Franz J.T. Lee, March, 2006

Keynes was right, if this continues, then we will all be stone dead very soon

It is with great pleasure that we note that our commentaries and editorials are being discussed widely on a world scale ... in both our English and Spanish editions. Especially during the last months, many readers have increased their visits to be informed about Venezuelan democratic reality.

On January 25, 2006, for example, we published a VHeadline commentary that went around the globe and was republished and discussed extensively in various forums. Among them the Stormfront Forum.

The article in question is: "Franz J. T. Lee, After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 'Big Crash' of the United States?"

Of course, the theme is very provocative and it is important that it should be discussed in the USA and Canada. The commentary, in its totality, was reproduced in the forum.

Today Venezuela could belong to the "axis of evil" because of her natural resources that the US economy so dearly needs; however, tomorrow Canada itself may be on the list, and for the very same economic reasons. In fact, this very theme was discussed in the forum.

After a most interesting, heavy, but serious intellectual crossfire, the discussions epitomized in the following really surprising dilemma:

"Both you and Coldstar are right: I think the point is that the transition from a US-dominated dollar-denominated international economy to something else (as yet unknown) is going to be a messy, probably protracted affair. I too am convinced of its inevitability."
"Keynes said, 'in the end we are all dead', in response to Bretton Woods."

The above messages touch the very core of the revolutionary issue, which for me was a great pleasure to follow, to relish academically. Furthermore, after a decade of existence, defending democracy in Venezuela and elsewhere, these kind of debates, educationally generated and sparked off by, surely demonstrate the excellent praxical and theoretical quality of all our journalists and the important tasks awaiting us way ahead.

For now, as can be witnessed above, the whole debate terminated in a healthy contradiction: "Both you and Coldstar are right" ... this is something unheard of in formal logics, in "political correctness," namely, that the relation between two opposites could actually win the dialectical, economic prize, that both the masters and the slaves could be "right" in the defense of their class interests.

What is amazing in the discussion was the fact that nobody arrived at the obvious crossing of the capitalist Rubicon, to consult the centuries old expert on bourgeois, capitalist, economic matters on current affairs of globalization, that nobody mentioned his stringent predictions, or the works of his followers, for example, Ernst Mandel's "Late Capitalism."

I mean Karl Marx, who, according to a recent poll of Radio 4 of the BBC, still is the most important philosopher of history, of all times; it was he who had explained with scientific and philosophic precision the tendential laws of development of capitalism, especially from national, competitive liberalism, from "good capitalism," of which billions still dream, even Bolivarian revolutionaries, to international fascist barbarism. Actually both of his major works, inspired by G.W.F. Hegel's "Phenomenology of Mind" and his "Science of Logic," (with the fraternal collaboration of Friedrich Engels) deserve the grade summa cum laude.

Of course, in terms of historical, developmental phases, to "predict" the inexorable final collapse of a closed, unilateral, universal process, especially such a straightforward parasitic one like capitalism, is not such an impossible mission for an excellent Marxist dialectician, for a pupil of the philosophic titan, Hegel.

It was on the basis of this Marxist "prediction" ... of how the realization of the French and Industrial Revolutions would eventually take place in Globalization ... that I made my scientific "prediction" about the coming global collapse of corporate imperialism: that is, seen across current progressive, geometric, global pauperization, severe world recession and depression, the abysmal fall of profit rates, the difficulty to realize surplus value, as a result of over-production, the growing organic composition of capital, that is currently throwing millions of living physical laborers out of production, by replacing them with "dead" machines and computers instead, that produce no surplus value in themselves anymore, across rapid socialization of production, breath-taking concentration, centralization and monopolization of capital, ending up with war economies, world wars, with destruction of capital and labor forces, with global fascism, with a mode of destruction, with total destruction of humanity itself.

The obvious one seldom notices. We do not see the warning light at the foot of the watch-tower. Unfortunately, this also was part of the shortcomings of many debates, the true, real quintessence of the coming collapse of the world market was not discussed. Without this debate, we could never approximate the true revolutionary and the real emancipatory tasks of our era.

