Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2006

Middle East: Do we have bad Nazis and good Nazis, that is, our Nazis?

More and more horrendous reports come from the war in the Middle East, describing the horror and terror committed by the Israeli military invasion, backed by the US Pentagon and NATO ... and Arab retaliation in desperate self-defense. Let us briefly try to highlight why the rest of the world and the American puppet, the United Nations, are just looking on, as if they are looking at "Real TV."

In the same manner, how can we explain the destructive state of mind of the "opposition" in Venezuela or Cuba?

* How could people enter the Gestapo, CIA, paramilitary organizations, death squads and torture chambers and brutally terrorize and murder millions of innocent people?
* And, at night, after "work," how can these monsters lovingly kiss their wives and kids?
* How can Bush, Cheney, Rice or Rumsfeld say their night prayers? Or is terror and horror their divine destiny? What a perverse, capitalist world!
* How can a people who has experienced the horror of the Nazi holocaust now behave like Nazis themselves massacring their Arab neighbors?

Inter alia, historically, how could we explain the horrendous ruling class vandalism and savagery perpetrated by colonialism, imperialism, in Sodom and Gomorrah, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Palestine and Lebanon, Vietnam and Fallujah?

Human nature, the crown of creation, homo homini lupus, the noble savage, all just form part of ideological bamboozling, of white-black painting, of "bad" or "good" formal logical nonsense. The mere facts that "terrorist" African crocodiles hunt "innocent" zebras, or that republican hawks or noble eagles devour "democratic" chickens, in most academic circles, all these do not touch the epicentral, destructive alienation core of the world "plague" (Simon Bolivar), that is, of the globalized division of labor, the Draconian, Draculian, imperialist, corporate world market.

Years ago, in Newsweek, and today all over the Internet, we can read: "We are all a bit crazy."

The fact of the matter is that nearly the whole human species, including the planet on which we live, are physically and mentally sick. If this corporate megalomania continues, soon we will all become stark mad, will become controlled implanted chips, cloned zombies. Without realizing it, millions of us are already suffering from advanced psychopathology, psycho-somatic diseases, cognitive dissonance, psychotic disassociation, collective estrangement, corporeal ossification, financial cossification, total alienation.

If this were not so, how do we explain the myopic blindness of the Venezuelan "opposition" or the attitude of the Miami "gusanos" towards world reality.

* How is it possible that hundred millions of North Americans do not see the coming world fascist holocaust in their homeland?
* How is it that they cannot grasp what really happened on "9/11," still believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and still support the imperialist wars of Israel and the USA in the Middle and Far East?

The very same thing happened in Nazi Germany.

Millions saw, heard, smelled and sensed nothing: either they were all already mind-controlled Arian zombies, victims of psychological warfare, of information war, of the diatribal propaganda machine of Hitler, Goebbels and Goering, or they really could not sense anything anymore, that is, they had lost their common sense, all their senses, have become totally alienated, mentally sick. In fact, even in this specific case, their minds must have been totally controlled, because in the first place we see with our minds, and only then with our eyes.

Currently, we find macabre parallels in all metropolitan countries, especially as a result of the "terrorist" injection and fearful "lobotomy" carried out about Chavez the Monster, who is coming to get the children of the poor "lonely crowds."

In reality, what is happening in the Mideast is that Israel is violently opening corridors for Uncle Sam, for oil, gas and water pipe-lines for the various global multinational giants, is terrorizing the whole of Asia. It even forced a nation of a billion people ... with atomic bombs, India, now a Yankee vassal state ... to submission, to forbid all Arab TV channels in the whole country.

Israel can afford to do this, because the USA has armed Israel to the teeth with the most modern mortal weapons of mass destruction. Really, Orwellian Big Brother has conquered a great part of human conscience, of the globe already.

And, we are still worried about "anti-Semitism," about whether two, six or ten million Jews perished in the Nazi concentration camps.

The coming holocaust is uncountable, nobody will be left to count anything.

