Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2006

Corporate fascism: War has become global business and business a global war!

Using the oil bonanza of the moment creatively, President Hugo Chavez Frias and his democratic government are renovating Venezuela's already obsolete military weapons of self-defense, while 'Big Brother' is demonstrating his bellicose snarl, his military superiority in the international waters right in front of the door of Miraflores.

At the same time, Evo, Fidel and Chavez are preparing themselves for a united self-defense scheme, for protracted guerrilla struggle, for a possible "Hundred Years War" (Chavez).

However, also this implies modern scientific knowledge and philosophic planning, to know the enemy, his weapons, his infernal brutality. To win, means to be superior. Now let us look at the latest military fair of global fascism.

Surprisingly, a few nights ago, British TV informed us about the existence of a secret United States airbase in or near Scotland. Of course, precisely because it is "secret," it could be situated anywhere on the globe ... for example, near HAARP in Alaska, underground in Los Alamos or in Area 51, 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

However, we are told that the US Air Force is using the remote British Royal Air Force (RAF) base at Machrihanish, Strathclyde. The RAF radars confirm that this "stealth" object (probably an UFO constructed by Pentagon Aliens using Tesla Technology) is traveling at speeds ranging from about Mach 6 to Mach 3.

Of course, at the eve of an already roaring fascist military-economic global war ... aimed at conquering world hegemony for the whole 21st century with Machiavellian criminal methods at any human cost ... that barely uses huge ground armed forces anymore, even occult bellicose secrets have become outdated. Now suddenly they appear in the international mass media of massive ideological manipulation.

In fact, this perfectly serves United States belligerent intimidating purposes, especially for diatribal propaganda of the Goebbels Nazi caliber. Even British TV now knows that an United States stealth aircraft with extraordinary deadly precision ... using Global Positioning System and the latest war technology of guiding missiles by satellite (probably also Tesla technology) ... can deliver all sorts of weapons of mass destruction weighing up to two tonnes within thirty minutes with an accuracy of two meters straight to its genocidal target ... for example, to any government palace of any obstreperous "dictator."

A while ago (October 15, 2004), in a VHeadline commentary, concerning "Occult Physics, Tesla Technology and the World Energy Crisis," I wrote: "Although many of us are not experts in Occult Physics, Ufology, Tesla Technology or Global Oil Politics, nonetheless, these things directly affect our daily lives ... they even concern the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America. Consequently, for all of us, it is of ultra-importance to have some cognitive notions about decisive world events that generally, for obvious reasons, do not appear in the daily headlines of the international news."

Later on February 9, 2006, I asked the following decisive question: "About concrete reality, what do millions of Venezuelans and North Americans know about the real Pentagon Aliens, the Scramjets, nanobots, HAARP in Alaska, the NASA "Flying Saucers" over The Andes, even over Iran, and especially about what is going on ... for decades already ... in Area 51 in the Nevada Desert or in Los Alamos; why are strange things departing and landing in Los Alamos, also, why the big noise under the ground?"

Weeks later, on March 31, 2006, concerning the fact that "The United States is not only bankrupt ... it is totally corrupt!" I explained the current state of international affairs as follows:

"In globalization, the situation has changed drastically, such pain-killers like printing bank notes will not function anymore. The latter do not consume and hence produce no surplus value, no profits. Furthermore, only about 2% of the total workers on a global scale, mainly the labor intelligentsia, produce the lion's share of expensive goods like arms of mass destruction, sophisticated military hard- and soft- ware, space ships, satellites, invisible atomic submarines or scramjets."

Now, for laymen in modern physics, what is Area 51 traditionally all about, and what are the relation between Pentagon UFOs and Scramjets? Here, in a brief commentary we can just mention the most relevant highlights.

However, experts know that Area 51, Groom Lake, is a secret United States military facility, situated north of Las Vegas. The number "51"refers to "a 6-by-10-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss. ... Groom Lake is America's traditional testing ground for 'black budget' aircraft before they are publicly acknowledged. In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed on a Las Vegas television station that he had worked with alien spacecraft at Papoose Lake, south of Area 51. Since then, 'Area 51' has become a popular symbol for the alleged US Government UFO cover-up."

Now, what is a "ramjet" or "scramjet"? Are they flying across Scotland?

Wikipedia informs amateurs in physics as follows: "A scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) is a variation of a ramjet where the flow of the air and combustion of the fuel air mixture through the engine happen at supersonic speeds. This allows the scramjet to achieve greater speeds than a conventional ramjet which slows the incoming air to subsonic speeds before entering the combustion chamber. Projections for the top speed of a scramjet engine (without additional oxidiser input) vary between Mach 12 and Mach 24 (orbital velocity). By way of contrast, the fastest conventional air-breathing, manned vehicles, such as the U.S. Air Force SR-71, achieve slightly more than Mach 3.2. (Rockets achieved Mach 30+ during Apollo.)"

The decisive research knowledge to determine the exact identification of the new United States military "unidentified flying object," especially of its engines, is unknown, however, it is most likely, judged by the data given by the British TV, to be at least Mach 5 for a pure scramjet, with higher Mach numbers 7-9 for a higher invention, that accelerates it to tremendous supersonic speeds.

However, as we stated in previous articles, which dealt with various scientific discoveries in diverse disciplines of official and occult physics, inter alia, of Thomas Bearden, Alexey Titarenko and William Lyne, this acceleration of the engines could be achieved by using Tesla technology, already discovered at the end of the 19th century.

In a general remark, William Lyne stated yesterday: "If this is so, then that would require an aircraft WHICH AT THE VERY LEAST WOULD TRAVEL 12,500 mph.  I don't know of any 'conventional' aircraft --- i.e., jet-propelled --- which can operate at that speed, so that leaves only the UFO."

Within the field of high-tech warfare and sophisticated militarism, the United States is way ahead as compared to official general knowledge, nowadays still taught at public schools and universities. As i said previously, currently in global fascism, war has become global business, and business is a global war.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is pertinent for the Bolivarian Revolution, for Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, and the world, that are interested in the global class war, in the world war of classes, to innovate, renovate and revolutionize their emancipatory praxis and theory of self-defense by all means necessary.

We will not topple world fascism with bare hands, empty skulls and prayers. It chose the way, the battlefield, we have to confront this terror and violence with the appropriate weapons.

Hence, Venezuela, In corporate fascism, war has become global business, and business a global war.