Franz J.T. Lee, July, 2006

There is no pacific revolution ... the Venezuelan paradigm will cost many heroic lives...

A month ago, on June 15, 2006, in my article, "Bush: Iran and Venezuela, it is just a matter of 'weeks, not months!' ” I warned as follows:  "Urgently, the Bolivarian Revolution needs international solidarity against a common enemy, against Orwellian World Fascism. Probably too late the 40 million poor 'devils', the outcasts of North American opulent society in decadence and bankruptcy , will realize their fatal mistake of not having 'taken up arms against a sea of troubles' en masse, in time, of not having seen the global, corporate, fascist "troubles that do not coming in single file" but in bellicose 'battalions'."

I added that "It is high time that decent North America urgently resurrects Malcolm X, sets the North American prairie on human fire, and with a single spark gets rid of "good" rubbish, of the wild bush fire forever. Workers of the world, enjoy your World Cup, take heed, for all of us, according to Bush: it is just a matter of 'weeks, not months'!"

Two weeks later, on June 30, 2006, in my commentary "Right after the soccer World Cup Final, apocalyptic hell could break lose... "

I confirmed: "As I said, all what we need to know is that, in corporate, fascist, imperialism, business is global war, and war is global business! ... The global military stage is set: right after the soccer World Cup Final apocalyptic hell could break lose. The USA is in serious economic trouble, every day, when a dollar is being converted into an euro, is being devalued, Bush permanently sings the Swan's Song: Nearer My God to Thee!"

Over the past five years, in democratic solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, we have reported about the current metropolitan atrocities and future globalized terrorism against humanity. Concerning the current global fascism in the making, scientifically, we are happy to note that history itself has confirmed our wildest theories, scenarios and projections.

In no way, we consider our analyses and opinions as apocalyptic "writings on the wall," as Cassandra premonitions or even as ominous messages of Hob ... however, here in the vanguard of the Bolivarian Revolution, our own world outlook, our scientific logic and philosophic methods have enabled us to fight on the very revolutionary horizon of human emancipation.

In this creative spirit, briefly we will be highlighting some current global events, that are being spearheaded by the latest United States-German fascist coalition, by an emerging destructive Nazi quo vadis (sanctified by George Bush's imperial gratitude by cold-bloodedly kissing German Chancellor Angela Merkel on both cheeks), and by various anti-Arab belligerent acts that are escalating at an enormous velocity and at a breath-taking globalized pace, that barely can be perceived in its dangerous dimension by many a mind and thought controlled victim of savage "neo-liberalism," in fact, around the globe, by billions of wage-slaves, confused by ossified, formal logical, inculcated ideology, by unilateral, cloned "anti-terrorist" news and genetically engineered "information" about the menace Chavez, about the danger that lurks in Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela, and how the Bolivarians are a threat to "world peace."

However, first, a few words about scientific truth and ideological fiction in Venezuela and everywhere.

Daily, looking at TV, reading the regional and national newspapers ... the mouthpieces of the "opposition" in Venezuela ... it is heart-breaking to see the contemporary end results of centuries of colonial, educational bamboozling of the innocent, ignorant oppressed, of the enslaved social classes.

One is lucky to be able to see this at all, to still taste the freshness of truth, simply because one is (and was) there, has experienced the brutal military coup, has outlived the oil sabotage, saw everything, above all, one still has a memory, a historic class consciousness, knows what is the negation of capitalism, what is Marxism, class struggle.

Incredible is the level of sophisticated counter-revolutionary CIA training, of fascist psychology, of knowing how to revert truth and reality into hoaxes and ideological virtuality, that is, how to accuse others of what oneself is an expert in performing.

This alienating money nexus, this ideological pandemic, this psychological epidemic, this endemic pathology has penetrated the whole social capitalist fabric, it flows into the finest capillaries of educational and socialization structures and endeavors.

Without a radical cultural revolution, this capitalist and imperialist "plague" (Bolivar) can and will never be eradicated, be annihilated, not in Venezuela, not anywhere on capitalist earth.

