Franz J.T. Lee, February, 2006

In Venezuela, under Chavez' government, we do not live in virtual heaven...

If the world is really interested in what is happening here, where I am living and working for a quarter of a century already, in "tiny" Venezuela, the question arises is it also interested in big things, in "Big Brother," in the true events that surround the bombing of the "Twin Towers," genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq, "patriot acts," and the United States' "torture chambers" around the globe?

Anibal Miranda D. commentary At the Bolivarian Watershed:  A new political-social challenge for Venezuela  challenges contemporary reality in Venezuela and the relevance of its Bolivarian Revolution that we wholeheartedly support and democratically defend.

Or do we have discriminatory double standards? What is good for Pontius seems to be no good for Pilate!

If Anibal Miranda is seriously interested in the well-being of 35% of the population of Venezuela ... in fact before 1998 the figure was much greater ... then please study the real historical roots of poverty.

Millions do not become poor just like that, overnight ... within six years. Did Anibal ever write something about poverty in Venezuela before 1998? If not, why suddenly now?

What happened to Venezuela's oil wealth over the last decades? Long before Chavez came into power, who was it who stole about four "Marshall Plans" of the wealth of Venezuela?

If you want to tell the truth, then please tell the Whole Truth!

Why do you not ask the Adecos and Copeyanos, the 'opposition,' why a "country with plenty of petrol, natural marvels and idyllic beaches since the sixties (and even long before) have got roughly 35 % of population living in extreme poverty."

Here in Venezuela, we do not live in a virtual heaven ... under the Chavez government there is poverty, misery and exploitation. Nobody with a sane and healthy mind ... especially not Chavez ... would deny the realities that are being produced and reproduced by any capitalist regime and which we have here.

North American capitalism has produced over 40 million who live daily in dire poverty and misery under bridges ... as compared to the opulent capitalist parasites of Miami, Beverly Hills or those who have their skyscrapers in New York.

Furthermore, with due respect, what did the "sui generis social and political system" of Carlos Andres Perez do to the "poor," to 3,000 victims on February 27-28, 1989?

Perez was not in office for 26 days, when innocent workers' blood was already flowing on the streets of Caracas. What do you think Pedro Carmona Estanga and Carlos Ortega had in mind in 2002?

What make you think that Perez' "democratic" government was not "chaotic"? And the famous eternally drunken President, Jaime Lusinchi?

There is much to criticize in current Venezuela, and I do it daily, but half-truths, onesidedness and open lies surely do not inform the world about Venezuela.

Of course, like before Chavez, all forms of high level corruption and wasted resources still exist here ... but this is natural in capitalism ... even in the USA.

All the vices inherited from the past exist here ... perpetrated by ex-Copeyanos and ex-Adecos, who have changed their appearance ... who now act like wolves in red apparel ...capitalist corruption, clientilism, bureaucracy, politickery, you name it ... are still breeding here.

That a new wealthy middle class came into existence here within seven years is a fact, that makes the old decadent, overthrown political classes green with envy. This has happened all over, even in South Africa, where the "freedom fighters" of yesteryear, have changed over to the "Robovolution" ... and they are now forming the wealthy black capitalist middle class, that is currently in power, who (like you) do not want to hear anything about revolution anymore.

Be realistic for once ... overnight, like mushrooms, true, real revolutionaries can not sprout up from our Bolivarian soil. It took centuries to introduce this neocolonial system that you so vehemently defend here in Venezuela ... it will take decades to establish what you call "communism."

Please be a bit more scientific, give us a real opportunity; at least till 2030, capitalism had its turn, it was violently established here across five centuries.

Could it be that you do not have the foggiest idea what socialism and communism are all about?

Did you see the huge, massive Bolivarian demonstration in Caracas on February 4, 2006? Why do you think those hundreds of thousands of poor people were marching? Was it because the huge mass media, Globovision, El Nacional, CNN, Fox News, have confounded them, because Chavez had manipulated or indoctrinated them, or had cast an evil spell, the Bolivarian Revolution, on them?

I can assure you, the real reasons concern the things that you and many others do not even have the capacity anymore to perceive. They are called projects that concern land, work, education, clothing and food, that are constantly being sabotaged by the counter-revolutionary "gusanos" ... by the hundreds of "anti-chavista" worms within the very Bolivarian movement itself.

Also this is natural, a revolution within capitalism is not a holy, immaculate conception.

Chavez has given the real endeavors of his government a name, he calls it Love. Ever heard about this political concept? Well, it is Bolivarian, it is revolutionary!

The poor of Venezuela simply love their President, and, if ever the USA should commit the fatal error of invading Venezuela ... or to assassinate President Chavez ... the innocent blood of those millions who demonstrate in defense of democracy will flow in rivers in the Venezuelan cities, again, like April 11-14, 2002, in defense of their constitution, their Citizen Power, their Bolivarian Revolution, in honor and love for their President Hugo Chavez Frias.

