Franz J.T. Lee, February, 2006

Venezuela oppressed and exploited by United States corporate imperialism

Concerning Mr. Tim Brummett's letter: "Your corruption-ridden, crime-ridden nation will be swept under so fast" ... did I understand him, very well?

Essentially he told us the following:

1) Basically, we Venezuelans, nearly all of us, as a nation, are "corruption-ridden and crime-ridden," and this is one of the reasons why North America eventually will sweep all of us, off the face of the earth.

2) However, he simply does not understand "why do Venezuelans feel so oppressed by the USA?"

3) He accuses us that all of a sudden, we have forgotten all the years of American "assistance and aid in developing" our natural resources, including oil.

4) We even ignore the fact that the USA currently is at war with a terrible, inhuman enemy whose only goal is to kill and maim those who do not believer what they believe." In other words, he is "fighting terrorism," the "axis of evil," to which Venezuela now also belongs.

5) As a newborn prophet he is convinced of the following: "These Islamic murderers are coming no matter what."

6) He appeals to us, "as fellow Christians," to understand that we all "are under attack,"

7) He concludes with a typical oxymoron, that really let the cat out of the bag, by claiming that he ... America ... is "not Venezuela's enemy," but in the same breath, he is "getting really mad" at us and, if we really want "to pick a fight with the USA, then let's do it."

8) Typically, he concludes as follows: "God Bless America -- God Bless Venezuela -- God give wisdom to Hugo Chavez."

Now, because here in Venezuela, guaranteed by our democratic constitution, and our laws, we respect the inalienable right, the total freedom of thought, speech and expression of anybody and because here exists no censorship whatsoever, I have firstly, to take his views into scientific consideration.

This applies to all kinds of views, no matter whether they are fascist, nazi, Christian, pagan, civilized, western, Arab, democratic, socialist or communist. We listen to what the individual has to say, how s/he thinks, what s/he represents and defends ... in a nut-shell, democratically, we first affirm any world outlook and views that confront us.

How are we going to discuss, if we do not even listen, do not even know how our adversary acts and think.

In this democratic spirit, I summarized what he wrote above. And, I dearly ask him also to listen very carefully to what i have to say below.

I know what he is saying, I studied it for decades, I heard it over and over already. In fact, once upon a time, enjoying "Bantu Education" in Nazi, White South Africa, I had similar views, like him. I have been a Christian, having passed through three Christian churches: Anglican, Roman Catholic and Dutch-Reformed. I know how to beg for blessings.

I was educated in an Apartheid society, that had a lot of similarities with the current USA, Nazi Germany, the Stalinist Soviet Union and Zionist Israel. I know how one swings diatribal flags and rattle down anti-Semite, anti-terrorist, anti-communist slogans.

I am not "white," I know what it is to be classified as "Black," and how to affirm race prejudice, racial discrimination and racism. I studied Voltaire and Montesquieu, and they told me that they cannot understand how the almighty God, who is goodness in himself, could have placed a soul, and even worse, a good soul in such a black body like mine. In fact, including Hegel, they were convinced that my black fellow Christians and I do not serve either for the use or the abuse of philosophy.

In church, as a "Non-European," God's blessings did not reach me, because I was simply a "speaking tool," a "carrier of water and a hewer of wood" for my Boer "Israelite" masters, for the chosen people, who like Bush today walk and talk with God.

Mr. Brummett, are you listening, following, do you begin to understand what we are trying to say?

I know what is metropolitan arrogance, is colonial ideology; at school, I learned by heart, that I am "the white man's burden" that I am a native, and that my forefathers were apes, a cannibals and savages, ... later we were told that we are not fit to form a modern state, that we are a ""corruption-ridden and crime-ridden" nation.

Yes, you are right, there is a lot of evidence that this is a global epidemic.

We read all about Col-gate, Water-gate, Niger-gate and Angola-gate, about Enron, about Parlamat; we saw what the Cisneros, Mendozas or Capriles were doing here, we heard that huge sums of money, equivalent to three or even four "Marshall Plans," have disappeared, long before anybody ever heard about Chavez.

How right you are!

But, as you reminded us, we forgot what our colonial masters did for us, how they quartered us for sports, how they rotted us out, because we did not want to become slaves, how our continents were plundered and pillaged. We also forgot how we were "blood-sucked" via our "open veins" (Eduardo Galeano) and what the North American "plague" (Simon Bolivar) had done to us, and about the "unequal exchange" (Samir Amin) on the world market over the last decades. We forgot that it was the fairy godfather, the USA, its CIA, its World Bank, its International Monetary Fund, its White House, its NASA, and its Pentagon that all the years gave us "assistance and aid in developing our natural resources, including oil."

Really, more and more, I begin to understand you, how you reason! Do you also try to understand what I am saying?

