Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2006

Chavez and Venezuela: Are we waiting for Bush to fetch us one by one?

'Beware the beast man, for he is the devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport, or lust or greed. Yes, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair: For he is the harbinger of death'
--Dr. Zaius, Planet Of The Apes-

This time, how will the sudden appearance of the CIA phantom Osama Bin Laden affect us here in Venezuela? Let us spotlight this horrendous coming transhistoric panorama.

It is simply incredible to see how slavery, feudalism and capitalism (including their "real, existing socialist" and "national socialist" modern brands, the two sides of the very same imperialist coin) by means of a master-slave superstructure, already master-minded across two millennia, have succeeded to fabricate world religions, global ideologies, social lies and individual hoaxes that have captured, deactivated, decapitated, controlled and manipulated the minds, hearts and heads of billions of innocent chattel slaves, toiling peasants and serfs, indentured laborers and modern physical and intellectual wage-slaves, into peaceful channels and religious avenues, into the physical and spiritual acceptance and reproduction of their very own coming extinction ... of economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, genocidal militarization and total human alienation.

The result is that the absolute majority of the current world population of over 6 billion who have enjoyed modern socialization and education have simply swallowed bait, hook, sinker and poisoned shark, nearly all the hoaxes and lies of their masters that were fabricated over the last millennia, and that till this day are still serving eternal ruling class interests, that systematically perpetuate ignorance, bondage, misery and poverty.

Like what happened to Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, if humanity should still survive, and the USA should succeed to oust the Bolivarian government, school children of future generations will be taught about the big "tyrant" and "dictator" Chavez of Caracas.

Perhaps they never would know who Chavez really was, and what the Bolivarian Revolution tried to achieve in Latin America.

In fact, it seems that many Venezuelans still can not grasp what a fantastic, exceptional president they have. Just imagine Pedro Estanga or Gustavo Cisneros, drowned in rivers of innocent blood as future presidents of Venezuela!

But let us be optimistic, and take the long view of our revolutionary path. of our "no easy walk to freedom."

From the very onset, still ignoring racist white and black painting, the ancient Greeks, the founders of modern "civilized" and Christian" capitalism, discriminated the northern "barbarians," the future Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon races, among them the Germans and Britons. These historic roots of race prejudice and hatred, of feudal religious discrimination, penetrated European capitalist ideology, but also early socialist theory. As late as 1848, Marx and Engels still categorized us, our continents, our countries, as being "barbarian" and "semi-barbarian." All these were transmitted to us directly via conquest, colonial education and cultural imperialism.

Among the big lies and hoaxes that shattered our very souls, that alienated our minds, were the fairy tales of Jewish-Christian divine exclusiveness, of European race purity and superiority, for example, that we in Africa are third class descendants of the biblical Ham "who saw the nakedness of his father," and was thus disgracefully "demoted" to the "least important" category of human existence. Thus we Africans were reduced to black "carriers of water and hewers of wood," to slaves for our white masters. Modern Zionism continues this tradition of so-called Palestinian race inferiority. All these lies and fancy stories taught to children sparked off the historic genesis of current racist ideology of global fascism.

Another Big Lie, that especially vindicated European and North American arrogance was the "discovery" of the "New World" by Christopher Columbus.

Millions and millions of children all over, across half a millennium, were taught this bare-faced untruth.

The library of the Vatican has all the historic evidence that centuries before African fleets sailed to America, and that Columbus used their very navigation knowledge, maps and charts. He knew exactly in which direction he had to sail, especially what he had to bring back to Europe, hence there was absolutely nothing to discover, to fear, not even that his valiant crew could have gotten lost, could have been devoured by black cannibals or yellow dragons, or even would have fallen down the pillars of Hercules, into Hades.

Till this day, in America, except in Venezuela, we are still celebrating the colonial holiday, the "day of the race," in thanksgiving that at last the Christian and Catholic Inquisition had discovered and colonized us, could bring us our white, blonde, blue-eyed Savior. Today, more than ever, in Venezuela, with our very lives we still defend this "soul of soulless conditions," Made in Europe. This is a sure breeding place of all kinds of fabricated hoaxes.

In this sense, to fight lies, we urgently need a historic memory, historic refreshment; thus, never mind what Bush will say or do, in Venezuela a "Mission Historic Class Consciousness and Struggle," that is, a "Mission Marx" against capitalism-imperialism is long overdue; without it, this time for the very last time, by means of a world fascist computer "post-capitalism," we will surely be completely conquered, technologically bamboozled, thoroughly indoctrinated by means of chips implanted at birth. In Switzerland, some dogs have theirs already ... in the USA foreigners who visit the "land of a million opportunities" and who come for "pleasure" will soon be located via satellite wherever they go by means of a chip and the world positioning system.

