Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2006

Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld: How to get rid of USA debts? Simply kill your creditors!

A few days ago, we were informed about "Bush Stalling 'At 12th Hour' Wanta $4.5 Trillion Deal To Improve American Economy," and that trillions of repatriated offshore money should urgently be returned to the homeland.

At the same time, we learned that in the USA there is "not a single Army Combat team left ready to deploy" and that "more than two-thirds of the Army National Guard's 34 brigades are not combat ready, mostly because of equipment shortages that will cost up to $21 billion to correct..."

Now, here in Venezuela, how far does such information concern us?

There are many discussions in Venezuela about urgently developing our own revolutionary ideology, about cultivating consciousness. But, what is consciousness, what is "conciencia," what is knowledge all about?

Do they concern the ad hoc accumulation of a mountain of data, shrubs and burning bushes, or of converting oneself into a walking Larousse? Do they concern the foundation of a galaxy of educational missions?

Certainly not.

We explained in other commentaries how across the millennia the various ruling classes, across beliefs, religion, ideology, lies, hoaxes, bad education, mass media and dis-socialization processes, in other words, by means of a perfect universal mental holocaust, had destroyed (and now more than ever, via mind and thought control technological gadgets, progressively are still destroying) the intellectual and thought potentialities of billions of human beings on planet earth, the most abominable fascist, Orwellian historic crime in the Milky Way.

What is social concerns relations, contradictions between the inner and outer world, and in the outer or inner world themselves. It is simply scientific reflection, rational thinking, thought, theory, philosophy. In emancipatory essence, social consciousness is the investigation and analysis of the modern, global, class struggle.

We can only think in relation, in contradiction, that is, dialectically. We can only relate two different things; there is no relation between "A is equal to A," in identicity. By thinking, of, by and for ourselves, we create and understand contradictions. We become aware of ourselves, of nature, of society, of history. We cultivate a memory, human, social and historic consciousness.

Especially by means of formal logics, religion and ideology, this mental creative ability has been damaged seriously across the last millennia, by labor, by the process of production, by capitalist and imperialist alienation.

If we talk in Venezuela about the"Mision Conciencia," this is what concerns us; anything else, void of class and historic consciousness, is simply the old, obsolete, ruling class, reformist, capitalist crap.

Now, let us see how we should apply historic consciousness, social relation, human contradiction and emancipatory memory to understand intellectually the current global state of affairs, our immediate dark future.

A year and a half ago, according to an article of the Associated Press of January 26, 2005, at the World Economic Forum, in Switzerland, a top Chinese economist Fan Gang had already stated categorically that "China has lost faith in the stability of the US dollar and its first priority is to broaden the exchange rate for its currency from the dollar to a more flexible basket of currencies."

Hitting another economic nail into Bush's coffin, Fan Gang, the director of the National Economic Research Institute at the China Reform Foundation, explained that "the issue for China isn't whether to devalue the yuan but 'to limit it from the US dollar' ... 'The US dollar is no longer -- in our opinion is no longer -- [seen] as a stable currency, and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time.' "

Here we note the trans-historic context of the two news reports mentioned above.

At the end of the year, in an article, "Cassandra warns: Venezuela, Beware of the Ides of March!," I gave more information about the state of affairs of the United States and of the World Economy in general:  I explained that: "the United States of America urgently needs a permanent influx of petrodollars as high as $US4 billion daily, to get its budget, debt and war accounts somehow straight."

At the same time, we made our readers aware of the strange coincidence that appeared on the bloody global United States and Israeli "shock and awe" horizon: while Iran was scheduling to begin trading oil for petro euros on its own Oil Bourse, the U.S. Federal Reserve was discontinuing its usual report of M3 money supply data, and does not publish any information anymore about its current and savings accounts, especially not about its deposits of euro dollars and repurchase agreements.

Meanwhile daily across the globe the central banks are depositing huge sums of money in euros, on the other hand, the dollar is being devalued permanently, and loses its petro base in geometric progression.

In other words, the USA does not inform us any more about its total economic bankruptcy, and therewith about the uncertain future of its corporate industrial and military complex, and of the world market itself.

In fact, the desperate conflicting treaties that the USA, Europe, Russia, India, Japan or China are signing among themselves show the extreme chaotic state of affairs, and the fears of the global powers among themselves.

They all know that for capitalism and imperialism, for humanity itself, jacta alea est!

What Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld are practicing on a world scale is an old trick, to get rid of your debts, just kill your creditors!

This is how global capitalism has been overcoming its worst crises until now, it launched intra-imperialist world wars, destroying infrastructures and hundred millions of obsolete, physical labor forces.

Furthermore, to understand the current burning crucible in the Mideast, we have to take the warnings of Thomas Bearden and Michael Ruppert (Peak Oil) for 2006/7 very seriously.

What once happened in Europe, when all the critical leftist and Marxist intellectuals had to flee from Nazism, to the USA, now from the USA many independent thinkers and scientists have to flee to Europe and elsewhere. In the USA the Nazi terrorist chickens are coming to their homeland, to their "Vaterland" to roost. By the "chosen people," in the Mideast, a new holocaust is being programmed. Will the victims, the "camel-drivers," ever receive reparation?

However, in the meantime, Big Brother is omnipresent, omnipotent, has constructed a totalitarian, authoritarian world order, and there remain very few havens left for the outcasts and unwanted "terrorists" of this world.

If we would read the United States "Project for a New American Century" and other similar documents again in detail, then definitely we could now picture imperialist "Vandalism in the Sky." over Palestine and Lebanon, and soon over Syria and Iran. If we would study Marx's "Capital" and the Marxist Theories of Imperialism conscientiously, especially concerning competition, elimination of competitors on a global scale, concentration, monopolization, geometric progression of pauperization on a world scale, militarization and world wars, depression and recession, if we would remember the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 1955 Indonesia Massacre of a million "communists," then we would get a macabre glimpse of what is awaiting the downtrodden and outcasts of the world within the next years. .

On February 19, 2006, among other possible acts of revolutionary praxis and self-defense, we stated that here in Venezuela, and in Cuba, at any moment we have to be fully prepared for any kind of terrorist, fascist, interventionist war:  "If we do not know how to defend ourselves, then urgently we have to take some historic lessons from Trotsky, Tito, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Fidel and Che, they all have showed us, in people's war, how to win militarily against great fascist powers armed to their very teeth.

We have to destroy the capitalist, imperialist, corporate world market, of which the USA is only a part, before it destroys humanity in its totality. Burning bushes, empty rum bottles, scorched rice fields and iron ladies come and go, what stays is a world order that exploits, dominates, discriminates, assassinates and alienates us."

In Venezuela, and elsewhere, we have to destroy the matrix of global misery, exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation, that is, the current labor process, capitalism and imperialism.

We have to replace them with creative, sane and healthy human relations, with scientific and philosophic socialism, that can only triumph on a global scale.

If we do not do this, all our emancipatory efforts will be in vain on this god forlorn, condemned planet.