Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2006

Bush ... Iran, it is just a matter of "weeks, not months”!

Let us comment very briefly the revolutionary implications of some interesting news items that appeared over the past few days, and which perfectly reflect the current dangerous panorama for human survival and global emancipation.

Since ages, the most effective weapon that was used against the revolts of the toiling slaves, serfs and workers was the cultivation of fear as a central dominating instrument of body, mind and thought control.

Fear, awe, the wrath of the gods, of Zeus, Jahwe, Hitler, Bush, was implanted into the very hearts and souls of the oppressed outcasts of opulent ruling class society.

Spiritual terrorism, genuflection in front of the god-men, instilling social awe and military fear, has always been the dominating quintessence of any State, of ruling class oppression and tyranny, including that of the dictatorship of the few over the many, of the so much glorified capitalist "democracy" (Lenin).

Before, in feudalism, by metaphysically inventing the Second Death or Hell, Roman Catholicism, the overlords of the Inquisition, the Dominican Order, the Papacy and later the Vatican could control the slaves and serfs. As part of the colonial pan et circenses, in the arena of absolutism, they themselves eventually preferred rather to be quartered by their masters in this world, in order to gain everlasting life in the hereafter. Across the ages, it is incredible what heinous crimes against humanity Europe had committed in the name of God, of religion, of crusades.

In spite of this mental holocaust, of the brutal Conquest, till this very day, as a result of religious mind and thought control, millions of the "wretched of the earth" (Fanon) still believe that the European missionaries came and brought us wonderful religious Christmas gifts.

By means of religious fear, of this mental torture, of divine terrorism, chattel slavery and feudal barbarism were perpetuated in Europe and elsewhere. Even in modern capitalism itself, especially in globalization, this "sigh of the oppressed creature" is still being used to sabotage working class consciousness, the modern globalized class struggle. One just need to look at the globe around "Holy Week" to see collective alienation and human misery.

Here in Venezuela the very last thing that the Bolivarian Revolution is studying at this very moment is precisely the class struggle, that was discovered long before the birth of any Marxist, socialist or communist. In fact, long before the birth of Jesus Christ, in the Old Testament of the very Holy Bible we could find severe clashes of social classes, ancient class struggles. Miletus, the birthplace of capital and Western philosophy, was shaken by perennial bloody revolts of the slaves, who were massacred and burnt on the plazas of the wealthy Ionian cities, as the historic result of fierce class struggles, that happened 500 years before "Holy Mary" and Joseph ever saw the divine light, before "Christian socialism" ever was born.

Nowadays, once more, globalization is intensifying the weapon of "shock and awe," of "full spectrum dominance," of nuclear threats, of ·Arab" and "Bin Laden" phantoms, of military maneuvers in the Caribbean, like in the case of Libya, to terrorize the Bolivarian Revolution and Iran into passive and pacifist submission. We are being forced to dance to the political rhythm of Republican whims and caprices of Big Brother's military and industrial corporate complex.

After all, seen from the "black and white" formal logical perspective, today still we are "half-devil, half-child" (Kipling), that is, if we as "good children of god" do not listen to our great god-man, George, who walks and talks daily with his god, then certainly we will be "punished" by means of lethal fireworks, by a 4th of July orchestrated political circus, highlighted by low intensity atomic bombs, as ordained by the United Nations, and if necessary blessed by the Holy See.

Hence, via the mass media, we are being informed that "US president George W Bush said on Friday that Iran had “weeks, not months” to agree to freeze sensitive nuclear activities or face UN Security Council punishment." On the other hand, we are also being told that "an Iranian official on Friday confirmed that the country has stepped up its nuclear activities, following a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that said the country has accelerated uranium enrichment."

About what is really happening, that anybody with brains could easily fathom, in the mass media scarcely anything is being said. Production of atomic energy for peaceful domestic purposes is not really the main issue at stake. Currently very few countries, that use or produce atomic energy ... like Germany, Japan or Sweden ... have limited "peaceful" non-military nuclear projects. As far as capitalism is concerned, atomic energy is an expensive form of energy that does not pay. In reality, developing atomic weapons was (and today more than ever is) the only logical means to force the arrogant, aggressive USA somehow to respect the sovereignty of other countries and peoples.

This President Lula Da Silva of Brazil had stated clearly, when he spoke about the "class war" between South and North.

The crux of the current United States information war simply concerns the trillions dollars of United States fiscal deficit, the trillions of internal and external debt, the energy crisis, oil, dollars, petro-dollars, petro-euros and the coming oil bourses of Iran and Russia, that is, the advent of new imperialist powers on the global horizon. In other words, it concerns the coming total collapse of the North American war economy, of war as global business, of business as world war, the coming devaluation of the US dollar, the current massive printing of worthless paper greenbacks, and finally, the coming domestic riots and brutal terrorist repression in the USA itself.

In another very interesting article, "Beware the new Goths are coming," Peter Almond tells us about the coming "barbarism" (Marx) and North American vandalism:

" ONE of Britain’s most senior military strategists has warned that western civilization faces a threat on a par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire. In an apocalyptic vision of security dangers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry said future migrations would be comparable to the Goths and Vandals while north African "barbary" pirates could be attacking yachts and beaches in the Mediterranean within 10 years."

