Franz J.T. Lee, May, 2006

Like never before, Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution is in immediate danger!

Immune to all ruling class ideology and religion, a very sober, general scientific view at the history of the life and death struggles of all species on our planet over the last six million years, of the forefathers of the chimpanzees versus those of homo sapiens, and, also a sane philosophic world outlook with reference to our labor fons et origo, of the generator of its alienating, self-destructive forces, its current global fascist quo vadis, really could throw revolutionary light on the immense tasks of the contemporary Bolivarian Revolution. In Venezuela.

Until now the Northern conquerors have written only their history and have imposed it violently on us.

Urgently a real historic analysis, the book of our true history, of "Humania of the South," has to be written, to serve not as biblical "apocalypse" but as emancipatory guide, as the creative book of exodus for revolutionary praxis and theory.

Here in a brief editorial we cannot accomplish this urgent mammoth task but we have written a lot already about the novel praxis and the innovative theory of our Venezuelan emancipatory paradigm. In the immediate past, very critically, we have warned about the human vices and dangers that threatens this tender and delicate red flower, scorched by its inherited capitalist practice and inherent imperialist ideology, by political traitors and CIA infiltrators everywhere.

However, without offending anybody ad hominem let us look frankly and critically at our current situation.

Once before, I said that not oil or the euro but the Truth is the Achilles' Heel of the United States Empire. This is also valid for us, for the Bolivarian Revolution. In fact, the Truth must become our torch, our clarion call, our sword, our quill!

However, some "comrades" even dare to hide the Truth from President Chavez himself!

However, who registers the Truth daily is the sovereign, the people, and they talk, they become enraged, they are the "bravo pueblo."

Only by knowing the Truth, our Bolivarian Revolution could ever liberate anybody, could emancipate us.

The latter vice and crime against humanity ... a special hobby of the United States ruling classes since the days of yore ... is the result of centuries of imperialist and oligarchic physical slavery and of a refined mental holocaust ... called education and socialization of the children of this world ... since centuries mercilessly launched against the delicate brains of all the future toiling slaves of the globe.

Before the Bolivarian Revolution came into power, millions of workers, peasants and unemployed living mainly in the "cerros" (shanty towns and ghettos) of 20th century Venezuela, both capitalist evils mentioned above were culturally very carefully nurtured by the subservient mechanisms and by the psychological machinations of United States directed puntofijismo, that is, of oligarchic corporeal bondage and of neo-liberal spiritual tutelage of millions of laboring Venezuelans.

Because the Bolivarian Revolution has not yet generated a necessary radical cultural revolution, that is able to grasp ideological opium, metaphysical strychnine and religious straw at their very radix, at their social, feudal and capitalist roots, all these customs, traditions, norms and rites, all the lies, theft and murder drives, inculcated over the centuries unconsciously and subconsciously into our very souls still govern the behavior patterns of many Bolivarian leaders themselves. This is a real stumbling block in the process of creating new Bolivarian revolutionaries.

As we know, within the fertile, political womb of Venezuelan, revolutionary, popular resistance, within the principled negation of the belligerent North American "plague," during the "Caracazo" of 1989, 5 000 brave Venezuelans fell, were massacred by the "Accion Democratica" Government of Carlos Andres Perez, who ordered the army to kill its own people. The result of this massacre backfired into the stinking faces of the oligarchic slave masters, a shock that they did not overcome till today. And yet, during the military coup of April 2002, within 47 hours, they killed about two hundred innocent people. If that coup was not stopped by popular resistance, probably thousands of Bolivarians would be dead by now, devoured by the local Yankee vultures.

However, in honor of these innocent victims of neo-liberal savagery, especially of those of 1989 ... against those who want to come back again (and many are back already, sitting in important posts), financially aided by "Uncle Sam" ... urgently we have to replace them with 5 000 living, real and true revolutionaries.

Over the last decade the Venezuelan masses themselves, the sovereign, launched a political alternative: the Bolivarian Revolution. Without their popular action, their loyalty to President Chavez, their defense of the Revolution, there would never ever have been any Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Revolutions, social revolutions, are not directed from above, but mainly from below, to avoid that they do not fail, do not betray the masses that have conquered political power, and to avoid that the true revolutionaries will be murdered within a few days in wholesale fashion by the class enemy, like in the famous case of the massacre of a million communists in Djakarta, Indonesia.

Hence, Bolivarian comrades, let us get very clear about this: beware our very lives are in danger!

Who has given us the authority to make the revolution, to be its vanguard, tomorrow may take it away from us, should we fail to defend its historic objectives.

Will we then also shoot the sovereign? Surely, not!!

On all political scores the popular, democratic Chavez government was victorious, eight times in a row. It even survived various assassination attempts of the president, a military coup, a severe oil sabotage and many CIA political plots. Beyond doubt, the popularity of President Hugo Chavez Frias is increasing by the day, it is already passing 70%, that is, he is popular as legitimate leader of the trans-historic ideas and ideals of the Bolivarian Revolution in Latin America and elsewhere, and of a "Christian Socialism for the 21st century."