In Orwellian Fascism, which Bush violently is globalizing now, the following is daily "news": War is Peace," "Freedom is Slavery." A liar becomes a saint, political fraud becomes democracy. An Adeco becomes a Chavista, a Dictator is being elevated to a Liberator. Chavez is being transformed into Bush, Negroponte into Albert Schweitzer and Rice into Mother Calcutta. Day by day, innocent millions who for ages are kept in ignorance, who do not know better, swallow this fascist crap hook, sinker and bait; they defend real existing global fascism with their very lives. Education, socialization and ideology work perfectly, take their toll on a global scale. The hundreds of letters to the editor that reach us confirm these symptoms of fascist mass psychology, of global mental pathology to the hilt.

Sad to say, as a result of eternal brain-laundering billions do not see that the dice is cast, that jacta alea est. They do not see, cannot grasp the New, New Creative Socialism!

But, facing the agony of the very species, they will have to wake up, and then we will know for whom the arms of mass destruction were produced, and who will be attacked by scramjets and atomic bombs, certainly neither the Dead Sea nor the Red Sea, neither Mars nor any extraterrestrial aliens. Historically, the obsolete useless British mad cows and the Chinese "Great March" have already blazed the bloody trail of "War is Big Business," and "Big Business is War."

This is the truth of what currently is happening in the Mideast!

Furthermore, whether we like it or not, more fresh than ever, Karl Marx and scientific and philosophic socialism (not the perverted caricatures of the negation of capitalism), are back, are here to stay.

The Bush military junta itself urgently woke them up from a deep century old slumber!

In the meantime, basically the world has not changed much, capitalism is just as exploitative, dominating, discriminatory, militarist and alienating as ever before; it has become stale and senile. There is nothing new about it anymore, so for good, let us get rid of this "Rubbish of the Millennium"!

As long as capitalism will exist Marx and Bolivar (and Chavez) always will be there. Now, even "good" capitalism and imperialism themselves have to invent "Marxism" as part of the "axis of evil," as "communism" or "terrorism," it just cannot survive, cannot globalize itself without its negation, without revolutionary Marxism.

What is happening currently on a world scale, mutatis mutandis Marx has predicted in his major work "Das Kapital" with remarkable scholarly incision and stringent precision. Any serious Marxist student could see that we are approximating the end of the capitalist mode of production, reaching the earthly limits of capital concentration, monopolization and centralization, of the organic composition of capital, of throwing physical labor out of production, and by replacing it with computers and machines, thus, producing a small class of "intellectual laborers," also of over-production and energetic crises, depression, devaluation and recession, generating the falling rate of profits, of the geometric progression of pauperization on a global scale, throwing whole continents into eternal misery.

By studying Marx, by emergency measures, by open fascism, by world wars, by arms industries, by the production of arms of mass destruction, by trying to escape from the mesocosmos to the micro- and macro-cosmos, corporate capitalism is trying to ward off its inexorable demise, but it is all in vain, the inherent exploitative, dominating, discriminating, militarist and alienating contradictions of capitalism cannot be deactivated, capitalism as a mode cannot be applied in the liberatory spheres that dawn on the horizon of human creation and emancipation. Faced with Hobson's choice, already facing its agony, world imperialism, corporate globalization, is currently more brutal than ever before.

This final capitalist vandalism and "vampirism" is what we see now on a world scale. The Bolivarian revolutionaries should urgently note the following: In reality, the real labor complex never was different, there are direct historical links between the burning slaves on the plazas of Miletus, the crucifixion of Spartacus, and the burning of Giordano Bruno on the stake, of beheading Maria Antoinette under the democratic, capitalist guillotine, the Massacre of a Million Communists in Djakarta, between Workuta, Hiroshima and Auschwitz, and the "Twin Towers," "April 11-14, and the planned current murderous attacks on Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

There is no pacific revolution, the Venezuelan paradigm will cost many heroic lives.

In the "Communist Manifesto," Marx and Engels described the historical, dialectical process of the brutal auto-realization and of the criminal self-destruction of the bourgeois, capitalist, democratic French Revolution, in a word, of Globalization. They were among the first theoreticians of the inexorable process of globalized fascism.

Now, let us follow the current death trails of "Big Brother."