Apart from brandishing permanently the "Bin Laden," Arab 'Damocles Sword', in reality this article is intended to instill an inferno, as stated above, an endless fear in the minds of the reactionary European and North American middle classes and of the dwindling labor aristocracy,

In Southern Germany, the mainly Roman Catholic wage slaves are used to their Swabian consumerist slogan: "Schaffe, schaffe, Haeusle baua, dann verrecka!" (Toil, toil, build your little house, then die!) The only way to escape from this globalized Labor Moloch was to go on summer holidays towards the warm South, in the Mediterranean region, to Ibiza or Mallorca.

However, soon by the thousands, marauding "nigger" vandals, the barbarian "new Goths" from the South, will be invading their sacred pastime places, their holy recreation centers, and will be spoiling their well-deserved "Urlaub" (vacation): "Third World instability would lick at the edges of the West as pirates attacked holidaymakers from fast boats. 'At some time in the next 10 years it may not be safe to sail a yacht between Gibraltar and Malta," said the admiral.' "

In this spirit, the author reports about the new myth, about the coming global waves of feared African, Asian and American migrations of millions of the "wretched of the earth" towards the "flesh-pots" of the North, in their struggle for survival, after having been thrown out of the process of production because their physical labor has become obsolete already. In reality, the root of the real apocalyptic problem is not being touched, also not that their "final solution" is already under way, that is, the physical elimination of poverty, annihilation of the poor themselves.

Washington D.C. historically never cared about the lives of millions of world citizens, why should it care about "marauding cattle" ready to be slaughtered in the interests of United States geopolitics and economic survival.

However, in the same way as the metropolitan consumers of oil, especially the USA, Japan, Germany, France and Britain ... which constitute the global parasitic Moloch that devours and wastes half of the world's current production of energy ... have their own oil stock markets, NYMEX (New York) and IPE (London), a fortiori, the major producers of oil also have the right to copy them, to establish their own oil bourses. Furthermore, in 1973, in the same manner as the arrogant, aggressive bully, the USA unilaterally and independently broke away from the gold standard and changed over to a world currency of petro-dollars, now in 2006 likewise Russia and Iran freely can change over any moment from the petro-dollar to the petro-euro, and could even establish their own oil bourses and international currencies. Other countries have the same democratic right to self-determine their own future, that the bankrupt United States war economy is threatening now.

In this way the "axis of evil" and its future members are beginning to understand the zeitgeist (the spirit of the epoch) of globalization.

On June 5, UPI informed us from Tehran that "the Iranian Oil Bourse nearly is ready to open ... (that it) will be established in phases; following discussions of the first phase, rules and bylaws involving the establishment, running, equipping and opening of the bourse will be negotiated."

Rajinder Puri, in his article, "Will US, Iran plunge the world into crisis?," indicates what problems globalized imperialism has produced and which in "Eurasia" could ignite devastating atomic wars:

"How are distortions left behind by imperialism to be resolved? By creating pluralist democratic societies accommodating all groups? Or by redrawing maps to protect ethnic and cultural identities? The latter option would create upheavals. Protesting Kurds abound in Iraq, Iran and Turkey. This debate affects the future of South Asia. Kashmiris are contiguously located in India and Pakistan, Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Tamils in Sri Lanka and India, Bengalis in Bangladesh and India, Punjabis in India and Pakistan. With time this issue will gain urgency. How it is settled will determine the shape of the new world order. That is what America and Iran are struggling to resolve."

None of the big national and international media of mass communication will tell us the truth about the health of our planet, will explain to us how capitalism, colonialism, "real, existing socialism," fascism, imperialism and globalization have brought about the present human tragedy. In fact, the only real solution left is either to root out this mode of production, this world order of self-destruction, by immediate radical measures, or otherwise ... to continue with this current global reality, with senseless face-lifting and bare-faced reformism, with class consensus, with treason and treachery against the workers of the world, with "democratic" vandalism, with coming decades of genocidal world wars.

Concerning coming global fascism the scientific writing on the human wall of woe clearly predicts: planetary human rotting away in geometric progression, its moribund stench, Bush and Rumsfeld have already disseminated across Afghanistan and Iraq, now within !weeks" they want to set the whole Middle East on fire.  If this megalomania, these war crimes against humanity will not be halted immediately, across a long period of horrible death agony, billions will perish inexorably as a result of belligerent man-made hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, droughts, hunger, misery, poverty, ignorance, intoxication, pollution, pestilence, plagues, miscarriages, production and birth or human monsters and of radio activity.

The weapons of mass destruction to bring this about are currently stockpiled in the USA.

Who dares to go and inspect them?

What we are talking about here began long ago, with two intra-imperialist world wars, with fascism, the true face of capitalism in crisis, with the merciless throwing of atomic bombs on innocent people, women and children in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, It continued with the massacres of Afghanistan and Iraq, it will continue with Iran and eventually will spill over into the very metropolitan countries.

Probably too late the 40 million poor "devils," the outcasts of North American society, will realize the mistake of not having "taken up arms against a sea of troubles" en masse, in time, of not having seen the global, corporate, fascist "troubles that are not coming in single file" but in bellicose "battalions."

It is high time that North America urgently resurrects Malcolm X, sets the North American prairie on fire, and with a single spark get rid of "good" rubbish, of the wild bush fire forever.

Workers of the world, enjoy your World Cup, take heed, for all of us, according to Bush: it is just a matter of "weeks, not months”!