It has nothing to do with Marxism, Communism or Terrorism! It is simply a world reality, which you do not know, do not want to know, in which you do not live.

If you cannot understand us, then, at least our readers will begin to doubt, to question the "absolute truths" of The New York Times, the "gospel truths" of Fox News, the "common sense" of CNN and the "facts" of the Miami Herald about Chavez and Venezuela.

But, let's continue to investigate you and your world outlook towards Venezuela. .

We, ungrateful creatures, instead of enjoying the Christmas and Christian crumbs falling from the opulent table of our Northern Big Brother, who has enabled us to visit Disney Land, to see President Mickey Mouse, to thank Bill Dagobert Duck, who has given us so much love and charity, nothing less than $US 15 billion to the poor of this world. Yes, we forgot all this, also the global corporate business of Microsoft whose annual profits surpass this sum, probably even the annual budgets of our continents.

You say that the USA currently is at war with "a terrible, inhuman enemy," I am sure this "enemy" is not only Osama bin Laden, and his gang of Al-Qaeda "terrorists," it is everybody or everything that is Arab, or which possesses oil or gas. Don't you know this?

Do you know that the USA consumes over 40% of the energy resources of the globe, that there exists a world energy crisis?

Do you know that North America is a war economy, that lives from war, from death, from genocide, that must generate world wars, when it is in severe crisis, a world system that must show its true colors, the brown fascist ones, and in agony must throw away its democratic veil that covers the bloody face of its corporate "statue of liberty,"

Ever since its very inception, since the "Bill of Rights," already for centuries, the transhistoric, imperialist highway of the USA was (and still is) covered with the innocent blood and corpses of millions and millions of victims of its "foreign policy" and "national interests."

You need not threaten us, need not tell lies, no country in the world was or is so stupid as to declare war against the USA. This not even Stalin or Hitler dared to do. The aggressor, the USA, under its Dracula cloak of the "liberator" always was on the attack. Now imagine telling the world that Afghanistan or Iraq, Bin Laden or Hussein, Iran or Venezuela, that these "terrible, inhuman enemies," all want "to kill and maim" the North American peoples.

What you wrote is an old Orwellian ideological trick, to put things topsy-turvy, to accuse others of what you are really doing, to use them as "scapegoats," as "enemies," to deviate attention away from your own corruption and war crimes. Please, this trick is already stale, it was used by all historical tyrants and dictators, from the Tyrants of Syracuse, to Draco, to Nero and Caligula, from Stalin to Hitler, from Mussolini to Salazar and Franco, and now, it was used by Bush I and Bush II, the first one was a global tragedy, the second one is an American farce, full of "Twin Tower" and "terrorist" hoaxes.

In 50 years from now, when the real, true documents will be declassified, when it will not matter anymore, because possibly the whole planet will then be radio-active and scorched, you and I could meet and discuss this issue again, that is, the Truth about the "Project for a New American Century," about the Achilles' Heel of North America, and about the decimation of millions and millions of obsolete, physical, manual laborers across the planets.

With all the freedom of thought and of the press in the USA, I bet that the "patriot acts" will not allow you to publish the truth, and you may even land in jail, may disappear, and nobody ever would know what happened to you.

Well, wake up, study your patriotism, you are not as innocent as you pretend to be, you know much better, we are living in the Third Millennium, and not in McCarthyism or the European Dark Ages!

Stop using that "friend-enemy" Nazi propaganda; Hitler used it, and you have learned it from the house philosophers of the American fascist version of National Socialism, from Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss. That kind of thoughts led to declaring Jews, communists, gypsies and Africans as "enemies" of the friendly "Third Reich,"

Millions of them landed in concentration camps, were brutally murdered by weapons of mass destruction. Look around in the USA, you will see these weapons of mass destruction stockpiled all over, and the concentration camps and CIA "torture chambers" are also there, not only in Guantanamo or in Eastern Europe, directly at home, sweet home.

Hence, Christian Friend of Venezuela, first look at yourself in the mirror of reality, there you will see the real, true Bin Laden, the one and only terrorist, and not a CIA fabricated phantom. What you see there in the mirror of globalization are not the "Islamic murderers" who "are coming no matter what," rather you are seeing the United States CIA, paramilitary troops and Marines who are preparing themselves to invade Iran and Venezuela any moment.

Now, after you have been listening to my views, and perhaps have understood and even learned something, what human worth do you think these centuries old pharisaic Christian blessings still contain: "God Bless America -- God Bless Venezuela -- God give wisdom to Hugo Chavez?"

You know that wherever the greenback ... that supposedly trusts in God ... goes, Rumsfeld's armies follow. In the meantime nobody, not even God, blesses or trusts the US dollar at all anymore, already now it needs 40% devaluation, soon it will not be worth a farthing.

We do not "feel" oppressed by the USA, we permanently "are being" oppressed and exploited by United States corporate imperialism.