Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2006

A specter is haunting the North American Empire ... the specter of Chavez!

Arise, the damned of the earth,
Arise, prisoners of hunger,
For reason thunders in its crater,
It is the eruption of the end!
Let us discard the past.

(The Internationale)

In Caracas, on Labor Day 2006 ... all the oligarchic powers in Venezuela and abroad have entered into a neo-liberal holy alliance to exorcise the "terrorist" specter that is haunting the world empire: John Negroponte and CAP, Bantz Craddock and Estanga, Condoleezza Rice and Corina Machado, Leopoldo Castillo and Gustavo Cisneros, "Friends of Venezuela" and Enemies of "Castro-Communism."

When will we learn what is modern class struggle, what are global ruling class interests?

When will we understand that an argumentum ad hominem, ad Chavez personally, has nothing to do with the threatening invasion of Venezuela.

In fact, the "terrorist" specter Chavez is a creation of American imperialism, of ideological mind and thought control.

As President, exchanging him for Teodoro Petkoff or Arias Cardenas, will not resolve any problem whatsoever ... will not halt the planned Yankee fascist ransacking, plunder and vandalism, the Second Conquest of South America.

On the contrary, it will accelerate the whole Orwellian totalitarian process, the genocide of millions.

The real emancipatory "specter" Chavez is a social creation, is a workers' paradigm, is a historic, global process. embedded in centuries of workers' global struggles for liberation against the fangs and pangs of capitalism.

After the brutal massacres of dozens of Bolivarian workers and peasant leaders, especially ever since 2002, the assassinations of Giandomenico Pulitti and Danilo Anderson, after various serious attempts of political and economic coups, that normally no oppressive government ever would have survived, now Chavez is No. 1 on the hit list.

Plan Puebla-Panama, Plan Colombia, Plan Balboa, the ALCA and the "Project for a New American Century," all are awaiting the specter, ready to strike at it any moment. The weapons of mass destruction, Projects like "Yellow Cake," "Clover Leaf," "Spanish Flu" and others are ready to destroy a dangerous revolutionary icon of permanent world emancipation.

In fact, any class conscious modern revolutionary knows that we have no choice, either we support the Bolivarian Revolution, with all its flaws, or we sink in the darkest night of North American Nazism, with all its torture chambers and heinous war brutality. It is really Socialism or Barbarism, Production or Creation.

The only real and true exodus of the Bolivarian Revolution is to excel it, to be extraordinarily revolutionary, is to transform it into Human Exvolution, anything less would be systemic fascist reformism.

We can criticize the Bolivarianism, in fact it is our sacred duty to attack bribery, bureaucracy, corruption or theft within the revolutionary process, to purify the movement from all capitalist and imperialist vices, but, please, in a scientific, philosophic and logical manner, in other words, in a constructive humanist sense, and not to deliver it into the irresponsible, corrupt hands of national and international bellicose butchers.

With the most democratic constitution that the world ever has seen in the hand, for the Venezuelans marching on Labor Day against Orwellian fascism in vanquishable numbers, for 85% of 24 million people, for the poorest of the poor, who have been languishing in critical misery and poverty over the last half-a-century, two things remain very clearly:

"No puede ser! Uh, Ah, Chavez no se va!" It can never be! Chavez is here to stay!

Their President must remain in power, if necessary, till 2021.

For the masses, Workers' Democracy in Venezuela is Chavez ... they voted for Democracy, for Chavez, more than eight times in a row. It is their Democracy, their understanding of Democracy, that serves their class interests; they live and die in it.

Everybody, please get it very straight: in Venezuela the impoverished masses are prepared to die for Democracy, for Chavez, against Yankee Fascism. This they have demonstrated between April 11 and 14, and in December 2002.

For this very reason, Chavez declared a Hundred Years War against Bush should his military dare to invade Venezuela. Out of its ashes, out of its "cosmic dust" (Chavez), like Phoenix, the Bolivarian Revolution will be born again and again in the Americas, until this vandalism, this "plague" (Simon Bolivar) vanishes forever in the deepest lava layers of hell fire.

If Bush, or anybody else for that matter, has any other understanding of Workers' Democracy, for example, thinking that it is a synonym for Fraud, well, then that is his or her business; for popular participative democracy in Venezuela these alien opinions are irrelevant, the terrorist "golpistas" should rather look at the huge "democratic" logs in their own CIA eyes.

Never mind the Damocles Sword of global fascist "shock and awe," of a possible foreign interventionist "awestruck" over Caracas, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is fulfilling its historic, social order. Workers of the world, it is demonstrating praxically a viable, possible alternative to neo-liberal savagery in Venezuela, in Latin America, and elsewhere.

Its dawn, its ALBA on the crimson horizon reminds us that:

There are no supreme saviors,
Neither God, nor Caesar, nor tribune.
Workers, let's save ourselves!
Together let's enact a common decree
To force the thief to return his loot,
So that the mind is set free from the prison cell!
Let us blow upon our furnace ourselves,
Strike the iron while it is hot"

Hence let us blow our "Diana," send our clarion call around the globe, let us strike while the emancipatory iron is still hot, tomorrow might be too late.

We have said it long ago already: the belligerent, corporate oil mongrels of Washington and London, in their global, fascist blood thirstiness, first would have to eradicate every single Venezuelan worker, peasant, buhonero, child or Bolivarian revolutionary, in barbaric invasion, would have to raze the whole of Venezuela to the ground, in their forward march of trying to rob our land, resources, oil, gas and water, to establish their Global Fourth Empire here. It is not a matter of opportunism, of capitulation, of trying to stop a military invasion. Afghanistan, Iraq, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Russia and North Africa could not stop the capitalist, fascist invasions of the last hundred years.

