Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2006

Right after the soccer World Cup Final, apocalyptic hell could break lose...

Against ideological, metaphysical and religious "absolute truths," already William Shakespeare gave us the corresponding flowing, over-flowing remedy:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
-- From Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

Without the ideological, formal logical idee fixe of a thing, as originally coined by Hector Berlioz in his symphonie fantastique, no ruling class indoctrination, no Nazi manipulation, ever would have been possible. Our intra-systemic official logic, our languages, our methods of education, socialization, reasoning and thinking all nurture and cultivate a dualistic, binary, bi-cameral master-slave mentality, which does not serve enlightenment, truth and knowledge.

Did you and I know that the Pentagon project DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) exists and is providing a new technology that uses "neural implants to study the way sharks move, smell, and sense their environment?"

And, they have plenty more military projects to use against the Bolivarian Revolution in the near future:

In our educational Missions, what do we know about Scramjets or HAARP?

A year ago, in an article "Towards developing a new science and philosophy for the Bolivarian Revolution" I have already explained how Cartesian rational doubt, how "dubito, cogito, ergo sum," I doubt, I am thinking, therefore, I exist ... (originally formulated by Augustine of Hippo in his De Civitate Dei, Book XI, 26) ... has been wiped out of our existence, how the "Polynesian Syndrome" is operating in Venezuela and elsewhere, and how across the centuries the Mental Holocaust and the Capitalist Moloch progressively have been (and are still) devouring our minds and souls.

Yes, contemporary Horatio, there are many more things everywhere than those which ideologically and religiously have been hammered, imprinted and inscribed into our delicate, innocent minds. These are the half-truths, white lies and hoaxes which the "damned" (Frantz Fanon), the "miserables" (Victor Hugo) and the "downtrodden" (Jesus Christ) globally defend with their very lives. There was nobody else to teach and tell them the truth. It is pertinent that the Bolivarian Revolution tackles these chimeras and spooks in the minds of our children and that it eradicates their alienating, religious roots.

This is what the "Chavistas without Chavez" can never banish from their golpista modus operandi, from their CIA-infiltrated, paramilitary citadels, this is the brain-wrecking ideology that many Bolivarians cannot easily ostracize from their revolutionary modus vivendi.

With very few exceptions, this is the alma mater.

* This is what produced reactionary student leaders like Nixon Moreno, what fills the books, the libraries, the curricula, the faculties, the universities of the whole globe.
* This is what we read in the major local, national and international mass media.
* This is the "informative" strychnine that clouds our minds, the whole globe.
This is what obstructs the Human, the New, the Creative, the Emancipatory.
* Venezuela: if we do not doubt, do not question, do not think, how could we expect to exist as revolutionaries at all?

Only when we think, when we inter-relate events in reality can we see the real princes of darkness, the true four princes of global apocalypse, can we know what is coming, what world fascism has in mind for all of us, for 6 billion obsolete, manual, toiling laborers. In the case of a USA victory, as all the CIA manuals indicate, the local and national "opposition" will be eliminated and replaced by foreign, opulent, completely brainwashed, loyal Venezuelan lackeys, currently still exiled in Miami and elsewhere.

Hence, the "Chavistas without Chavez" better rethink their counter-revolutionary roles, they also have a world to lose.

Now, let us briefly just light up the international landscape to see the grim fascist panorama.

Instead of running like hungry highly infested street dogs behind United States ambassadors, Sumate, National Endowment Funds, Petkoff, the CIA, Nixon Moreno or paramilitary killers, the youth, the students, the concrete hope of mankind, have seriously to study "globalization" in its entirety.

Urgently, before the protracted asymmetric city and jungle guerrilla war, the "Hundred Years War, begins, scientifically, we have to see the individual trees, philosophically, we have to know the forests, however, far more important, creatively we have to defend Amazonia. The Yankees are in there already. If we know all this, then we could see our contemporary world reality, and can begin our "long march," the long overdue military defense.

We should never forget that whatever the Northern, Western "discoveries," Conquest, militarization, pacification, genocide and civilization have brought to our continents, here in our latitudes they never were Christian in its original version, and even if they were so, well, then by now at the very latest, knowing our Christian, anti-communist oligarchs and religious, catholic, ideologues, we definitely want absolutely nothing to do with such a "generation of vipers," with such a pedigree of European, colonial Christianity!

The past death squads and mercenaries did not have an inkling of religious or human mercy. The coming, global, globalized barbarians and vandals will be zillion times worse!

Let us just spotlight some apocalyptic scenes of our immediate reality: North Korea is testing its next long range missile that could deliver atomic heads as breakfast right to the homeland of President Bush. Immediately Big Brother has already activated his anti-missiles shield.

Meanwhile, in a much bigger operation than here in the Caribbean, huge United States military maneuvers, involving warships, are currently taking place in the Pacific, accompanied by the Australian invasion of oil-rich East Timor.

Across the scalar waves, using Tesla technology, the PENTAGON projects HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) and DARPA are running at full speed: Like never before, all over, in and near the "axis of evil" we have earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere, not a week to relax.

Over the last two weeks, earthquakes have become "daily bread" in Iran. In the Mideast, having forgotten the holocaust, Israel acts as Bush's world Nazi paw, attacking Palestine and terrorizing Syria, thus it is definitely paving the road towards future attacks on Iran, and a general global conflagration.

Here in Latin America, in Venezuela, Sumate suspended the primary elections, a day after a strange power black-out affected all western states, including Merida. Nixon is still on the run, but Globovision knows where to interview him.

Furthermore, silently, the USA and Paraguay are also holding joint military exercises in Amazonia, on which Uncle Sam has a very big eye. Plan Colombia and political conspiracy in Zulia, covered up by coming presidential elections inexorably continue their bloody trail.

The global military stage is set: right after the soccer World Cup Final apocalyptic hell could break lose.

The USA is in serious economic trouble, every day, when a dollar is being converted into an euro, is being devalued, Bush permanently sings the Swan's Song: Nearer My God to Thee!