Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2006

The United States of America and its CIA don't care about Venezuela's democracy

On December 29, 2005, in a commentary, concerning strategies to ward off possible United States military interventions in Iran and Venezuela, I wrote:

"At different stages of planetary and human development, specific deeds and words are necessary. A human species in plain birth has specific tasks and necessities; at its zenith, it shows its full essence, its maturity and excellence, at its nadir, like today, the battle for survival necessitates all creative faculties for a victorious exit towards transcendental emancipation. Hence, although related, that is, contradicting, sustaining and furthering each other, human evolution, social revolution and historic transvolution are different stages and realities."

Furthermore, in the light of another recent commentary, written by Stephen Lendman: Will USA use DU weapons in fourth attempt to unseat President Hugo Chavez? and today's breaking news Intelligence sources warn Venezuela's Chavez: Beware the Ides of January! it is imperative to comment in detail on such really disturbing world developments a little more.

For those of us who already have grandchildren, who fear for their future, for them being brutally converted into radio-active fire-balls, it is time to reflect, to think seriously about many things, for example, about our real, true, immediate Quo Vadis?, not only here in Venezuela.

Venezuela, facing Big Brother, what can still be done, be thought, be excelled? It is now or never. It concerns our gnothi seauton, our "know thyself!" It is about knowing "Man," about his human being, about his real existence, about his true faculties.

In this respect, leaving aside age old, global, religious fantasy, chimeras and phantasmagoria, Stephen Lendman and Noam Chomsky have informed us about our "end time," about the limit and the already overdue extinction of the species homo sapiens sapiens. As a species, we are already as old as Methusalem. Even new born babes are already walking with sticks.

"In his 2003 published book 'Hegemony or Survival,' Noam Chomsky cited the reflections of eminent biologist Ernst Mayr. Mayr observed that other species were better able to survive than humans and that the average life of a species is about 100,000 years."

Transhistorically, since hundreds of millennia, "Man" had all the objective, subjective and "transjective" conditions and possibilities to make Earth a really human place, a paradise to live in, a home to realize our utopian dreams of becoming gods, to enjoy heavenly nectar and manna, even to achieve "everlasting life." However, by having converting the whole planet into a burning, corporate Moloch of nuclear wars, of radio-active depleted uranium bombs, of droughts, floods, tsunamis, of pests, pandemics, endemics, the life span of mankind rapidly is approximating its apocalyptic nadir, its utmost limits, its inexorable end.

We state this because we are realistic, because of militant optimism; we are by no means just shouting wolf, wolf, or like some religious sects irresponsibly roaring about "end times."

Currently, Iran and Venezuela are programmed for possible "shock and awe" royal treatment, for preemptive strikes, for heinous military intervention. Nearing its end, producing a global Armageddon, Corporate America has gone mad, it is annihilating the last few sparks, that possibly still could emancipate mankind at this eleventh hour.

Stephen Lendman continues: "It's generally believed the human species has now about reached that limit and may be near becoming extinct. If so, and in light of our more recent behavior, we may, as Chomsky notes, turn out to be the only species ever to destroy ourselves and much else along with us."

Very few people really know what is happening currently on a world scale, about the apocalyptic dangers that are threatening us any month, any year from now. Many of us do not even know who and what we really are. Many of us do not have the foggiest ideas what religion, ideology, practice, revolution, capitalism and socialism are all about.

We all claim that we are "human beings," some of us feel that we are "children of god"; others insist that they are members of a "master race," of a "Herrenvolk," others feel blessed as a "slave race" or a "chosen people," some are called "pagans," others "Christians," some are classified as "niggers," others as "slit eyes," as "camel-drivers," some are "coolies," others are "kaffirs." Already all these necessitate a serious study of human reality.

Venezuelans, Bolivarians, Latin-Americans, Revolutionaries, who are we really, why do we still want to make a revolution, at this dark, late hour?

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the "New," about a "New Man" and even about a "New Socialism." Seriously we have to ask ourselves the age old question: What and who is Man?

Why a "New Man"? Has this one already a beard, is he already Father Christmas, selling Coca Cola? Did we ever have a "Man"? Was (s)he ever born?

William Shakespeare, via Hamlet, gave "Man" the usual sonorous epithets of being "noble in reason," "infinite in faculties," "express and admirable in action," of being "an angel in apprehension," "like a god," "the beauty of the world" and the "paragon of animals"; however, this arrogant, self-praising "quintessence of dust" did not delight Hamlet at all. --From Hamlet (II, ii, 115-117)

In his Leviathan (1651), Thomas Hobbes explained that "Man" is "naturally a selfish hedonist," and that his unchecked human motives surely will have highly destructive consequences. Hobbes was predicting current life under world fascism: it would be "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short," a "war of every man against every man."

