Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2006

Only Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution can save Vheadline

"Oh! nature's noblest gift--my gray-goose quill!
Slave of my thoughts, obedient to my will,
Torn from thy parent-bird to form a pen,
That might instrument of little men!"
- Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron),
English Bards and Scotch Reviewers (l. 7)

In the era of global fascism only world revolution can still save mankind from the fangs and pangs of destructive corporate imperialism and its arsenal of mortal, lethal and fatal arms of mass destruction, all stockpiled in the metropoles and in their notorious satellites. The most formidable capitalist weapon placed currently in the epicenter of the raging information wars, of the savage disinformation and defamation campaigns of the huge international mass media is Orwellian mind and thought control, is spreading hoaxes and lies about any real, true emancipatory endeavors.

Plato said it in his "Republic" ... in his "Mein Kampf," Hitler reminded us that to control a people, you only need to control its education, its minds and thoughts.

Karl Marx confirmed that in every epoch, the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling classes. In Europe, ever since feudalism it was known that "the quill is mightier than the sword," a while ago, it was the "pen" (Edward Bulwer-Lytton), nowadays it is electronic news, is an independent, democratic website like

A news medium is a product of social reality, it does not fall like manna from the sky, it defends class interests. VHeadline was born as a result of the political disintegration of reactionary puntofijismo in Venezuela, that showed its true, fascist grimace in the "Caracazo" of 1989, and its popular negation in the emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution, led by President Hugo Chavez Frias, which filled the political vacuum left by the oligarchic vampires of Venezuela.

A revolution within the boundaries of a capitalist world order is contradictory, is dialectical. This means that it contains its own negation within itself, its counter-revolution, its "Chavismo sin Chavez," its Michelena and Alfredo Pena, including those that are taking imported whisky to toast the "demise" of the Phoenix VHeadline.

Concerning the above, over the last two years, in hundreds of commentaries in English and Spanish, published in VHeadline, and reprinted as the book "Venezuela: De la Revolucion Bolivariana a la Emancipacion Humana" (IMMECA, Merida, December 2005, 400 pages) ... a work dedicated to President Chavez ... we have defended the Bolivarian Revolution in word and deed.

Of course, for the sake of emancipatory truth, of scientific knowledge, against corruption and impunity, we criticized and self-criticized anything, anyone, that was damaging the popular class interests of the sovereign, of citizen power, the downtrodden of Venezuela, and many "revolutionaries" that combat socialism, Marxism and radicalism, did not like our constructive critique.

In IMMECA, in October, 2006, ready for the presidential campaign in Merida state, where we are working to obtain 300 000 votes for Chavez, we will be publishing the next writing of authors of VHeadline: Franz J. T. Lee & Jutta Schmitt, La Revolucion Bolivariana cruzando el Rubicon. This is another invaluable work for the "Mission Conciencia," to develop a scientific praxis and philosophic theory for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Over the last decade, hundreds of maligned insults and threats our authors had to stomach, all these verified that we were battling on the thorny, serpentine trail of the real, true, social revolution of Venezuela.

When suddenly in certain ruling sectors life becomes easy and cozy, when US and petro dollars are steadily flowing into our coffers, when in our maximum military prisons, arch-traitors come and go as they please, when the whole country, even Miraflores, is being infiltrated by paramilitary forces, CIA agents and scientologists, when in our bed of roses happily we devour gallons of imported whiskey, when we are getting an upper middle class mentality, then definitely something went wrong somewhere along the line with the Bolivarian Revolution.

In such times. as Kant stated, things become fully recognizable, they lose their masks and red caps, the revolutionary rhetoric vanishes into the thick air of big business, in signing huge contracts, in defense of the private property of the means of production and communication. In such a situation the revolution becomes docile and tame, that is, boils down to its bourgeois, capitalist essence.

True revolutionaries do not sprout up like mushrooms overnight, they are very rare. The great French Revolution did not have thousands of true revolutionaries, the October Revolution was made with 1,000 Bolsheviks, the Cuban Revolution had a small vanguard in the Sierra Maestra. The Bolivarian Revolution is still in its baby shoes, it is now giving birth to real socialist revolutionaries and global emancipators.

Within this context we have to salute VHeadline, its editors, authors and readers.

We performed a decade of excellent revolutionary toil and we did not need chambers to be haunted by the North American fascist specter of counter-revolution. In a country of popular participative democracy, where a sovereign, citizen power, has saved its President and the heart beat of its economy, the oil industry, PDVSA, we now proudly appeal to permit us to continue our urgent revolutionary work for Venezuela.

We freely and independently defend the Bolivarian Revolution, with no strings attached, and as such we will continue to do it in the near future.

In a country that swims in oil, gas, dollars and euros, that experiences the Bolivarian Revolution, that is constructing a new socialism for the 21st century, threatened by Yankee military invasions, logically has to support all endeavors that disseminate its truth across the globe.

Hence, in its own interest, only the real, true Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela can still save VHeadline, one of its principal English and Spanish voices on a global scale.