Franz J.T. Lee, September, 2006

This is the real, true news that the world population has to be informed about!

The "good news." thanks to all the donations from our readers, we're back, to fight for human emancipation. However, we still urgently need your invaluable help, to resist the merciless attacks of the disinformation campaigns, of the lies about Venezuela, in the current virulent global war of information, spearheaded by the metropolitan mass media.

The real, true news: A year ago, on September 29, 2005, commentarist Chris Herz wrote: "War is coming to Venezuela ... and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it!" -- "only the complete collapse of the existing corporate/oligarchical order in the USA can do that, and this cannot happen without a fight, probably without many fights, of which the one in Iraq is only one. I am so very, very sorry about this but facts are facts, and however serious these matters may be, to face them boldly is far better than living in a dream world."

Concerning this serious issue, a day later, in an article "The Bolivarian Revolution facing the eleventh hour, crossing the Rubicon." I made the following comment:

"Over the last years, in many commentaries, we have given the historical context, the capitalist background, to the current, threatening, global conflagration, fired on by an unnecessary energetic crisis (Thomas Bearden), by a coming "Peak Oil" economic collapse (Michael Ruppert), by the current crashing process of the US economy and therewith affecting the whole world market (see latest IMF reports), by Bush's new, atomic wars against "terrorism." by using low intensity depleted uranium weapons..."

Meanwhile, Michael Ruppert himself was attacked, his life is being threatened and he is now in Caracas ... the United States of America is trampling on international law and treaties, trying to reduce "rogues" to animals without human rights. Even in winter, the ice caps at the poles are melting, and even the Pentagon warned Bush that within twenty years, Britain will be like Siberia.

Moreover, as I stated: "We are experiencing a severe capitalist, systemic crisis (Ernest Mandel), ushering in fascist 'barbarism' (Marx), that is deepened by another emerging ecological disaster, that concerns the rapid warming up of the planet (Siegfried Tischler), that is liberating toxic substances like methane gas, that since millennia were trapped in the polar ice caps; furthermore, this is a situation that will be worsened by the massive melting of the ice, by the drastic change of climatic conditions, by the creation of new, mighty rivers of water flowing into the oceans, causing devastating floods, elevating sea-levels up to 10 meters or so, and, finally, to crown it all, an apocalypse that very well may terminate in the progressive total destruction of the ozone layer."

Were we just painting illusions on the wall of human woe?

Certainly not!

Over the last months,  VHeadline commentarists have verified the rapid, aggressive expansion of the global fascist threat that darkens the very globe, that shakes the very existence of Venezuela, Iran and Cuba, the very foundations of mankind in totality.

The international situation is worse than ever.

Body and mind control, the Marines, paramilitary troops, the death squads, the Orwellian thought police, the CIA torturers, the World Positioning System, the Google maps, the satellite spies, the biometric passport photos, the electro-magnetic weapons, the chips, HAARP, scramjets ... all indicate our definite crossing of the Rubicon, towards a future of horror, terror and treachery, of multiple genocide brought about by the huge United States arsenal of most sophisticated arms of mass destruction.

Unless something dramatic occurs very soon, the coming human pain and suffering, already generated by Israel in the Mideast, will surpass any horrendous war crime that we ever could imagine. What is being planned, the reduction of "world poverty." of the world population, the destruction of obsolete manual labor forces by the billions, will transcend any crime that Western, Christian Civilization ever had committed ... and nowadays still perpetrates, with the divine aid of Ratzinger, who already attacks the Arab "infidels" ... in the name of human rights, freedom and democracy.

This is refined, sophisticated, highly technological, scientific, treacherous world fascism in the making, painstakingly prepared since decades. This is not Roman Catholic burning on the stake, exorcism, the bourgeois "reign of terror" ... the guillotine, it is Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fallujah, Palestine, Syria!

What is in the making will be the one and only true Hell that we ever will experience.

This is the real transhistoric context of the Bolivarian Revolution, this is what global emancipation creatively has to eliminate before fascist alienation annihilates the whole non-aligned world.

Let us briefly recall the immediate danger that faces us:
A few days ago, on September 15, Iran's Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh informed us "that all preparatory requirements were arranged for launching the oil stock market in the country."

In previous editorials, unveiling the real economic truth behind the US claims of Iranian production of atomic weapons, we have explained what this oil bourse really means for the US Treasury, for the ailing United States petro-dollar and its rotten sick economy,

Already the next day, in Singapore, US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. "used his first meeting of world finance chiefs on Saturday as a venue to press the Bush administration's mission to isolate Iran..."

The oil bourse of Iran is the real headache of Bush. Its petro ghost, the euro, haunts the whole North American administration, including the Director of the National Treasury.

It is as clear as daylight that the whole planned genocide in the Mideast, against Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, against the Arab world, spearheaded by the sub-imperialist military bulwark and bulldozer Israel, is to construct and protect corporate pipelines of oil. gas and water. The least that all this concerns are the nuclear installations of Iran, of North Korea or China. The whole thing boils down to big business, big corporate imperialism of Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice and Negroponte. They know the real, irreversible, inexorable health status of the planet, of intoxicated mankind, and at the eleventh hour still want to devour power, wealth and oil, before the sun forever sets on their apocalyptic war crimes.

What is the current global "top secret"?

About what did the political leaders of Venezuela, Iran and Cuba discuss in secret lately?

Surely, about that which is long time overdue already, about a collective self-defense strategy of the South permanently being violated by the fierce collective, military attacks from the North. Currently, this terrorism and vandalism are meted out against individual states of the South, however, it already spreads to whole regions, like in the Mideast, to conquer violently all global natural and energetic resources.

In the recent meeting of the Non-Aligned Countries in Havana, President Chavez made it very clear to the world, to the G15 group, that if the North, if the USA, would attack Cuba, then also Venezuelan blood will flow in that military confrontation.

Is this perhaps also true for Iran? We all know that oil is a huge, effective global weapon against metropolitan vandalism, hence, the USA, Israel, the European Union, Bush, Blair and Merkel, better think it over seven times, before they embark on the next "Twin Towers" hoaxes and "Pearl Harbor" fascist adventures.

The destabilizing measures, the sabotage acts, the overt and covert foundations, endowment and scientology funds for the "happiness" of Venezuela, the CIA infiltration, in Miraflores, in the Armed Forces, in the universities and schools, the stationing of paramilitary troops as "buhoneros." as snipers in strategic positions, the penetration of the Marines from Colombia, across the rivers, into Venezuelan territory, for the coming presidential elections, the Plan A, Plan B ... Z, the cruel assassination plans of top political figures, including President Chavez, ... all these are feverishly being planned against the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

Finally, in reality, these all are brutal smoke screens of the real historical issues at stake, that is, of the fall of the United States Empire, of the cancerous, fascist outgrowth of the petro-dollar, threatened by the euro, of the decay of the North American military and industrial complex, the desperate political onslaught of the economic competitors of the USA, of Europe and Asia, for a future place in the post-capitalist sun, the total bankruptcy of the US economy, in a few words, are useless measures to hide the AIDS epidemic of "unequal exchange" on the world market that has already catapulting continents into historic nothingness.

This is the real, true news that the world population has to be informed about!