Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2006

USA war crimes ... why do we allow these vultures to fetch us one by one?

To understand the underlying motive forces behind the current belligerent genocidal Israeli and United States wars in the Middle East, it is pertinent to refresh our politico-economic, transhistoric memory and out global class consciousness.

What is happening in the Mideast is not a simple isolated political vendetta, it concerns carefully planned military strategies, that were developed by Israel and the USA over decades and which concern oil, gas and water pipe lines, also power struggles to check-mate future competitors, by cutting off their energetic supplies in time.

Within this long view of history that concerns Rumsfeld's "long war," let us revise important past data.

Two years ago (September 12, 2004) in an article, "World energy crisis ... the Venezuelan context," I quoted Thomas E. Bearden who already at the turn of the millennium predicted the current macabre, absurd global energetic fiasco:

"Eerily, this very threat now looms in our not too distant future, due in large part to the increasing and unbearable stresses that escalating oil prices will elicit. So about seven years or so from now (in 2007), we will enter the period of the threat of the Final Armageddon, unless we do something very, very quickly now (in 2000), to totally and permanently solve the present 'electrical energy from oil crisis.' "

To save his beloved homeland, the United States of America, to rescue its military and industrial corporate complex from total economic collapse, that consumes 40% of world energy, and that has only about 11 years of domestic oil reserves to survive, Bearden illustrated "The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly"; inter alia, he wrote:

"To avoid the impending collapse of the world economy and/or the destruction of civilization and the biosphere, we must quickly replace much of the 'electrical energy from oil' heart of the crisis at great speed, and simultaneously replace a significant part of the 'transportation using oil products' factor also. In the name of all humanity, let us begin! Else by the time this first decade of the new millennium ends, much of humanity may not remain to see the second decade."

Exactly because Venezuela is one of the major oil-producing countries, which as a leading OPEC member supplies about 14% of US energetic needs, logically it becomes directly involved in all major imperialist and corporate conflicts, convulsions and contradictions. Among other political and social factors, this specific global situation has created and nurtured the popular Bolivarian Revolution itself, which already saved Venezuela's government and oil industry in 2002, and which beyond any doubt has to be classified and denigrated by the USA globally as being "terrorist" and "tyrannical." All across Europe, Canada and elsewhere, the main corporate mass media reproduce the news garbage that the national and North American "think tanks" consciously invent and disseminate as information war against Venezuela. This is part of psychological warfare that generally precedes direct military interventions, that is, modern, brutal imperialist conquest.

As such, as part of the "axis of evil" of the Bush military junta, Venezuela, like Iran, is progressively becoming a victim of the current raging "preemptive," fascist world wars, that is, of "full spectrum dominance."

Energy and oil resources, like atomic bombs, are becoming major arms of effective self-defense. The USA will think two times before attacking a country that has long-range missiles and atomic war-heads that could reach the White House.

Let us now look at the mammoth profits of some of the oil moguls and of their shareholders, who are directing and owning Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, British Petroleum, Total and ENI, and who never bothered to give Thomas Bearden or Michael Ruppert any serious hearing, and who never wanted to listen to anything that concerns the "free energy" of Nikolai Tesla. The only thing that the corporate industrial and military complex has in mind is how to make a "$1 billion profit a week," with army boots to tread on a billion corpses should it be necessary.

What interest these human generators of war crimes and genocide are gigantic profits. In an article published by Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald, we are being informed that "the world's biggest oil company, Exxon Mobil, made a profit of $A13.6 billion last quarter. That works out at $54 billion a year, or $1 billion profit a week. Last week, all five global oil giants reported their quarterly results and all told the same story: Royal Dutch $9.5 billion profit (up 40%); BP $9.5 billion (up 30%); ConocoPhillips, $6.8 billion (up 65%); and Chevron, $5.7 billion (up 19%). That's a collective quarterly profit of $45 billion -- almost $3.5 billion a week."

This is current world reality, only the $54 billion profits a year of a single oil company like Exxon Mobil already surpass the annual budgets of the whole African continent.

Now just imagine what would happen and what it would mean, if we should invite this super exploiting vampire to assist us in exploiting our oil reserves in the Orinoco Delta!

As we underlined in a previous commentary, thinking is relating, is contradicting events. We pointed out the coincidence in time of Iran trying to launch its own oil bourse, and the decision of the United States Federal Reserve to stop the publication of its M3 movements of money amounts.

* Also, in this case, there is a strange coincidence between the above announcements of the oil giants and the Israeli bombing of a power plant near Beirut that caused an immense oil spill.
* Similarly, there is a direct relation between the bombing of Lebanon and the inauguration of the Ceyhan-Tblisi-Baku (BTC) oil pipeline, which links the Caspian sea to the Eastern Mediterranean. This largest strategic pipeline in the world will pump more than a million barrels of oil to metropolitan markets.

