orwellian corporate globalization over global workers' class struggles.

Currently, in geometric progression, by global fascist wars, the wage-slave master is killing his slave, the hen that is laying his golden eggs. Thereby he is digging his own grave, is killing himself, is committing suicide, is annihilating all master-slave relations, the whole labor process, production, history itself...

Nonetheless, whether we know it or not, currently with Israeli mothers of all bombs falling on and around us, all of us as survivors are already crossing the Dead Sea towards a still possible ex oriente lux, in search for a tomorrow, for an emancipatory exodus out of corporate bondage. Who knows, perhaps as "wretched of the earth," as millions of useless, obsolete "cattle" we are already marked for slaughter, are programmed to enter the dark apocalyptic night of earthly hell, ready to be sacrificed and cremated in atomic agony.

The corporate military and industrial complex, politically represented by the Bush administration, brought life on planet earth to this dead end, to this dead see, to this global, fascist cul de sac.

This global catastrophe is man-made, only man can still undo it. No savior on high, no messiahs on low, can save us; only we can still save ourselves from the North American plague; ten thousands in the Middle East could not do it anymore, we did not or could not come to their rescue. All alone, as lonely crowds, will we also follow their death trails pretty soon?

This is what President Chavez of Venezuela in his famous United Nations speech was talking about.

He asked us to choose, to make, to think, to excel our own destiny. So to say, it was a last minute call for humanity to board the emancipatory express, or to sink forever in the global, globalized Titanic.

Hence, if the USA and the UNO, with the blessing of Ratzinger, should get so irrational as to attack Iran, then they will have to enjoy the corresponding popular welcome. Mankind cannot be doped forever with lies, hoaxes, religion, ideology and Prozac. Facing Thanatos, the "miserables" of the world will have nothing to lose anymore, will become millions of human bombs, and will give all ruling classes the very same royal treatment that they have meted out to all the poor exploited children, violated women, quartered slaves, tortured serfs and massacred wage slaves for millennia already.

In that case, Bill Gates, Bush, Rumsfeld, Bolton, don't cry for me!

It is a scientific fact that we cannot stop global genocide, world holocaust, with prayers, class consensus, truth commissions, reconciliation jargon and peaceful revolutions.

Ever since Frantz Fanon and Che Guevara, democratically, any emancipatory self-defense act against ruling class terrorism can only come from the scientific and philosophic weapons of irreconcilable, contradictory, high class struggle, from popular arms ... we did not choose this historic road, Bush and Ratzinger surely did and are still doing it to this very day.

Who rules with violence, murders by social order, will die by class violence, by his own self-produced horror and terror. We have uncountable examples of this truth in modern history.

Ever since the middle of March 2006, since the launching of Iran's oil bourse became a real possibility, we had one Media-Blitz for War after the other. Of course, the current pretext for a preemptive military strike is the existence of nuclear installations, of "illegal" production of atomic warheads. Israel is to be used as spearhead of this military aggression against Iran.

However, in reality, although Israel possesses more than 200 atomic warheads, has refused to sign the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," ... and is officially an unrecognized member of the sonorous "Nuclear Club," which provides the permanent members of the "Security Council of the United Nations," ... yet, currently Israel, like India, functions as the future stormtrooper of Bush's atomic apocalypse in the Middle and Far East.

Driven on by the sharp, deepening contradictions on the world market, by unbearable tension in the globalized world order, another diabolical United States-Israeli genocidal adventure is taking on Satanic contours.

This is real, it does not concern Beelzebub tales.

This is what Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias recently had warned us about in the United Nations.

On March 11, 2006, Mike Whitney of "Iran Solidarity" informed us about Cheney's warning of "meaningful consequences" for Iran, if it does not immediately stop its nuclear program, in reality, he meant to stop the launching of Iran's oil bourse, and the business change-over from petro dollars to future euro dollars that would wreck the United States economy and accelerate its energy crisis. He was warning Iran of Iraq's "original sin" that eventually could lead to the total radio-active contamination of the whole region and to the death sentence of Arab leaders like Arafat or Hussein, or of Latin American ones like Allende, Che, Gaitan, Chavez, Evo or Fidel.

The Yankee "iron lady" Condoleezza Rice, who went so far as to even belittle the customary, potential "danger" for the USA and the world, the menace that could come from Caracas, stated: "We face no greater challenge from a single country than Iran... This is a country that seems determined, it seems, to develop a nuclear weapon in defiance of the international community that is determined that they should not get one."

Donald Rumsfeld added black gold to the hellish nuclear furnace, to the stale hoax of Iran supposedly producing or possessing atomic weapons. Within the context of his "full spectrum dominance," in the tradition of "shock and awe" and in line with the devilish objectives of the "Project for a New American Century," including its latest macabre Patriot amendments, he said: "I will say this about Iran. They are currently putting people into Iraq to do things that are harmful to the future of Iraq. We know it, and it is something that they, I think, will look back on as having been an error in judgment."

Of course, Big Brother, who nervously reads nursery rhymes upside down to little innocent children, while he is preparing their radio-active annihilation by means of 'Pearl Harbor' hoaxes, also chimed in: "Iran must not have a nuclear weapon. The most destabilizing thing that can happen in this region and in the world is for Iran to have a nuclear weapon."

Anyhow, in the text we should just read "an oil bourse" instead of "a nuclear weapon," then the black cat is out of the bag, and everywhere we could smell sulfur coming from the horse's mouth...

It was Ambassador John Bolton and Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns respectively that stated the truth that is valid till this day: that the Security Council should issue a 'vigorous response' to Iran’s nuclear ambitions or else the United States might have to consider "other steps"; Burns was more explicit, indicating the coming atomic world war: "It’s going to be incumbent on our allies around the world to show that they are willing to act."

This is still the current state of affairs, after the dramatic speech of President Chavez in the United Nations, leaving devils and satanic metaphors aside, returning to crude reality, the question remains: what will the "axis of evil" do ... including its future members, like South Africa, that signed atomic treaties with Russia ... in the case of an immediate, pending military strike against Iran?

* What would happen with the price of oil?
* What could occur in a severe, long Northern winter?
* Would concrete solidarity of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and other OPEC countries follow?
* Or would they continue to wait patiently for their own possible, individual fascist demise?

In the case of lethargic, political passivity, it would mean that the brave address of Chavez to the human species was in vain, and that the globe is already far beyond any redemption and salvation.

Like in the case of Arafat, any moment, a CIA lackey could mix some tasteless, mortal, sulfuric venom in Chavez' favorite paradise fruit drink, and then we could wait another hundred years for the rebirth of such an excellent revolutionary Phoenix to rise out of the radio-active ashes of planet nowhere.

What are we waiting for? Let the grave-diggers dig their own global, globalized graves! We have galaxies to conquer!