Israel itself has to be freed, be emancipated! Its enemies are not the Arabs, they are global capitalism, imperialism, corporatism ... in a word ... terrorism.

In the name of my forefathers, of our holocaust, that challenges any reparation, of the millions and millions of Transatlantic slaves that perished, let us also tell the Truth here: What perished in Auschwitz or Dachau were simple capitalist workers, Jews, Africans, Marxists, radical intellectuals and gypsies. No opulent Jewish capitalist mogul of the heavy industry was around. The poor Nazi victims, like the Palestinians today, had no real homeland, no Jewish fatherland, they only had their physical labor power to sell. They were alienated, toiling wage slaves of world imperialism that in crisis, in depression, like today, was showing its true grimace, Nazism, Fascism.

The fact of the matter is that any capitalist State or empire, when it is threatened always resorts to terrorism. to producing a holocaust in various degrees. American foreign policy created a number of holocausts across history, beginning from Hiroshima to Nagasaki, to the Djakarta murders of a million "communist."

And, what is happening now in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon in Iran?

Are these not genocide, war crimes, holocausts?

Do we also have a double standard in acts of terror? In the Middle East: do we have bad Nazis and good Nazis, that is, our Nazis?

There is an immense class difference between those members of various discriminated social classes ... for example, of the Jewish intellectuals, like Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin or Theodor W. Adorno, who fled to the USA ... and those ruling classes that enjoyed, and are still enjoying, an opulent life style in Long Island, in Manhattan, and the current "Jewish cannon fodder" that die in the name of "the right of self-defense" (Bush).

Because of ideological mind laundering these poor wage slaves will never know for what they are being used and abused brutally. And, in this context, religious mind control, religious alienation on both sides, Arab and Israeli, play a central role in the current United States Conquest. .

In a VHeadline article of November 5, 2005: "Venezuela between Jesus Christ and Karl Marx..." extensively we have discussed the problem of global religious alienation, a direct result of millennia of human economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, military genocide and of a mental holocaust committed by diverse ruling classes, generated by a murderous labor process called "history."

I asked the question: How will we in the Americas be able to eradicate this colonial, religious alienation impregnated across five centuries?

My answer: "We will have to create the emancipatory conditions, a world that does not need this huge, holy aureole, this fantastic virtuality, this vale of human tears, this heart of a heartless world, these sighs of billions of oppressed peoples. The immensity of religious dissemination and alienation precisely indicates the high degree of capitalist exploitation and imperialist domination and racism.

Of course, no official religious ideology will really help us to clear up this obscurantist, academic skies that nurtures all kinds of counter-revolutionaries and dangerous traitors, that sabotage the very 'deepening' of the revolution within the revolution."

The above applies not only to Latin American emancipation but also to the Arab resistance against theocratic ruling classes that in the name of religion convert poor people into human bombs, into the class interests of oil monopolies.

We have to become conscious of the reality of labor, what it produces, what it destroys, of that what makes out the greater part of our earthly lives. The expert on this issue is Karl Marx, and who as mind-controlled victim did not study Marxism, political economy, as yet, with a very high probability, will not have the foggiest idea of what is really happening currently on a global scale, that is, what is globalization and why the current war in the Middle East.

In conclusion, Alienation, like capitalism itself, is not God-made, it is a historically produced man-made evil, neither rooted in nature or human nature. Thus alienation and capitalism can be unmade by man.

What the Bolivarian Revolution means in Venezuela is "Mission Conciencia," is disalienation, is self-creation, is making an emancipator, a (wo)man proudly walking in upright gait, with human worth and dignity, and not producing a being a "worm," a zombie, that forever bows, genuflects and sprawls at the stinking feet of Mammon, kissing the filth and blood of his war boots, or eagerly awaiting that his pope will soon arrive. in order to kiss away our soil, its natural and human reserves and resources.

As I stated in the commentary above: "The transformation of human labor into all-sided creative human activity is the ultimate aim of scientific socialism on a global scale. Only when World Socialism is attained, and World Capitalism totally destroyed, will alienation disappear from our galaxy."