Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2006

CIA's subliminal message is: "Away With Chavez!" Soon it will be: "Kill Chavez!"

A few days ago, Madson Blog informed us that "US Special Forces train rebels in Guyana for incursions into eastern Venezuela." The editorial concluded: "The Zulia state secessionists are key players in the 'Western Front.'"

Yesterday, April 16, VHeadline again surprised us with the following breaking news:
"Intelligence agencies: Top executives cooperating with Zulia separatists in plans for a US-led invasion of Venezuela's sovereign territory."

Now, what is really going on?

What is the scientific explanation of the difference between information facts and CIA disinformation fiction? Is it really true that disinformation is just an invention of the contemporary mass media?

However, if we do not heed to warnings, it may then be too late.

At first let us look at the historical background, at the long view of psychological warfare, political hoaxes and military "scapegoat" ideology. Then, let us comment on the Guyana case. Concerning Zulia, our Spanish editor, Jesus Nery Barrios has already explained the essence of the secessionist CIA manoeuvres there.

Ever since the genesis of the accumulation of capital millennia ago, the formation of its exploitative process of production, of master-slave social relations ... of its scientific and philosophic evolution in the 18th century, of its politico-economic triumph in the 19th century, of its mortal militarization in the 20th century, and finally, of its self-realization, globalization and involution at the beginning of the 21st century ... this huge historical process over and over has used the very same social mechanisms to survive, to perpetuate itself: divide and rule, balkanization of the "enemy," mind and thought control, ideology, religion, hoaxes, lies, robbery, conquest, wars, violence, torture, terrorism, fascism and genocide.

In a nutshell, we could say safely, in this capitalist world, really to be an excellent, bourgeois, democratic, reformist politician, that is, to survive within global realpolitik, you have be an expert liar, a perennial thief and a mass murderer par excellence. Today it is very easy to verify this scientifically across the globe. to identify who really is a tyrant, a dictator.

Capturing the minds of the slaves, serfs, peasants, informal workers and industrial wage slaves, pressing and compressing them into formal-logical stereotypes, into receptacles for ruling class ideas ... dogmas, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, culture, traditions, morals and beliefs, ... the earthly overlords invented what is called education or socialization of the masses.

In reality, most of these implanted exploitative, dominating and discriminating social values are superstructural mechanisms to cultivate and nurture a slave mentality and inferiority complexes, to produce millions of docile, religious, obedient zombie working-bees, whose brains and backbones were systematically eliminated, in order to produce perfect, physical labor forces to be exploited at whim and caprice by their bosses in democratic liberty, equality and fraternity.

All this has military, colonial and imperialist objectives, for example, like today to defend the system if it is in crisis. Public opinion, common sense, had to be guided towards the ruling class interests of imperialism and corporatism. Pertinent is that the masses should become addicted to "information," and like Pavlov dogs or "Manchurian candidates" would react in a certain Orwellian predictable way, that is, in the direction which their "brains" were programmed or directed by HAARP or Mkultra experiments.

In the Venezuelan case, the subliminal message is: Away With Chavez! Soon it will be: "Kill Chavez!"

This is how news reaches us ... this is the function of news.

World capitalism has no class interest in informing the wage slaves about its colonial exploitation, imperialist domination and corporate discrimination on a global scale. News was invented to serve capitalist, profit and power interests. The giant international press agencies are not interested in telling the truth about Chavez and Venezuela. They have to please their masters, they defend ruling class interests.

That here is much to criticize, that much is going wrong in Venezuela, this is true. No angels live in South America. Even Chavez himself permanently attacks lies, bureaucracy and corruption in the very own Bolivarian rank and file.  The local and national mass media are free to report about these capitalist vices.

Within this mental holocaust of destroying the will, mind, desire and consciousness of the billions of working masses, socialization for savagery and education for barbarism play a central role.

Their dominant tenets are being unleashed across the whole globe by all the international mass media, privately owned and controlled by the diverse global ruling classes. But this is nothing new or special, it is not a modern phenomenon. All this happened long ago already as can be witnessed by the current scientific revelations in the National Geographic Channel about the "Secret Bible," the censorship of "holy scriptures," the participation of popes in religious frauds, about the Gospels of Mary Magdalena or Judas Iscariot, about the crimes of the Inquisition, of the Church of the Roman Empire, of Roman Catholicism in the Dark Ages.

