Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2006

What do you think G. W. Bush is currently trying to do on a world scale?

Dear Nils Fredrickson: At the beginning of the 20th century, a well-known Marxist revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg, said something that is surely valid for both of us, even if we are already living in the 21st century: "Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters."

Surely, you are free to think what you like, and if you consider it to be true, to be an absolute truth, well, it is your human right.

Hence, I have no problem whatsoever with your points of view, they form part of modern social reality.

To ignore what you think and say, would be tantamount to nurturing ignorance about the people and world in which we live. Perhaps you should stay awake and take a similar open mindedness towards what I write.

However, it becomes really problematic, when you read my commentary and it gives you a feeling of tediousness in the extreme. This uncomfortable feeling seems to be nurtured by the fact that a "German" is writing the article. As you say, you "understand the identity of those Germans ...," you are "not an ignorant man." Don't worry, I understand their past and present ruling classes too well, also their national socialism.

Well, I have to surprise you ... you do not know me ... I am not a German. In my "homeland," when I saw the light, by means of racist Apartheid laws, I was classified as a non-human being, as a "non-European," as a "Kaffir," who "serves neither for the use nor for the abuse of philosophy." I lived in a white, fascist regime, that precisely applied German national socialism in South Africa.

What do you think that Bush is currently trying to do on a world scale?

Not a word of criticism against what the Bush clique is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq in your letter. Why? But, you go all out attacking Marxism. Did you know that this is also a favorite pastime of all the presidents of the USA?

Historically, as little as Marxism is obsolete or limited to a certain place and time, so little is capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and corporatism. What do you think is globalizing itself at this moment? A capitalist process that began two thousand years ago already. And, just imagine, it is also good for South America!

You say that "the people must be free to choose both economic and social reforms ... there is no such thing as a scientific formulae for social revolution."

Well, let us suppose that you are right, then where is the problem, we will have social reform forever. Long live capitalism, it never came into existence as a result of three revolutions, the French, British and American ... it will never be annihilated by any revolution or emancipatory movement.

Have you ever heard about manipulation of the international mass media, about hoaxes and lies, or do you insist that the "people" are "free" to think and choose what they like? Which people? The ones who live under the one party state, the "dictatorship." the "tyranny" of President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela, or of Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz? Surely not, to get "civilized," they first need a Janus-faced Republican-Democratic monolithic Leviathan, a "homeland," patriotism and patriot acts!

Imperialism, conquest, military invasion of the territories of other peoples, robbery, genocidal wars are applicable everywhere, anytime, but Marxism and Socialism are forever buried in the 19th century. Please study what is scientific and philosophic socialism, it is a historic product of the "best" of capitalism, it is its eternal negation.

Wherever the greenback and the United States army go, as their shadow, socialism will always follow them. If socialism is a "dead dogma of a hundred and fifty years ago," then the French Revolution ... Capitalism, which is globalizing itself now ... is a "dead duck" too.

Marx will only be obsolete when Big Brother, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld have faded away into universal oblivion forever.

A very intelligent German said: "Everything that comes into existence merits to pass away."

Do you know who he was?

He lived before Marx and, today, he is just as "in" and "cool" as the age-old snow-capped Pico Bolivar here in front of my window.

Political tourists come from afar to be fascinated by its enchanting magnitude, by its Bolivarian Revolution.