Furthermore, in this process of destruction of our rational faculties, also of all our remaining PSI-factors, electromagnetically we will be mind-controlled by the use of HAARP programs, ELF and scalar waves, as "Manchurian Candidates"; according to the Patriot Acts, and their future amendments and applications, in Mkultra experiments, our children will function as guinea-pigs in genetic engineering and cloning projects of the Pentagon, to create new, perfect soldiers.

Surely, George Orwell and Thomas Huxley with envy would turn in their graves if confronted by such unimaginable upcoming realities, not only in the USA, but everywhere else too. Dictated by the USA, already now all European passports need biometric photos, soon iris scanning will be a necessity to travel to the land of pleasure.

Truly, this time, Big Brother will not give us Bible lessons, will not teach us how to genuflect in front of wooden crosses, how to kiss rosaries and ice-cold, numb cement statues, and how to prostrate ourselves in front of divine popes. This time brutally he will decimate us by the millions, will show us beautiful mushroom patterns over our cities, will show us awesome mortal fireworks over Baghdad, Tehran and Caracas.

Other scientific hoaxes concern the past armament race of the superpowers and the military conquest of space that were launched after the intra-imperialist World War II, during the "Cold War" era.

It concerns the Russian hoax that Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, and the American super-lie that Neil Armstrong was the first human being who was dancing the historic "hip-hop" on the Moon.  In the first case, it was Sergei Vladimir Ilyushin, Jr. who flew around the globe and made a crash landing in China; in the second case, the very Russians discovered that Armstrong in all probability never flew to the Moon, that he had acted the whole drama in a Hollywood film, made in the Nevada Desert, in Paradise Ranch, Watertown Strip, Area 51. This is the secret military base that the American Skylab astronauts by accident have photographed. A comparison with photos from that area, and with those supposedly taken on the Moon show definite similarity.

Really the Yankee think tanks can tell us anything, and we just have to believe in it.

The Master Hoax of all times, placing the Reichtagsbrand and Pearl Harbor into its shadow, is Bush's fantastic "Thousand And One Night" Arab story about what happened on September 11, 2001, at the "Twin Towers" in New York.

However, of relevance are the inventions of the CIA ... the creation of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the "terrorists."

Just how they believe in hell and the devil, uncritically manipulated billions devour the "news" in the big daily papers and journals as the "gospel truth," as the "palabra de dios." Now and then, the Pentagon tests with the eternal "hit" 'The return of Bin Laden', whether the world public is still on track.

This total mind and thought control, this destruction of thinking and thought processes, of the human essence and existence, is frightening indeed. In the metropolitan countries the subjective factor is withering away, there is nothing moral to appeal to anymore; in the big cities, thousands of marauding robots and zombies, partially already unemployed for life, compose the lonely crowds. Progressively human feeling, social consciousness, class struggle and global emancipation are being wiped out. This fatal danger nobody seems to register.

On April 11-14, 2002, during the failed military coup, like nowhere else on the globe anymore, massively, million-fold, this Latin American revolutionary, popular feeling was present in the streets of Venezuela, was defending its beloved "tyrant" and "dictator." In Bolivia it is awakening again. However, in the December 4, 2005 elections of the national assembly there were signs that it was slowly fading away.

Could any Bolivarian guess why?

Lackadaisical triumphalism, a sure pathological symptom of counter-revolutionary mind and thought control, now threatens Venezuela, combined with corruption, it shakes the very popular class foundation of the Bolivarian Revolution. If ever we would like to reach the December 2006 presidential elections, safe and sound, then now already we need an avalanche of human awareness and class consciousness to be able to triumph again.

One fact is certain, we are in the epicenter of the worst psychological war ever fought on planet Earth: the imperialist, corporate war to annihilate difference, negation, resistance, contradiction, dialectics, consciousness, self-consciousness, sovereignty, the living quintessence of the very human species.

Materially, there is abundant economic assistance for just about everything imaginable, but for the liberation and protection of the sacred human mind, that is, for projects to end the current state of intellectual decay, to stop the mental holocaust, only meager financial crumbs are falling from the masters' tables, are approved by the ministries of education and information,

In fact, concerning the lowest classes, for centuries this spiritual dimension was left in the hands of god, of the Church, of its religious hierarchy, its high priests and missions. Surely our educational media like Telesur, our radio and TV stations, our websites and newspapers are aimed at trying to resolve this immense problem, however, even on a world scale, all these valiant, militant endeavors, as compared to the ideological arms of the class enemy, are just a few cold drops on the red-hot global fascist lava.