In fact, like George Orwell and Thomas Huxley, at the peak of oil, of the energy crisis, of world hegemony, of globalized, fascist power, Hobbes was explaining to us what Ruling Class Man, Big Brother, the Yankee, would do to the under-dogs, to the non-humans, to the non-Europeans, the non-Americans.

According to him, concepts coming from the master's mouthpieces, like morality, liberty, democracy, justice, peace or property, have no real, natural, intrinsic or eternal meaning. In reality, they are just social, ideological and religious fabrications. Serving ruling class interests, they are being generated and imposed, at whim and caprice, by the divine will of the almighty Leviathan, by the fascist State. As we know, in contemporary global fascism, this occurs by means of authoritarian education and alienating socialization, by deliberate lies and hoaxes, by social contracts, patriot laws, globally deployed, aggressive armies, in torture chambers, concentration camps, via bellicose pressure of weapons of mass destruction.

Furthermore, this physical and mental holocaust against billions of worker drones is being nurtured by international mass media, capitalist and imperialist institutions, which recklessly disseminate globally organized and distributed lies, hoaxes, vandalism, that cultivate and generalize human torture, intellectual horror and physical terror, especially by means of "democratic" organs like the International Court of Justice, by the British Secret Service, FBI, CIA, United Nations, OAS, Endowment Funds, USAID, Opus Christi, New Tribes and various NGOs.

Hence, with reference to coming, violent, armed interventions in Iran, Venezuela or Syria, daily the USA confirms its current international law of the jungle, of the Leviathan. For Orwellian North America, capitalist, imperialist justice is whatever corporate law says it is, what the Bush administration says it is. Fascism, Nazism, Apartheid always said what is terrorism, what is sabotage, what is democracy.

Thus, if United States "justice" considers President Chavez of Venezuela to be a dangerous "tyrant" or "dictator," then, to the whole world, verily I say unto thee, so shall it be! Amen!

Hence, returning to the quintessence of "Man," ever since the birth of capitalism in Ancient Greece, in Miletus, around nearly three millennia ago, modern "(Wo)Man" never has been the arrogant "crown of creation" that it claims to be, and even less so, it has been a "noble savage." Also, he is neither sapient nor rational, rather (s)he is a social class animal, enjoying or suffering an earthly master-slave existence.

Because of a perverse, unilateral relation between nature and society, because of alienation, of labor, of work, of toil, the human species became split up into "humans," that is, masters (parasitic, exploiting, dominating and discriminating minority classes) and into "non-humans," that is, slaves, "chusma," or "tin-collectors" (wretched, exploited, oppressed majority classes).

According to Lenin, the State, that is, bourgeois, capitalist democracy, is exactly the dictatorship of the former over the latter, of the minority over the majority. There is nothing easier in the world than the scientific verification of such simple and clear historic realities. And yet, many of us still love democracy, just love capitalism, still expect something human, humane and humanist from capitalism and imperialism.

It is the centuries old, only real, true democracy, that governs the current North-American-Venezuelan international relations, that places the current Damocles sword over our heads, that is a historic product of bourgeois revolutionary practice. The French and Industrial Revolutions were not made for the victory of the workers of the world, for socialism or communism, for the liberation of South America. They were made for capitalism and imperialism, for the ruling classes, for globalization, for the "plague" (Simon Bolivar) to exploit, to destroy us.

Representative democracy, state powers, were not meant that the proletariat or workers should ever rule or shape their own destiny. Bourgeois democracy will never allow that participative democracy spreads on a world scale.

In fact, in which country of the world did democracy of, by and for all the peoples, for the majority, ever exist?

Who always direct the capitalist State? The workers?

Comrades, make no mistake about it, democracy is not emancipation, it is the political expression of legalized, legitimized, historic Herrenvolk victory over feudalism, the clergy and nobility, over all workers of the world. If we did not stop the Gringo "democracy," the Yankee dictatorship of "Pedro el Breve," in April 2002, at the very latest, by now, we all would have been in our "democratic" graves by now.

Because of world democracy, we could not even punish the traitors, saboteurs and murderers of the attempted coup. Hence, beware again! On the contrary, the master minds, the USA and the CIA, don't care about "democracy," don't have sleepless nights about its application; as taught to the "natives," in any case it works day and night for Washington DC, it, is the secret United States weapon of mass destruction. It is the eternal pretext to commit genocide anywhere on the planet.

Hence, so-called democracy could become the very hangman's noose around our socialist necks. We should not forget that Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, to establish "Western democracy" there. He has the same in mind for Iran and Venezuela. And, threatening millions with atomic wars of low intensity, with depleted uranium bombs, Bush & Co., that is, capitalist world hegemony and imperialist military power, decide what is democracy, what is democratically correct international behavior.