In the Library of the Vatican we could find the truth, for example, whether Jesus ever had lived, also, if Christopher Columbus ever "discovered" America. However, the whole truth would blow the Vatican itself into oblivion, and would shake the whole globe; the truth may awake billions, by means of a tremendous class conscious earthquake of 666 on the Richter scale.

Everything that was holy in Western Christian Civilization would turn into its opposite, and both would be blown to blazes, making a totally new logic, science and philosophy necessary. What Christopher Caudwell has warned about in 1949, in his classic, "Illusion and Reality: Studies in a Dying Culture" is now becoming world fascist reality.

Desperately a news avalanche, a "war of ideas," disinformation hurricanes en masse are flooding the endangered brains of billions. Of course, currently the main "scapegoat" of global fascism is Chavez, is the Bolivarian Revolution.

Especially in the case of Venezuela, we can notice that the methods of mind and thought control have become very sophisticated; the merciless constant attacks are very scientific, and technological. Any American and European tourist must be shivering in his boots when he lands in Caracas, in the world of terrorist tyranny and dictatorship.

However, the reason why we publish this article is to make our comrades aware of the danger of participating unknowingly in the diabolical CIA psychological warfare campaigns of innocently disseminating "information" that in reality comes from the very CIA global disinformation factories.

Not long ago, we read a number of reports, particularly about how the CIA and the Pentagon deliberately spread and feed "false rumors" through various media of communication to create fear and apprehensions internally in countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. This is nowadays known as "information warfare" and the main purpose is to keep the "terrorists" and their supporters off track and guessing about what will happen next.

Confirmed according to its own budget the Pentagon spends over $100 million in what it calls "psy-op" operations in feeding false news to create divisions among various ethnic groups and neighboring countries of Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Venezuela. This is also done to resurrect old colonial border conflicts, for example, between Venezuela and Guyana, or between Colombia and Venezuela, and even to aid secessionist treachery like now in Zulia.

What interest could "US intelligence sources" have to inform the world "that US Special Forces are training Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela"?

I am very much acquainted with the history and current situation of Guyana, I taught at the University of Guyana before I came to Venezuela. In fact, in the 1980s, I was helping the then Director of Foreign Relations, Roy Chaderton Matos and the then Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana, Sadio Garavini, in their efforts to solve the border conflict, with reference to the Essequibo.

(See: Franz J. T. Lee, The Evolution-Involution of „Co-Operative Socialism” in Guyana, 1930-1984)

What surprised me is the following: the training of "Guyanese rebels in Guyana for cross-border incursions into the eastern part of Venezuela." As far as I know, there are currently no "Guyanese rebels in Guyana" ... in fact, under the current Indo-Guyanese government, there is no legitimate reason for their existence. Furthermore, as the result of the current friendly relations between Georgetown and Caracas, there also does not exist any reason whatsoever to harbor United States financed terrorists in the Essequibo region.

Hearing about this news, a Guyanese friend of mine, asked: "Why would 'Guyanese rebels' be training to fight against Venezuela rather than against the government of Guyana. Guyanese do not like to fight .... that explains why more than half of the population live in the US, England and Canada?"

According to this report: "The Guyanese-Venezuelan border has a history of irredentist problems among the tribal peoples who live in the region." Currently, this is new to me and not worth my energy to comment.  This is the same CIA nonsense that is being spread in Europe and elsewhere about the "horrors" of life in Venezuela.

Finally, the current People's Progressive Party (PPP) government in Guyana fully supports and have very close political relations with the Chavez and Cuban governments. There are over a 1,000 Cuban doctors and other professionals working in Guyana. Would it be logical for them to have US troops to train "rebels" in their territory?

Hence, concerning information we have to be very careful.

It is very difficult to verify what is really news and what concerns CIA illusions, fantasies and lies. We at always check our sources very carefully, in order to disseminate independent news in a democratic manner.

This commentary is a testimony of our caution in very dangerous times.

As long as President Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution exist, we will permanently be threatened by North American military invasions ... will we be victims of news manipulation, distortion, lies and hoaxes?