Franz J.T. Lee, May, 2006

Wake up, top journalists, do your truthful homework, I did mine!

On Boxing Day, December 26 (2002), in the political heat and revolutionary dust of the oil sabotage of the "opposition" and the CIA against President Chavez' democratic government, in an article titled "International mass media conspiracy against Venezuela," I explained: "Since decades, even centuries, as downtrodden peoples and revolutionaries of Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, we are used to the distortions, lies, half-truths, character assassination, racism, discrimination, plots; to the body, mind and thought control mechanisms, to the inculcation of a master-slave mentality, of inferiority complexes, to our wonderful "education" and "socialization," to the "freedom of thought," to the "freedom of expression," to the magnificent "freedom of the press," to the "family" of Venevision, Globovision; of the fantastic "news" of "El Nacional," "El Universal," of the "Voice of Russia," the "Voice of America," UPI, Reuters, ARD, ZDF, CNN, BBC, dpa, New York Times, FAZ, Der Spiegel, BILD, etc., etc. Now, we may also add the "Toronto Star!"

Already then, I warned about the coming brutal "information warfare, the mental holocaust, mass media terror, psychological manipulation and indoctrination did not begin yesterday; today they all are just more technologically refined, more perverse, more sadistic.

We all, across our lives, have received a full dose of this cultural, traditional and ideological strychnine, disseminated by the ruling classes across their mass media, newspapers, radio, TV, books, stories, novelas, poems, songs, proverbs, psalms, credos, prayers, morals, lies."

More than three years later, on May 8, 2006, in the same bloody style, there we go again: "Poor are fed by Chavez' vanity" (Toronto Star).

Across the globe, in the minds of billions, Bush is simply a menace and a royal pain ... but at least he's open about it. Those of us "high atop," the creme de la creme of mankind, hiding in sheep clothing, under red caps, believe that he is liberating Iraq, and will soon convert Iran and Venezuela into the "axis of good," into earthly paradise.

Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice and Negroponte show the world what they mean by the purification results of , "shock and awe" over Baghdad and Fallujah, and nobody of the "chosen people" seems to see anything, to hear the screams of the maimed children in death agony, to sense the sighs of the scorched mothers, picking and wrapping up the fragments of their beloved babies and children, scattered all over the radio-active battlefield, all "collateral damage," innocent victims of the "mother of all bombs."

This is arrogant, Western, Christian, Civilized Love.

This is "freedom, equality and fraternity" for the poor whom we want to save from the "claws" and "fangs" of the "dictator" Chavez.

When will the "Toronto Star" and the "Miami Herald" give us a detailed report, so that we could "intervene" and destroy them? They are a real menace to the people of the USA!

Chavez showed photos about the massacred children, and was the first president that protested against this brutal vandalism. He and a few others like Fidel Castro try to stop this eternal, capitalist human butchery; however, internally and externally a whole army of CIA Quislings and lackeys betray him, are sabotaging all his efforts. And, they use the very results of their vandalism, to "prove" that Chavez is filled with "vanity" and megalomania. These journalists should visit the White House, and try to whitewash their smeared, oily brains, by seeing the real white angels, by tasting the bitter "democratic" fruits of metropolitan racism, fascism, avarice and arrogance in action, at work.

Oh, ye generation of vipers of disinformation campaigns! Knoweth ye the Truth, and the Truth shall make thee free!

Perhaps all the above war crimes should first happen to the families of thousands of anti-Chavez journalists and editors of the international mass media, in order for them to understand what really is global Nazism, and what they are supporting in the name of "freedom and democracy."

Let justice prevail, why should we only bear the brunt of fascist wars?

In fact, all over the world, the North American military is already stationed and the concentration camps and torture chambers, that could take in millions, are secretly already built or are under construction; they await us already.

Of course, the Chavez government, under terrific national and international pressures committed a series of mistakes, due to tactical and strategic reasons, but these in no way have converted it into an anti-democratic, tyrannical and dictatorial regime, as claimed by the major international mass media. Surely, returning from Orchila, where he was already sentenced to death, prey for the sharks, Chavez had all the democratic, legal and legitimate reasons in the world, to set things straight with the "opposition," it was not done, currently we suffer the consequences. Knowledge about class war, about history, about imperialist behavior, about the "foreign policy" of the USA, about what Simon Bolivar called the "plague" of America, would have uprooted local evil once and for all. In any case, whatever Chavez does, it is "wrong," simply because it is anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, anti-USA.