How do we expect to do it here in Latin America?

It is not great gods, single men, presidents, dictators or tyrants who make labor history, who cause devastating wars, it is the forward march of our mode of destruction, it is the globalization of capitalism, the capitalization of the globe, it is currently corporate imperialism.

Chavez is not the cause of what is happening now in Venezuela ... he is not the reason why Bush wants to invade Venezuela. Also, Bush is not invading Venezuela, he is just a pawn of marauding North American imperialist vandalism.

Let us get things very straight ... these are the reasons why we wholeheartedly support and criticize the Bolivarian Revolution, why we defend President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela against any fascist attacks and defamation campaigns.

Who and what decide to invade Iran or Venezuela have very little to do with Bush or Chavez, the tendential laws of development of world capitalism and fascism, of globalization, of the world market, the inherent contradictions and crises within the world order, all determine any imperialist war or Nazi invasion.

The Bolivarian Revolution never has been peaceful, it has already many human heroes and victims, there are many more to come: no social revolution within capitalism is peaceful, hence, workers of Venezuela prepare yourselves to fight. Also, the 40 million North Americans languishing in dire poverty, also arm yourselves for a very violent class struggle.

In Venezuela, we stressed that Bush, Negroponte, Rice and Rumsfeld, as leaders of the Washington military junta, would have to develop arms against "miracles," against a people in arms, to eliminate all the people's armed forces, would have to commit war crimes against a revolution in arms, in the arms and hearts of millions across the globe. They would have to extinguish the very Bolivarian revolutionary specter.

This is the final struggle
Let us gather, and tomorrow
The Internationale
Will be mankind!

Now, what have the above got to do with "Labor"? With May 1, with Labor Day?

Why does Chavez in various speeches to the nation so vehemently attack Capital and Capitalism?

Why a while ago did Lula speak about a "class war" in Latin America?

Everybody, every worker, every Venezuelan worker, every Bolivarian should know what is Labor, what is a Laborer, what is Capital, what is Capitalism; should learn the historic lessons, resulting from such gruesome phenomena like September 11 (New York) or April 11 (Caracas), the hard way, by her- or himself, by means of studying reality.

Only scientific and philosophic socialism can teach the historic truth of the above. Hence, please search for an excellent updated introduction to Marxist political economy. If one does not exist as yet, then workers of the world write one all of, by and for yourselves, make and think your own permanent world revolution.

Ever since the 19th century "Social Democracy," ever since the 20th century "October Revolution," a lot has changed within the international working class, from war to war it was transformed, has transformed itself. Now, in the Third Millennium, Workers of the World, Quo vadis? What do you have to lose? Your "golden" chains? No! Meanwhile, your very heads! Across the globe more than 5 billion "heads" of "cattle," of "mad cows," have become obsolete.

Looking today at the British "mad cows," looking at the US-British human butchery in Iraq, Labor Day 2006 should recall the ten thousands of dirty, uncivilized "Arabs," who were brutally tortured, humiliated and slaughtered by North American fascism like "Jews" in Nazi Germany. In Baghdad and Fallujah the Iraqis were burnt to death in a horrible Orwellian Nazi holocaust. Of course, not Bush would appear in front of a Nuremberg Trial, rather as a result of "social justice" it would be the "dictator" Chavez.

In what a perverse world we live, and this is called Democracy, People's Government.

We thought that such times were gone; we still wonder how Nazism could have happened at all. But, Big Brother is here! He is ignipotent, he is omnipotent, he blows anything, from Twin Towers to the Cradle of Humanity, to Mesopotamia to blazes!

As we stated before already, when absolutist feudalism was toppled by the French Revolution, when the Industrial Revolution was driving the serfs and peasants off the lands because their agricultural labor had become obsolete, Vagrant Laws -- a fata morgana of the coming "Patriot Acts I and II" -- already under the tyranny of Henry VIII simply massacred the unwanted, unemployed serfs and dispossessed peasants en masse. At that time, we, the modern working classes, the proletariat, the future physical laborers were also born, we came of age, but now, also our days are numbered.

We are experiencing another global technological and "nano-technological" Revolution, that is ushering in a post-productive mode of existence, mainly utilizing "intellectual labor forces." Millions of physical labor forces are doomed to extinction; machines, computers and the rising intelligentsia are driving hundreds of thousands of physical laborers into dire poverty, into obsolescence.

Workers of North America, later in the year you will celebrate your "May Day," however, in the mean time, just think about it, you will never be free or safe, as long as the mind and thought control of your mass media exist, as long as you are being told horrible lies about Venezuela and President Chavez.

Just remember the famous words of your third (1801–1809) president Thomas Jefferson. Now in the 21st century they embody the totally alienated state of affairs, the obscurantist darkness that have beset North America.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be . . . The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe."

Calling President Hugo Chavez Frias a tyrant, is like looking in your own mirror, is looking at what Thomas Jefferson had to say about your current information war, psychological operations and mind and thought control of all the American peoples:

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Precisely this President Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution are doing with reference to the Goebbels propaganda and aggressive lies coming from the North. We fight against "every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

In this revolutionary spirit of Thomas Jefferson, workers of the world, especially the North American and European ones, all together let us now sing the "Swan's Song" for Bush:

Peace among ourselves, war to the tyrants!
Let us encourage strikes in the armies,
To wave their guns and disband their ranks!
If they insist, those cannibals,
To make heroes of us,
They will soon know our bullets,
Are for our own generals.
It is the final struggle
Let us gather, and tomorrow
The Internationale
Will be mankind!"