Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2006

Talking about a new socialism, this is what will be its authentic life energy!

In 1957 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to both Chen Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee "for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws which has led to important discoveries regarding the elementary particles."

In which way does such an event concern the Bolivarian Revolution, our battle against the next attempt of a United States military invasion of Venezuela?

Thomas E. Bearden, a well-known scientist in the field of electromagnetic research work, referring to the work of Lee and Yang, explained more precisely to us exactly why the Chinese physicists were awarded with such high academic honor, and also what is the real global link to our revolutionary struggle here in Latin America.

They received scientific credit for having substantiated "the process for extracting free Electromagnetic energy from the vacuum, yet not one current Electrical Engineering or Classical Electromagnetics textbook mentions it."

Within the current deluge of "information," the question remains:

Why is this momentous discovery not known?

Why recklessly lead humanity into a "world energy crisis" that may cost millions and millions of innocent human lives?

Furthermore, in how far does this discovery of "free energy" ... already discovered within the context of "occult physics" by Nikolai Tesla at the end of the 19th century ... affect the Bolivarian Revolution?

Could we also use "free energy" and "Tesla technology" to defend ourselves against foreign imperialist invasions? Will we then also become "terrorists," that is, part of the "axis of evil," like current Iran?

And, why is this so?

Why the double standard, the discrimination in international politics and relations?

Who and what have given the USA the historic right, the power to bully all other nations?

Within the context of a severe, partially already existing, "energy crisis" that could play economic havoc, could cause political mayhem and social pandemonium ... in the end, even a global Armageddon ... why is the USA not interested in funding projects to make use of this "free electromagnetic energy from the vacuum"?

Why does the USA not tell the world that Tesla's technology and "free energy" form the physical basis for the current "Pentagon Aliens" that fly every night out of Los Alamos, that these gigantic electromagnetic forces can be used to guide hurricanes, cause tsunamis, floods and earthquakes, and could even cut planets into half, or change their orbits and directions?

What would such a knowledge mean for the future of the Bolivarian Revolution and for the transhistoric process of Human Emancipation? Furthermore, without this knowledge, will we continue to defend our innocent men, women and children with old rusty bush knives?

It has been proved over and over again, inter alia, that the usage of such energy would have the following emancipatory results:

1) Unlimited clean energy;
2) Independence vis-a-vis foreign oil, freedom from any oil sabotage;
3) No pollution and destruction of nature;
4) No dependence on strategically centralized power systems;
5) No dangerous radio-active waste;
6) No energy vulnerability caused by military projects such as HAARP, or by tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes like Rita or Katrina.

In fact, the above has already answered the crucial questions posed above.

Something "free" cannot be exploited in global capitalism. Free things would eliminate master-slave relations, would annihilate poverty, exploitation and domination.

To be free, to enjoy free things, free energy, is real Freedom.

As long as corporate imperialism ... especially the North American bellicose variety ... exists, this kind of energy will never be generalized on Earth.

Freedom, based in free energy, does not accumulate capital and profits, does not produce class power.

Since the French and Industrial Revolutions, Freedom was a class gift of Ratio, of Reason. Equality allowed rulers to have equal rights of imperialist expansion, and Fraternity allowed then to found freely their "commonwealth," their World Bank, their United Nations, etc. For the billions of members of the oppressed classes, till today, freedom or liberty simply mean the freedom to be exploited as wage slaves by their parasitic masters.

This is the transhistoric context why the huge transnational companies, especially the oil firms and the automobile industries, across a whole century never were interested in the technology of Nikola Tesla and his discovery of "free energy."

Thomas E. Bearden, a true American patriot, who loves his homeland, warned very early about the coming apocalyptic global situation. On June 12, 2000, in an article: "The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly," he supplied a possible immediate solution to the coming "world energetic crisis."

Nobody hearkened to the apocalyptic voices from the wilderness, least of all anybody from the White House; no capitalist class, no reformist democratic power could listen to him. If they would have done so, by taking Bearden's warning seriously, the respective authorities would have applied his suggested measures of how to rescue the capitalist mode of production, by means of open surgery of its beastly heart, and by replacing it with a new, free, human organ. This could have meant real, true hope, the immediate transcendence to a new mode of creativity, to total human emancipation within a century.

Bearden revealed certain truths about current "energy production," however, nobody seems to know this, seems to realize the dangers, not only of military and corporate hoaxes, but also of energetic myths: "America's civilian nuclear technology cost a total of a trillion federal dollars yet delivers less energy than wood. The Economist says of nuclear power plants that 'not one, anywhere in the world, makes commercial sense.'

Already long ago, on August 8, 2004, in a VHeadline commentary " The emancipatory quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution" with scientific precision, I had already summarized the above as follows: "The capitalist system itself is in dialectical agony, this is what globalization, monopolization, concentration and fascism mean. This is expressed in its 'energy crisis,' in fact, an artificially created crisis, because there is sufficient energy available, right here on Earth, to distribute 'free energy' to all, even to the ants and rats. That is, the electro-magnetic energy, of 'occult physics,' from the vacuum, discovered by scientists like Tesla, Reich, Titarenko, etc. However, applying this free energy globally would detonate the very exploitative essence of capitalism, opening avenues for creativity, creation and emancipation."

What concerns us here in Venezuela is to see the real, current, global, historical developments, to see why the Damocles Sword is swinging above our heads. If we know what is happening, what is expecting us, where is the Achilles heel of these threatening United States military interventions, then we have a true chance of self.defense, by any means necessary whatsoever.