For world capitalism, unless we annihilate it first, it is irrelevant what we think democracy should be. Teaching our peoples about our own democracy is excellent, is familyhood, is "ujamaa" (Julius Nyerere), but elsewhere, in the metropolitan world, democracy is simply an instrument of class rule, is a weapon of Thanatos, is part and parcel of the Socratic death drive, of a mode of world destruction, of imperialism in death throes, that is more savage than ever.

To survive we need democratic window-dressing, defense shields, but we should do this consciously and not confuse emancipation with democracy.

What is it to become conscious, self-conscious, class conscious, to think. to acquire emancipatory thought? To become a "New Man"?

It is to live, to stay alive, to cultivate the Eros drive, to give birth, to grow, to flower, to be a mother. It is to know that active theory is a human weapon of self-defense, which does not identify or define anything by means of semantic confusion, by ideological chaos, not by mixing up opposites.

It has become an intellectual slackness of the "Left," even of our "Seven Wise men," to call just about anything "practice" and to confuse the concepts "praxis" and "practice." Scientifically we cannot identify something with attributes alien to itself, that directly opposes it, with what it is not, with its total negation. Anything has to be identified with its "ti esti?," with its "what is this?" (Socrates). Identification and differentiation are two completely different language tools and arms of self-defense. Once upon a time "the language of slaves" knew how to apply with precision this intellectual weapon in emancipatory endeavors.

Examples of nonsensical identification:

He has another understanding than us of democracy.

In this sterile style, reading or listening to Fox News, to CNN, do we now know who is Chavez? Do we have any knowledge about Venezuela?

Kindly check most official dictionaries, even of philosophy, to verify such ideological confusion. It is not a matter of words, of our inefficient tools of thinking, it concerns the counter-revolutionary contents ideologically placed and planted into our minds, into such concepts or names like Chavez, the "human being," democracy, socialism, communism or Marxism, that have been bedeviled deliberately. An extreme version of such Orwellian "thoughtcrime," "double-thinking" or even "newspeak," was Hitler's concept of "national socialism" alias Nazism.

Another example, for staunch Christians, by sacred definition, just as there cannot possibly exist a holy devil or a diabolic god, similarly, for revolutionaries, by scientific dialectics, there cannot exist a "mala praxis" (bad praxis), or even a "proletarian revolutionary ideology" (it seems that even Lenin fell into this ideological trap).

All that is explained above, the very United States of America is verifying daily everywhere. This is being demonstrated by all the napalm bombs, by agent orange, by the HAARP projects, depleted uranium bombs on Fallujah, atomic bunker busters, also by the torture chambers and concentration camps of the USA across the globe. All the metropolitan, industrial countries participate in this "democratically" planned global massacre of billions of obsolete manual laborers and the new conquest and pillage of the last natural resources on Earth. This vandalism has already reached the sky, imperialism is already claiming asteroids as private, corporate galactic property.

For all of us who have not yet realized what is a lie, a hoax, who have not yet understood the machinations of fascist reality in which we live, we recall what is United States government of, by and for the people!

It is organizing and participating in the murder in cold blood of an estimated figure of a million "communists" in Indonesia, of brutally throwing atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and currently of conspiring to throw depleted uranium bombs on Iran and Venezuela. Other colonial, capitalist and imperialist lairs, especially those in Europe, but also their offshoots in Africa, Latin America and Asia, have millions of slaughtered peoples on their blood-sucking conscience.

In Tanzania we have similar semantic and revolutionary problems, however, our "democracy" we simply gave an original, autochthonous, indigenous African concept and connotation, "ujamaa," familyhood. We also refrained from using such empty words like "practice" or the Platonic, timocratic, slave-holding, feudal construction, idea plus logos = "ideology."

In Africa, exaggerating a bit, we even considered abolishing the very bourgeois invention, the revolution itself, even praxis and theory, replacing them with our own terms. However, this is not the real issue, is not hair-splitting or sophistry, it concerns self-determination, purification, class consciousness, the deepening of the revolution in the revolution itself, by excelling the revolution towards the New, towards Human Creativity, towards Emancipatory Creation.

Finally, in this revolutionary spirit, in the current transitional phase of revolutionary reconstruction in Venezuela, a New (Wo)Man urgently needs not only a new science and a new philosophy, not only a new education and a new culture, but also a new language, new expressions, new words, new actions, new thoughts, New Praxis and Theory.

If this is the New Socialism, that President Chavez wants to create in Latin America and in the rest of the world, then Venezuela currently is the real, true vanguard of world revolution, of Human Emancipation.

A cat falls onto its feet, but those who are plotting against such a tremendous, transcendental, human endeavor here in Venezuela, that tries to save the human species from total decay, those traitors fall into the "más de lo mismo," into the eternal black hole of yesteryear.