The self-anointed super power, USA, acts as Orwellian "Big Brother" ... as the Savior of Freedom and Democracy. Everywhere it dictates what is to be done, but it never allows others (for example, Iran or Venezuela) to "do it as I do it!": to stockpile arms of mass destruction, to arm oneself to the teeth.

Naturally and socially, that mankind is heading straight towards global disaster, this is practically certain already. As Marx predicted, the master-slave relations on earth are running wild, beyond ruling class control itself, not even a reformed United Nations, not even an emasculated rotative seat in its "security" council, could stop the coming world fascism. The productive labor process of past centuries has converted itself into its opposite, into a mode of self-destruction, into coming "barbarism" (Marx).

What is more barbaric than the United States military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Who could have stopped these war criminals who are currently doing their utmost worst to annihilate innocent, impoverished humanity?

Surely: Neither the United Nations, nor the Pope, nor God, nor Bush himself can stop the inexorable planetary conflagration between violated Nature and perverse Society!

Only true, real creative emancipation still has an infinitesimal chance.

* Where is the ultima ratio for all these "preventive" invasions, for their fabricated pretexts?
* Standing above morality, international laws and treaties, does Capital, that is, Big Brother Bush really need any pretext at all?
* However, should it be necessary, then the Almighty, together with his CIA, NGOs, foundations, petro-dollars, lackeys, stooges, Quislings, mercenaries, death squads, WMDs and mass media, can create as many pretexts as he wishes.

The foreign policy of the USA is overloaded with such "pretexts": Pearl Harbor, 9/11, human trafficking, drug trafficking, secret installations to produce atomic bombs, terrorists, anything for that matter.

Iran evaded all these traps, because it knows that the issue at stake has little to do with the production of nuclear power or weapons. It concerns Big Business, Iran's Oil Bourse, the devaluation of the US dollar, the huge debts of the USA, the loss of US world hegemony, the weakening or elimination of the great competitors, like Europe or China, or even of "Eurasia," and cutting off their natural and energetic resources.

Hence, the attacks against Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine or even North Korea, or the divide et impera conflict between Pakistan and India, do not form the real thing. The truth is being veiled very carefully with military ideology, realpolitik and political lies, by the Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda myths. These artificially produced or carefully stoked conflicts in the Mideast form the prologue to the real global war. This tactic can clearly be seen in the current conflict in the Mideast. Israel is being used as the imperialist pawn and paw to carry out the dirty work for Uncle Sam and his powerful Jewish "lobby" in the Bush regime.

Who still believes that wars are being declared because "a beautiful face that could launch a thousand ships" is being kidnapped, could safely believe that the current war and massacres in the Mideast were brought about because two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped.

However, a student of Marxism, any brain with a minimum of intelligence knows that this is crap, and that the military actions, planned by the Pentagon and NATO ... by using their loyal imperialist bulwark, Israel ... are carried out to destroy Iran's front line of defense, in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, in order to attack Iran more easily in the end.

At any event, objectively, the "pretext" is there, but the moment may not be "ripe" as yet. Iran warned Israel not to invade Syria, because it would not tolerate such a military act, and that it would set the Mideast boiling cauldron on fire, generating oil prices per barrel far beyond $80. Already now the situation in the Mideast is tumbling the stock markets in Europe and America. Even North Korea has warned the USA, and the USA has warned China. This is an exceedingly volatile international situation.

Like in the case of Iraq, the very CIA does not know for sure the whereabouts of the so-called atomic installations. Some US generals even fear another fiasco like current Iraq. However, if that what the Bush administration claims exists at all, then, what would happen if these installations are distributed all across Iran, in heavily populated centers? Will the Pope and the United Nations sanction this low intensity atomic war, this Arab genocide, this Nazi holocaust, just to please the corporate whims and caprices of the Bush military junta and its "Jewish lobby"?

Meanwhile HAARP seems to be very active in southern Iran, near the island where the future oil bourse will function. This time an earthquake hit the city of Khonj in the southern province of Fars..

In the myopic eyes of Northern metropolitan racism, of Apartheid and Zionism, are the lives of two Israeli soldiers worth more than hundred thousands of massacred Iraqi, Irani and Palestinian children and women suffering and dying, as the result of permanent military attacks, of the mortal effects of the mother of all bombs, of bunker busters?