In an excellent article, "The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil," Michel Chossudovsky explains this strange train of events:

"One day before the Israeli air strikes, the main partners and shareholders of the BTC pipeline project, including several heads of State and oil company executives were in attendance at the port of Ceyhan. They were then rushed off for an inauguration reception in Istanbul, hosted by Turkey's President Ahmet Necdet Sezer in the plush surroundings of the Çýraðan Palace. Also in attendance was British Petroleum's (BP) CEO, Lord Browne together with senior government officials from Britain, the US and Israel. BP leads the BTC pipeline consortium. Other major Western shareholders include Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, France's Total and Italy's ENI. "

And, one guess, who else was there?

Accompanied by a delegation of top oil experts, Israel's Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer!

However, Michel Chossudovsky informs us that "there is another dimension which directly relates to the war on Lebanon. Whereas Russia has been weakened, Israel is slated to play a major strategic role in 'protecting' the Eastern Mediterranean transport and pipeline corridors out of Ceyhan." (ibid.)

This is sufficient to indicate that the current war in the Middle East has very little to do with Israeli-Arab skirmishes, with Zionist hatred of Arabs, with international "terrorism," with the "right of self-defense" (Bush) or Anti-Semitism.

* It is a cold-blooded, carefully planned imperialist holocaust of Arab peoples, designed to conquer and capture oil reserves and to extend the sub-imperialist role of Israel as a watchdog of North American class interests in the Mediterranean, Gulf, Caspian and Baku regions.

The Middle East crisis is not a matter of weeks or months, but of a United States war crime planned decades ago

Finally, concerning the only way out of this apocalyptic global situation, as we know, capitalism and imperialism never gave socialist endeavors and Marxist experiments a minimum chance of proving their emancipatory value. The owners of the petroleum consortium know very well that socialism is their negation, that it would mean the end of capitalism and of socialism itself. To try to establish socialism within the world imperialist closed system, in an African ujamaa village, on a Caribbean island (Grenada) or in a bloc of states (Soviet Union) is not worth the human sacrifice; all this has failed already, we need not repeat past tragic experiments.

Also, an "economy of equivalence" or "computer socialism" is not precisely what billions of pauperized masses are dreaming about across the centuries. In any case, such a world order has no chance whatsoever to be established peacefully within the current framework of the aggressive, corporate world market.

To destroy the current world market of unequal exchange would cost billions of human lives, would leave a barren, scorched planet behind, void of oxygen, water and food.

Hence, also in Venezuela and Latin America, at first, we have to attend to primary things, to the creation of emancipatory conditions that could save a great part of the "wretched" from the bellicose, murderous claws of the Israeli-American "noble eagle." All other social classes had their fair share, according to Marx, it is now high time that the "obsolete" toiling workers also could capture the flesh-pots of Egypt, and relish the milk and honey flowing in the "promised land" of the "chosen" people.

This is the immediate historic project that is urgently necessary for the survival of mankind; without revolutionary Marxism we will never leave the caves of bourgeois, democratic hell, the obscure, neo-liberal vale of tears of "post-capitalist" reformism.

Hence, how can we seriously claim that scientific and philosophic socialism has failed? What failed were the caricatures that remained after the total imperialist onslaught against any seedling of a possible socialism, for example, the massacre of a million "communists" in Indonesia, with the "democratic" help of North American "foreign policy"!

It was the global, globalized multinationals and corporations, especially the "energetic" ones, that allowed the Pentagon and NASA to use the free electromagnetic energy from the vacuum of Nikolai Tesla to produce arms of mass destruction, to create HAARP, Pentagon aliens and "flying saucers," to explore the solar system. They never allowed known scientific knowledge to be used to solve the immediate energetic problems of existence of billions of impoverished masses. Chavez tries, insists that this should be done, this is why he is being minted as the next "black sheep" of global fascism, as the next "Fidel Castro," as the terrorist "Bin Laden," as the "root of all evil" on planet earth.

Surely, we have to solve our immediate, short term problems, but even they are dictated by transhistoric middle and long term processes and have far-reaching results; all over, the contradictory, global conflicts generate violent, modern class struggles. Chavez who is offering concrete energetic help to poor countries like Vietnam, Mali or Benin sends shock waves across the "United Nations," across the "Fourth Empire."

Symbolically, there is no problem in acquiring a seat in the security council of the United Nations, however, in reality such a post is just window-dressing ... as always, with its veto right, that has protected Israel for decades already, the USA always decides in favor of corporate imperialism.

Nonetheless, all over the globe, from Sri Lanka, to Nepal, to East Timor, to Somali, to Mexico, to Bolivia, dormant volcanoes are erupting all over and are threatening to set the whole imperialist, corporate prairie on fire.

In every sense of the term, urgently we have to arm ourselves, praxically and theoretically, to enter the horizons of permanent international revolution, towards total human emancipation.

Presently, one of the greatest, most fierce, most bloody battles is being launched by corporate America and Europe against humanity, against Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, against the "miserables" and the "wretched" of the earth.

The Global Empire in unity attacks us ... why do we allow these vultures to fetch us one by one.