On the other hand, like in the past, for its genocidal plans, to realize its "Project for a New American Century," the USA, like in Nazi Germany, has to create phantoms, "an absolute enemy" (Carl Schmitt, the house philosopher of the neocons of Bush) "black sheep," its "communists," "Arabs" and "terrorists," its Castro, Hussein and Bin Laden, its hoaxes, its Reichtagsbrand," its "Pearl Harbor" and its "Twin Towers," to convince the mind-controlled governments, the United Nations and the world public about the necessity to extinguish these lairs of terrorist vipers, the "axis of evil."

In reality, all this concerns the battle for world hegemony, neutralization of other competitors and imperialist conquest of the few remaining natural and energetic resources, oil, gas, oxygen, water and biodiversity.

Millions of United States dollars are being invested to disseminate big lies about Chavez, claiming that he is a dictator, a tyrant; also a "homosexual," an anti-semite, also to spread top "news" about the violent Bolivarian "hordes," the disrespect for "human rights" (for capitalist rights) here in Venezuela, about human and drug trafficking, supporting terrorists and guerrillas, of violating press freedom, of having political prisoners, of expansionist military aggression, of nurturing Castro-communism, you name it, Chavez is Draco, Pontius Pilate, Nero, Robespierre, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini ... Blair, Bush, all in one, a diabolical unomnia, a Satanic One and All.

We want news, all the above are characteristics of the very Bush administrative military junta!

The whole world is being forced to accept the USA as the omnipotent global boss that can do whatever it pleases in the name of "democracy" and "civilization." When any political leader or any country rebels against this imperialist arrogance and megalomania, then he is a tyrant and dictator, and the country is being added to the "axis of evil."

Does nobody notice that this is currently happening to Chavez and Venezuela? Are we waiting for Bush to fetch us one by one?

Thus, the latest and most criminal, imperialist and corporate hoax is the demonization of President Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution on a world scale. It concerns the elimination of the spearhead of a potential revival of massive, global, popular resistance, of the rediscovery of scientific and philosophic socialism, of proletarian internationalism, of international proletarianization of the revolution.

When will all OPEC members, perhaps also including Russia, China and India, try to stop Bush, by threatening fully to change over to petro-euros, also by not delivering one drop of oil to the USA should it attack at whim any member or individual state?

Petro-dollars form the life wire of the USA; who changes over to petro-euros is immediately a military target for "shock and awe," so Iran and Venezuela, including China, beware!

Why will such a collective resistance scenario never happen? Simply, because only the United Nations could approve something on this dramatic level, furthermore, the UNO itself is precisely an organ of United States world hegemony. To stop Bush, to eliminate capitalism and imperialism from this world, is not the historic task of any States, governments, rulers, institutions or armies based on middle and upper classes, or on proprietors of private means of production, but a historic necessity for billions of laborers of this world. For them it is People's Power or Human Death, Socialism or Barbarism.

An emancipatory process, anywhere on the globe, that is not based on the workers of the world, on the producers of wealth and power, on the some 90% of 6 billion physical workers, whose labor power partially has become obsolete already, also not based on the infinitesimal intellectual labor force, that together with machines produce the lion's share of the current merchandise on the world market, that is mainly being traded between metropolitan countries themselves, such a non-proletarian "liberatory" process, void of class struggles, has no future, that is, in it mankind will have no future whatsoever.

The only revolutionary "panacea" against all lies and hoaxes of the dominant ruling classes is praxical and philosophic knowledge, is emancipatory truth, is workers' historic, social, class consciousness.

Hence, the immediate task of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is precisely to sow, not oil, rather praxical working class consciousness, is to nurture, to cultivate the revolutionary necessities mentioned above. It is to return PDVSA really to the people, to citizen power, to the sovereign, to place political and economic power really in the hands of the workers of Venezuela.

In a nut-shell, to stop all the military aggression against Venezuela, apart from arming ourselves to the teeth, from training in assymetric warfare, we have to declare a total war against all internal capitalist vices and crimes.

This also implies to brake the current limitless middle class money accumulation, to stop corruption, a crime not only inherited from the previous puntofijista era, but which is also a direct capitalist product of the very Bolivarian Revolution itself, that constitutionally guarantees all democratic capitalists ventures, and, finally, to stop them from accumulating wealth, private property of the means of production, such huge amounts that, with few exceptions, the very old middle and upper classes of the pre-Chavez era could not accumulate in forty years of parasitic existence.

In other words, the current massive corruption has to be eradicated immediately, by all means necessary, otherwise it will devour the Bolivarian Revolution, will decimate our comrades within a few years, when not within months already.

The immediate danger comes from within the Bolivarian Revolution, the imminent fear comes from without, from Washington D.C., from world imperialism.