Precisely this is the very reason why the Caracas government merits our critical, unconditional, revolutionary support.

Another critical issue is the silent defense of the imported, implanted European feudal, colonial, religious superstructure, its dogmas, doctrines, hoaxes, lies, symbols and customs, including its torturing arena and bloody bull-fighting, which leave millions in absolutist obscurantism at the eve of the 21st century. After seven years in political power, should we still reproduce the feudal fairy tales, the religious fears and torture in the modern Bolivarian Revolution? The Bolivarian Revolution urgently needs a cultural revolution, this is necessary to create an emancipatory class consciousness, a workers' vanguard, a revolutionary party.

To tell the toiling, suffering masses the Truth, that they in any case already know, that they experience everyday, will never reduce our popular electoral base, on the contrary, it could skyrocket to over 10 million. At a time when scientific discoveries reveal the religious conspiracy and censorship of the colonial Church and imperialist State in the Dark Ages, the existence of more gospels, even of Judas and Maria Magdalena, about more messiahs, it becomes necessary, in the name of a "new socialism" urgently to develop a new science and philosophy.

Instead of disseminating old masticated lies, it would be wonderful for the "Toronto Star" urgently to investigate all this, and to give us a detailed report. It would sell millions of copies within a single day. Or are such things not worth any investigation, not in the dominant, ideological class interests of your bosses?

As indicated before, in the Americas, the "newspeakers" of the Miami Herald, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News, CNN and, the Toronto Star have already robbed all the first prizes for telling lies, for fabricating hoaxes like "Bin Laden" and the "Twin Towers" incidents.

To tell lies when one knows the truth, this is the worst form of corruption.

Hence, Mr. Raymond J. Learsy, with all due respect, although a nice try, somewhere along the line, you probably have missed the love boat of truth.

I am living and working here in Venezuela for a quarter of a century already, and as independent political scientist, I can verify that things are not quite so unilateral as many of us are trying to portray them.

Horace the Menace resides in the White House, not in Miraflores, Caracas!

"Political correctness" in authentic journalism should always be democratic veracity, should be able to notice that there are many "good" things about Chavez to defend: there is even something "positive" about Bush, for revolutionary endeavors, for example, in the Book of Guinness, he breaks all the records of previous United States presidents as far as wisdom and intelligence of statesmen are concerned. If we want to meddle in foreign domestic affairs, then we should study United States historic reality very carefully. As already described by Orwell and Huxley, and even in the biblical Apocalypse, a new, global, militarist fascism is being concocted there, right under our journalist, timely and starry noses, that are not able to smell a rat any more.

Where was the honest critique of all the international mass media a decade ago, including that of the "Toronto Star"?

Were there no poor in Venezuela?

Who and what have produced the 80% critical poverty inherited by Chavez in 1998? And, should they come back, will that be the end of misery and poverty in Latin America?

Wake up, top journalists, do your truthful homework, I did mine!

Chavez, "however hostile he may be, he is honest," yes, he is an honest "terrorist." But, who knows abroad what he is saying, when mass media like the "Toronto Star" informs us about his "vanity" in feeding the poor with petro-dollars that traditionally should fill the rich coffers of the opulent, power-drunk national and international corporate mongrels and moguls The "crime" of Chavez is that he converts the national income of Venezuela into "cheap food" in the Mercal chains.

Furthermore, the "Toronto Star" article, which has no other aim than a bare-faced slandering of Venezuela's President and the Bolivarian Revolution, informs us:

"From here, high atop Caracas, as the dust kicks up from the packed van hurtling down the clay roads offering the only means of temporary escape from this poverty, it is hard to see Hugo Chavez' 'Bolivarian Revolution'."

Yes, the journalists of the diatribal "Star" have no eyes to see! But, here in Venezuela, their colleagues can publish any political garbage that pleases them, and no law terrorizes them. Bourgeois, capitalist freedom of the press produces this anomaly, this danger for the mental health of the Venezuelan citizens., but also for all the peoples of the world. Orwell said it, in fascism, "Freedom" is Slavery!