Then we will know what is popular "anarchy," what is "dictatorship" of the exploited workers. I know that you do not like "dictators," what should we do with them? Perhaps send them to the "concentration camps" all over the globe? Or give them the royal treatment with low intensity atomic weapons, with the plutonium enriched mother of all bombs, with bunker busters? If Rumsfeld and Rice continue with their diatribal threats, this is what we will expect us very soon here.

As the German philosopher Hegel so poignantly stated: Everything that comes into existence merits to pass away. The puntofijista ancien regime had its festival of vandalism, it faded into oblivion. Before Chavez arrived, Caldera's political emergency was constructed on a vacuum of power in Venezuela, it also disappeared into thin air, hence, on the ashes of Carlos Andres Perez and of Rafael Caldera the Fifth Republic of Venezuela came into existence.

After a bloody failed coup attempt, that we could interpret how we feel, eventually, the very people of Venezuela electorally sanctioned it, and brought Chavez into political power. How Bush came into power twice that is a North American business, only the angels would know the truth, however, he and Rumsfeld scientifically should first compare themselves with Hitler, Rommel, Goering and Goebbels, to see the Orwellian Nazi similarities, before they make stupid unscientific remarks about President Chavez of Venezuela.

You are completely right "the social balance in Venezuela" has become worse, under Chavez...

At last, it has become imbalanced. If you would have studied your adversaries better, to know how they think, to fight them better, you would have noticed that the real concept is called "class struggle," and not what you call a primitive "class battle" ... and that there are many social classes in Venezuela, in total conflict with each other since ages.

Whether you know it or not, consciously or unconsciously, you act like the lethal mouthpiece of specific parasitic classes in Venezuela and abroad, that in their mass media always masticate, fulminate and ruminate the very same old ideological straw over and over again, until they themselves believe in their own crap, in their sterile arguments, and in this way they defend and perpetuate their class interests.

Very few political leaders ever have cared about the poor in Latin America like Chavez and Fidel Castro ... in the end the poor always pay the highest price ... they always end up as cannon fodder or military guinea-pigs.

For the first time in Venezuela, Chavez tries to do something for them ... and really doing this was his sentence to death by North American democracy "of, by and for the people."

Do you really think that if as a "future" President of Venezuela, Gustavo Cisneros would really care for the "tin-collectors" who for ages live like monkeys in the mountains of Caracas? Do you really care for them? Then, like us ... like the "Castro-Communists" ... come and live with them, let us care for them, let they care for us!

You define "social balance," that in the past only existed for the rich ... because the poor became mentally unbalanced ... as follows: "Inexistent social institutions, fiscal opacity, austere budget and general civil disobedience of laws have become more noticeable in this presidential period than others in the past."

Really, we have to ask you where do you live, who informs you, how can somebody be so blind, so ignorant? About which epoch are you speaking? Not a single one of the above lies is true. I will not waste my time to verify truths that are as clear as daylight.

But it is not your fault.  Like so many others, unless you are one of the engineers of lies and hoaxes, you are also a sad victim of globalization, dangerously affected of disinformation campaigns and wars. To recognize this, would be the first step to look at Venezuela from all sides, and to see current Latin American reality very clearly. I will not comment on your remarks about Latin America in general. This I leave to the experts in that field.

However, as mentioned before, there are mountains of problems here, simply because the very world system is in jeopardy, and that mankind itself is currently threatened with extinction, as the result of the preparation of coming world wars, of wars of ideas and information, of the project for a new North American century, all generated by the United States bankrupt war economy, the world energetic crisis and the militarization of the globe and of space.

To blame Chavez for everything ... for all this ... would be tantamount to a pathological state of mind called cognitive dissonance or even psychotic disassociation.

Chavez does not produce "class-battles" ... the world system that you defend has caused hundreds of class struggles long before Marx or Chavez ever were born. Just study history, even your Holy Bible, to be well informed. "Secular anarchy" reigned for centuries in Europe, especially in Spain during the Inquisition. What "political turmoil" do you think the "evil" French Revolution brought about, especially under the guillotine during its "reign of terror."

Really you are psychic, you have supernatural powers, you can see into the future of Venezuela. Unless the USA invades soon, we will have here a "dictatorial regime in the near future."

Did you know that the gambler Carlos Ortega and his gang openly stated that if they could overthrow Chavez with the help of the USA, that then they would install a "dictatorship of 15 or 20 years" here.

Would that not be a "dictatorial regime"?

Or do you think in double standards again?

Finally, in your opinion, if that is "democracy" that reigns in Europe and the USA ... and if this what really and truly exists here in Venezuela is "communism," then, for the future of humanity: Down with "Democracy," long live "Communism"!