World revolution and emancipation concern a great love for humanity, but carrying them out on this imperialist planet has nothing to do love affairs or world peace. We have to confront a brutal, monstrous Behemoth, a Leviathan, among other things, this implies the annihilation of the world market, the generator of corporate imperialism, which will cost millions of lives.  Sad to say, the continuation of the current state of affairs, of the globalization of Nazism will end up with billions of massacred human beings, and will leave an earth behind, that will even have difficulties to keep radio-active cockroaches in agony alive.

Anything else than demolishing the heartbeat of world imperialism, would be tantamount to procrastination, to capitulate in front of the class thieves of our time.

What has been built up with the blood, sweat and lives of millions will unfortunately also be annihilated with millions of lives. Let us make no mistake about this. This the elitist gang of the USA knows pretty well. That is why it produces WMDs en masse.

They are not there to kill "terrorists," there are too few, real, true terrorists on earth, just a few families, to be eliminated by such a huge amount of deadly weapons, but there are sufficient billions of "cattle" whose physical labor has become obsolete, the lethal and fatal arms are there to fulfill the dream of globalization to get rid of "poverty" once and for all, everywhere, also in the metropolitan countries themselves.

Anybody that wants to make and think revolution in this epoch, who still daydreams about saving mankind, has no alternative but to study Marx's "Capital," and to update its findings with modern realities, that in no way would affect his essential discoveries. As long as capitalism exists, Marx will live on.

Nothing really new can enter, is allowed to enter a closed world order, not from the macro-, not from the micro- and not from the meso-cosmos! Only by means of an exodus, something new and original, that is something creative, could enter our lives. Divine creation has stopped long ago, it is as old as Methusalem, capitalist production only destroys, and that is not precisely an emancipatory characteristic of the new, of New Wo/Man.

Long ago, our grandparents woke up one morning, and Great Britain was no more ruling the waves. Who would have thought about that during the Great Industrial Revolution?

Our parents woke up one morning and the Soviet Union was no more. Who would have thought about that in 1945?

We woke up one morning and the World Trade Center, the eternal symbol of the capitalist world market, was no more there, the Twin Towers are gone forever. Who would have imagined that in 2000?

Certainly, we warned not only about a possible collapse of the bankrupt economy of the USA, but also of the whole capitalist, imperialist corporate world market in its totality. This is not a matter of wishful thinking, of mechanical automatism, of primitive "collapse theory," it is simply the inexorable logic of a transhistoric reality that across the ages was produced and reproduced by the exploited labor forces of billions that are now suffering the bitter fruits of ages of global capital accumulation and profit-mongering.

Because of brain-washing, especially in the metropolitan countries, millions cannot understand the concomitant and corresponding European and North American ruling class arrogance, racism, corruption and vices, that are direct dominating social products of this transhistoric physical and mental holocaust; many cannot see the "Big Crash," they still cling desperately to capitalism, to the sinking titanic corpse, they are still caught up in a wonderful virtual dream world of eternal master-slave relations.

This is the reason why at this very late hour, organized, pertinent, international unity and solidarity against the current genocidal wars of the Bush administration still cannot come into existence in the ice-cold, temperate, metropolitan countries. Let us just hope that the metropolitan workers, who are our natural allies, will not wake up only when they hear the ominous tingling of St. Peter's radioactive, heavenly keys, or the approximating sounds of the heavy, bloody, war boots of the modern Gestapo, in their orgiastic, pathological glee to fill to the brim all the coming United States concentration camps and torture chambers across the whole globe.

It happened to the rebelling slaves in ancient Miletus, in the birthplace of capitalism, it happened in the Dark Ages in Spain, it happened in King Leopold's Congo, it happened in Nazi Germany, it happened in Stalinist Russia, it happened already in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why should it not happen again in a country that has the monopoly to fabricate and stockpile the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction that the world ever has seen?

After having digested all these realities, if we really still want to save mankind from extinction within the next decades, then we better should sit down and study very seriously Marxian economics, update everything, and surpass it in an emancipatory spirit.

If not, Keynes will be proved right: very soon all of us will be stone dead.