Sometimes it is very useful to refresh our memory, to study past truths. experiences and discoveries, to interlink world processes, to look at "facts" again, to draw new conclusions, new, flowing truths.

Obviously, Marx's "predictions" are coming home to roost, that is, capitalism has arrived at its alpha and omega; this means that its heart-beat, fossil energy, is also fading away, has become obsolete, like physical labor itself. For a while physical labor and oil will linger on, but both are doomed to perish.

In a dawning, transcendental horizon, in a coming world of "trimensions," of other parameters and paradigms, galactic electromagnetic, free energy is on the order of the millennium, where scalar waves are already surpassing the velocity of light, and where mankind will no more reproduce itself, rather it will create itself, new worlds and spheres of human being, existence and transcendence.

However, in the here and now, we are still faced with the current collapse of the American war economy, of the world market, and of global corporate imperialism. Because of the relevance of his findings, especially for the Bolivarian Revolution, let us again quote extensively from Bearden's most interesting essay:

"Bluntly, we foresee these factors -­ and others not covered -­ converging to a catastrophic collapse of the world economy in about eight years. As the collapse of the Western economies nears, one may expect catastrophic stress on the 160 developing nations as the developed nations are forced to dramatically curtail orders."

Now, 6 years later, we can even verify the following "prediction": "History bears out that desperate nations take desperate actions. Prior to the final economic collapse, the stress on nations will have increased the intensity and number of their conflicts, to the point where the arsenals of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) now possessed by some 25 nations, are almost certain to be released. As an example, suppose a starving North Korea launches nuclear weapons upon Japan and South Korea, including US forces there, in a spasmodic suicidal response." (Ibid.)

As stated above, it is obvious that capitalism cannot save itself anymore. Until now, it used Marx's "prophecies" to rehabilitate, to rejuvenate itself, but all these "face-liftings" have reached their nadir, as Michael Ruppert has stated, imperialism has "crossed the Rubicon," according to Bearden, ever since 2003, it cannot save anybody anymore.

"The 2003 date appears to be the critical ‘point of no return’ for the survival of civilization as we have known it. Reaching that point, say, in 2005 will not solve the crisis in time, and the collapse of the world economy as well as the destruction of civilization and the biosphere will still almost certainly occur, even with the solutions in hand.... " (Ibid.)

Having reached 2006, the year of presidential elections in Venezuela, this is our global context, this is what looms behind a possible North American invasion:

"Eerily, this very threat now looms in our not too distant future, due in large part to the increasing and unbearable stresses that escalating oil prices will elicit. So about seven years or so from now, we will enter the period of the threat of the Final Armageddon, unless we do something very, very quickly now, to totally and permanently solve the present ‘electrical energy from oil crisis.’" (Ibid.)

Of course, for now, for some years, oil will still be an urgent immediate necessity. However, the USA wants "regime change" in Venezuela, wants to conquer PDVSA again, wants to have its Quislings and lackeys, the "opposition·, back into power, to be able to ransack, pillage and destroy the South American peoples and their resources at whim and caprice of Washington DC.

The "noble eagle" with its "desert rats" are already training for tropical and jungle warfare, hence, it is just a matter of time, that we have to sound the real battle cry of "Diana" again. The Yankees, the Marines, are hell bent on capturing South America, and globally to destroy its major Eastern competitor.

Of course, there is still enough oil in the soil to toil and to survive for a while. However, during the "Big Crash" delineated above, if our black gold will be conquered by Uncle Sam, be possessed as private property of corporate imperialism, including our water resources and biodiversity, then, we, "les miserables," "the wretched of the earth," will surely die like flies.

Of course, it seems that fossil energy, oil, is not renewable, and even, if it could survive the vandalism of "Peak Oil" (Michael Ruppert), yet, in the long run, we will be devoured in the epicenter of the current Energy Moloch.

Surely, other scientists, like Siegfried Tischler or William Lyne, have other theories with regard to the origin of oil wells, their renew-ability and about "Peak Oil." At any event, of all the known energetic alternatives, already in weaponry, electromagnetic energy has won the day: it is now already indispensable for space militarization, travel and colonization. On the other hand, it is the only creating, creative ·orgone" (Wilhelm Reich) that possibly could free us from the shackles of capitalist production and destruction.

Finally, it is fine to attack the "empire," to concentrate our liberatory energy only and specifically on the ruling classes of the United States of America. Also, it is okay, to argue that the USA will attack us to gain control over our oil and gas resources, like in the olden days of colonial imperialism. Furthermore, we could argue that the USA is trying to find new markets, across ALCA, and that it is looking for cheap laborers. All this may be true.

However, in the light of what has been elaborated above, what faces us is a global imperialist corporate Leviathan in agony. This Frankenstein monster, fatally wounded by its own weapons of mass destruction, this blood-sucking vampire, this torturing Dracula, exists and lives in our very souls, it has internalized itself in our beliefs, culture, religion, customs, consumerism, habits and vices. We, also here in Venezuela, are perpetuating capitalism, care for imperialism in its old age, we are preparing the "last supper" for corporatism.

If we do not negate, do not surpass imperialism here in our universities, governments, factories and cooperatives, then we need not expect any Yankee invasion anymore. In this case, it has invaded Venezuela for centuries already, and it is massively conquering the very Bolivarian Revolution.

Correctly Eva Golinger has warned us, has begged us, to do immediate, proper house-cleaning, if not, within months, we will throw the Bolivarian baby together with its bath through the window of world capitalism.