All the above-mentioned is true, we can read everything about it in the independent news media, that still pursue the liberating truth as intrinsic virtue of authentic journalism. Against a galaxy of ideological, fascist "Spitfires," of the Goebbels caliber, of "Fox News," CNN, "Miami Herald," "London Times" or the "Toronto Star," in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, directly here from Venezuela ... where we live and die in stark reality, where we receive death threats as our daily bread ... over the last seven years we ourselves are working with the poor, have held hundreds of lectures, gave dozens of interviews and have published thousands of articles to inform the world about a real, true, revolutionary experimentum mundi that is currently taking place in Venezuela, and which the Bush military junta of Bush wants to nip in the bud, by hook or by crook.

We followed the red signals of the revolution, we felt its popular pulse, now, in another decisive election year we are experiencing its awe and fear, on the battlefront, in Iran, Iraq and also here, we hear the coming death cries in agony. This calls for serious reflections, for urgent preparations of self-defense. Not so much is it a matter of increasing our passive Christian morals, on the contrary, we need to sound our "Diana" here and now, to increase our self-defending morale on the eternal imperialist battle field.

Talking about six million years of separating ourselves from our chimpanzee fellow creatures, human evolution, maturity and involution, there are certain historic truths to register, to analyze in this critical phase of revolutionary transcendence. Not only the US dollar is in mortal danger, the bolivar itself is seriously threatened by extinction too. Both are current reflections of the labor process, of history itself, of a mode of destruction.

Many of our projects are capitalist and destructive in nature, and they have nothing to do with human emancipation. To clarify this, in our own revolutionary interest, let us just ask ourselves some pertinent questions, that necessarily will give appropriate answers all by themselves.

Within the historic, objective and subjective conditions of Venezuela, at the turn of the 21st century, was it possible to have thousands of comrades, of revolutionaries and socialists?

As I said, we will not reply to these questions...

It is the sacred duty of all of us, of all Bolivarians ... who daily receive death threats like Mario Silva of "La Hojilla" ... to think seriously about them, to draw our own revolutionary conclusions, and immediately to start with the eradication of this counter-revolutionary epidemic.

Like never before, internally the Bolivarian Revolution is in immediate danger!

Forgetting the biblical fables about the holy origin and divine creation of Man, about the beautiful nano-technological, symmetric ... 90-60-90 ... feminine results of the cloning of a man's rib, by simply studying the latest archaelogical and paleontological findings cum grano salis, we will discover our human roots in the life and death struggles on this planet, from the Pleistocene to the Neolithic Revolution, from the Apes, to the Ape-Men, to the Men-Apes, to Man.

Taking the long view of the labor process, of history, it becomes evident that modern arrogant Man born as primitive homo sapiens sapiens around 250 000 BC, who is dreaming about eternal, everlasting, heavenly existence, is simply an ordinary laboring animal, that he is a very latecomer in planetary evolution, that because of his internal natural-social conflict, his corporeal-spiritual contradiction, of his self-destructive drive, ... unless a real, emancipatory "miracle" occurs very soon ... as a species his master-slave existence on planet earth relatively will be very short indeed.

Seen from eons, from the age of the earth of some six billion years, current Man at best will only survive for some 100 or 200 years more. Within the last 150 years, with his marvelous weapon, his brains, ruling class man, as tyrant and dictator, has set loose a chain of self-destructive forces. Presently they are destroying millions of years of natural living evolution, among them are the destruction of the ozone layer, the production of nuclear reactors, that really just serve belligerent desires, atomic bombs and radio-active waste that will eventually destroy a large part of life on the planet.

Within the context of the Bolivarian Revolution, we sign all kinds of bilateral capitalist contracts, form alliances with some metropolitan imperialist countries, seek solidarity all over, and aid other peoples in all sorts of ways.

We know that when capitalism is faced with a serious internal crisis, as the result of the sharpening of its own contradictions, then it forgets its democratic stewardess smile and it shows its true fascist grin. In such a case, in the battle for global hegemony, two wars are launched, which should not be mixed up: the intra-imperialist world wars, like the "First and Second World Wars," that is, intra-ruling class wars, and, the international class struggles of the workers, currently at the degree of globalization. In other words, two fierce global struggles occur, and they are interlinked.

To see what this is all about, a sound knowledge of history, of Marxist political economy, of praxis and theory, of revolution and emancipation, is necessary. To grasp this dangerous development, the ticking of the time-bomb of the coming real Third World War ... that probably will be the last one, because thereafter, for a century and more, any living creature on planet earth will have a desperate eternal struggle to stay alive at all ... we will have to pull ourselves by our own hair out of this global quagmire.

In spite of all the hoaxes, lies and information wars, what are the sign of the times, the writing on the wall, that we have to grasp and inter-relate? How can we sense what is coming? Well, this is what we are informing you about right here, right now.

Finally, as stated above, a very careful study of the current global war trails will reveal that we are confronted with the greatest crisis that mankind ever had experienced since its prehistoric evolution eight million years ago somewhere in Africa.

Perhaps mankind itself is its history, is its self-production, is a mode of self-destruction.

It is about time that we create ourselves, that we become our own self-creators.