The Wild Western World (WWW) loves massacres, conquest, genocide, the holocaust, "shock and awe"and throwing atomic bombs on civilians across the globe. It gives thrills, forms a haven for current international "journalism."

Why does the WWW hate Chavez? There must be a very good reason why he is a "menace," a "dictator," a "tyrant" and an "Anti-Christ." Why were previous Venezuelan presidents no "menace"?

The following quotation shows the critical level of mental degeneration in international information warfare:

"(Chavez) He spews contempt for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, whom he calls an 'imperial lady.' In a press interview not long ago, he sent a street-lingo blast he has not ... so far ... uttered to her face: 'Don't mess with me, girl'."

And what does Bush or Rice do and say to deserve this spewing revolutionary lava? When Venezuela wants to use her democratic right to develop nuclear energy for civilian domestic purposes, what had US Ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, to say? Did he not threaten Venezuela with intervention? Should Chavez kiss him for such Herrenvolk etiquette?

Yes, President Chavez, like Evo Morales, is not fit to be a President ... he is "raw," "crude" and "boorish" ... is not such a holy angel like Bush!

The USA can spend billions to globalize itself, for its fascist world wars, but "Herrero has hit on one of the common criticisms of Chavez, who is accused of spending too much money earned by Venezuela's natural riches on trying to build alliances outside the country to further his own personal ambitions."

Hence, when the time will be ripe, and it could be this year, the USA eventually will invade Venezuela, and will kill hundreds of thousands of the "starving poor," not a crocodile tear will be shed by the "Toronto Star." For it, Chavez's "strength (comes) from the squatters in the forest" of Caracas, from the gutters that the "opposition" left behind after 40 years of "democracy."

And, who formed the class base of the previous United States friendly governments of Venezuela? Were they "tin-collectors," did they live in Altamira, near Plaza Francia? Whose class interests does the "Toronto Star" defend and serve?

Powerful mouthpieces and accomplices of the cardinal and capital crimes of imperialist corporatism against humanity... like the Miami Herald, the New York Times, Fox News and, last but not least, the Toronto Star ... are painting a grim, macabre picture of Venezuela, of Chavez and of the Bolivarian Revolution, that has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

They fake an international democracy and freedom, a world order, that hide their ulterior dominant motives. Historically the classes that they represent never have done anything substantial for the poor, to get rid of poverty. They never considered those living in the "cerros," gutters and "favelas" of Caracas and Rio de Janeiro to be human, to be human beings. Now, suddenly when somebody transcends their hypocrisy, this revolutionary paradigm becomes poison, "radical populism," and it has to be exterminated. Their envy and vanity they hide behind the very ignorance that they themselves breed, that their forefathers have produced and reproduced across the centuries, across the globe.

As in the case of the current North American military invasions, under Rumsfeld's "full spectrum dominance" policy, hundreds, thousands, and soon millions, are now already sentenced to a cruel death agony by the new projects for "An American Century," for continued global fascist hegemony.

In the bloody tradition of Wild West genocide of the indigenous "Red Indian" population, of driving them into reserves, as tourist attractions, how brutal, how vane, must be a military clique that is so mortal, fatal and lethal!

Precisely the opposite the Venezuelan Constitution has in mind, to give the American indigenas their human dignity back again.

The current United States and NATO belligerent maneuvers in the Caribbean form part and parcel of the same war machine that has already dropped atomic bombs mercilessly on two Japanese cities! By Jove, how paralyzed and doped must be a great part of humanity, especially the thousands of journalists of international press agencies, who eternally continue their dark age nightmare slumber, while the imperialist Titanic is rapidly sinking by the second.

Not even Marx, Lenin, Rosa and Trotsky can grasp their revolutionary imagination of the global pauperized any more. Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti can only reach the masses across the messianic nexus, across the signs and symbols of Jesus Christ.

Of course, there remains a ray of hope, in the age of most favorable global revolutionary conditions, it could be that the African war drums of class struggle of Chaka, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Amilcar Cabral and others tenderly will wake up President Chavez in time.

... that is before the murderous, insane golpista cock crows twice ...