In self-defense of Arab victims, except the Miami tourists and feudal Templars, today who would dare to invade Disney Land and the Holy City?

Marx was right, in capitalism, the life of a laborer, of a human ware, is not worth a farthing; a barrel of oil is worth thousands of lives. At least in Pushkin, President Vladimir Putin still assured us that oil will remain as the major source of energy for the next 50 years. Surely the Russian president has heard about Nikolai Tesla. Soviet Russia has applied his technology and electromagnetic free energy in various experiments.

But, as we know, business is business, Russia will be allowed by Big Brother to enter the World Trade Organization (WTO).

* What will Putin give in return?
* Stop selling arms to Venezuela?
* Will humanity survive that long, for 50 years?
* How long will Bush's new friend, India, tolerate the high oil price?

Why Bush's ultimatum of a week to China, like a child, to tell the sovereign state, North Korea, to behave? Big Brother wants to introduce his double standard behavior patterns in Asia? What does Japan mean by a preemptive attack against North Korea? It seems that apart from Germany the Bush doctrine is also bearing fruits in Japan, in Asia. Certainly China will not permit 4th of July atomic fireworks on the Great Wall.

Furthermore, did we forget that China and Russia have signed military agreements, that they, together with India and Pakistan, are also nuclear powers?

Also, we ought to know that China has severe energetic problems, suffers hunger and famine, and cum grano salis has just reached the economic and technological stage of development of the metropolitan countries in the seventies. Surely, Russia, with its enormous resources, still is cultivating super power daydreams. Hence, it is not interested in signing any global "Energy Chart," or to declare its oil as "Property of Humanity."

Like in the case of Amazonia, this would mean giving Bush a Christmas gift.

On the other hand, according to the "Project for a New American Century," all over Asia, even in the Pacific, the American military forces are stationed ready to capture anything that Washington D.C. would need to survive for a couple more decades. This is the core of the matter, in Europe and Asia we find the real "axis of evil," the competitors for world hegemony. Chavez and Venezuela, although they are necessary to solve the energetic crisis of North America, in fact, like Cuba, by the powerful international mass media are ideologically being transformed into global scapegoats, into "terrorists," into a typical fascist mechanism, to hide the real imperialist plans of global conquest, of globalization.

The G8 meeting is not accidentally in Russia, and the continuation of the Mideast furnace, at least secretly, will be decided at that meeting. The planned visits of President Hugo Chavez Frias to the Far East, now excluding North Korea, indicate that the sign of the times is on heavy storms and tornadoes.

The United States now already is taking over all the major characteristics of Nazi Germany and of Apartheid South Africa. Due to the tense international situation and the severe chaotic crises within the imperialist world system, we will experience not only magnified State violence in the name of "democracy," but also very strange class alliances.

The return of Marx is not accidental, orthodox, reformist or fundamentalist. It is a very serious logical, scientific and philosophic issue, it is because the objective, subjective and "transjective" historical conditions are given for the realization, that is, the annihilation of the French Revolution. Globalization, as predicted by Marx and Engels in 1848, is this realization of the Industrial Revolution, is the logical, inexorable culmination of the mode of production of capitalism. If its negation would triumph, then we could take the road of true socialism, towards an exodus, towards creative emancipation. If the global proletarian revolutionary experiment should fail, then humanity is doomed to extinction, then according to Marx, both the affirmation (capitalists) and the negation (workers) will end up in barbarism, will vanish as intergalactic stardust, leaving a desolate planet behind, as an eternal remembrance of ruling class egoism, arrogance, ignorance and avarice.

One thing is certain, for Iran and Venezuela, towards the end of this year a belligerent nightmare is brewing, which could have apocalyptic effects.

Bush has lit a fire in the Mideast, that will inflame even the Far East, and which could spark off Latin America, and may wipe the very United States of America off the map of world hegemony.

Marx and Engels gave us the general key towards emancipatory self-defense: Workers' Nations of the World, Unite!

This is also the current revolutionary clarion call of President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela to the World.

Bolivarians, the creative New, that is, world socialism we will have to construct and think anew all by ourselves.