Franz J.T. Lee, January, 2006

Venezuela: Are we trying to poison the vipers with their own venom?

Weeks before the second military invasion of Iraq by the United States imperialist and allied capitalist forces, we bewailed the death sentence cast upon hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, who surely would be killed, and who then were still alive, still struggling to keep body and soul together, to stay alive, dreaming about the future, planning the future of their children and grandchildren.

What a macabre world, what a voracious "noble eagle"!
What an ice cold, barren, concrete "statue of liberty"!
What a criminal, cruel Bush administration!
What a blindfolded, mind and thought controlled nation!
What a hopeless, helpless situation of, by and for the people!

Many of the Arab families did not know what was happening to them, they did not know anything about world politics, about capitalism, imperialism, fascism or globalization. However, as victims of all kinds of ruling class lies, just like the poor devils in the Twin Towers, they experienced the only real hell ever possible.

They knew the value of life, of being alive, in eons, by pure luck, to be born at least once, and now, nipped and ribbed in the bud, by the American "mother of all bombs," prematurely, for them Armageddon arrived, cruelly they all faded away into cosmic, galactic stardust. The big war criminals are still alive, enjoying earthly power and paradise.

In the case of these victims, not even carefully nurtured ignorance was bliss, their folly was, in the eyes of their overlords, to have been no good, not good, to be graded non-white, second class, Arab, uncivilized, etc. They were born into a violent world, they did not invent or discover violence, they were being murdered by social order, by globalization.

Yet, there is much more misery to come. This year, 2006, was declared, not only by Nostradamus, Thomas Bearden, Michael Ruppert, and others, as being the most critical year for the future of humanity. What was said about the death sentence of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq at the beginning of this millennium, now is also true for Iran and for Venezuela.

Bolivarians, let us wake up from our triumphant electoral slumber! Let us sound Diana again!

On December 26, 2005, a while ago, in a previous commentary, "Cassandra warns: Venezuela, Beware of the Ides of March!," I warned about the coming dangers, as early as March, 2006: "... if we would take the warnings of Thomas Bearden and Michael Ruppert for 2006 very seriously, if we would read the United States "Project for a New American Century" again in detail, if we could picture imperialist "Vandalism in the Sky," if we would study Marx's "Capital" and the Marxist Theories of Imperialism conscientiously, especially concerning competition, elimination of competitors on a global scale, concentration, monopolization, geometric progression of pauperization on a world scale, militarization and world wars, depression and recession, if we would remember the 1955 Indonesia Massacre of a million "communists," only then we would get a macabre glimpse of what is awaiting Venezuela and Latin America in 2006."

A few days later, on January 1, 2006, Martin Walker of the United Press International informed us that the "Bush administration is preparing its NATO allies for a possible military strike against suspected nuclear sites in Iran in the New Year, according to German media reports, reinforcing similar earlier suggestions in the Turkish media."

It needs no ethics, no blessing, no pretext, no ultima ratio, no logic, no democracy, to invade, to attack any country, including Venezuela, when it feels like doing it.

There is no regional, no continental, no international defense against this global fascist monstrosity.

Judged by the high, revolutionary, democratic, participative abstention in the December 2005 elections, and all the subversion, the known but not reported events, that occurred around December 4, many of us just cannot see the real, true counter-revolutionary danger, the current internal and external vicious attacks on the Bolivarian Revolution.

Now, in a situation of total defense of our very sovereignty, when every single human effort is dearly needed, on a local level, on a continental degree, on global dimensions, at this very eleventh hour, we cannot continue celebrating our past victories forever, that is, in electoral triumphant glory, forever to empty hundreds of cases of Christmas whisky down our throats.

Fervently, in the TV program La Hojilla, Eva Golinger protested against this new participative custom, this new democratic vice.

Really ... after all the available information ... distributed by our independent alternative media, after hundreds of hours listening to and seeing the Sunday "Alo Presidente" programs, the TV and Radio "cadenas," the news and analyses of "Telesur," at the very latest, by now, we should have a slight idea of what is really going on, what is at stake for us, what is planned to happen in Iran and Venezuela in the immediate future.

This has nothing to do with the whims and caprices of Bush, Rumsfeld or Rice, they can and will be changed any moment, it concerns the ice-cold, brutal logics of capitalist and imperialist concentration, competition, monopolization, centralization and globalization.

The USA is a war economy, already since decades it just lives by the gun, by producing death tools, war materials. Its main economic life is Death, is Thanatos itself.

To survive a little while longer, it has to produce arms of mass destruction, has to use them, has to reproduce them, has to destroy them, annihilate the world and therewith itself.

The truth is as simple as all this.

It is up to us either to participate in our own self-destruction, or to stop world fascism. And, this self-preservation, like charity, begins at home, in the Bolivarian Revolution ... we do not play with fire ... we are on fire already.

As far as corporate imperialism, in all its global varieties, is concerned on a world scale, it has nothing to do with ethics, with good and bad, with faith, love and charity, with god or religion, it has no human, only a class conscience, it does not care about nature, about life, about human suffering, about innocent women and children, about the human species, not even about its very own existence. It just lives by violence, greed, terror and power. This is what we have to understand, in order to make and think the revolution, a social, a socialist revolution.

Anybody that cares about life, about survival in Venezuela, has no multiple choice: we can just choose between fascist barbarism and the Bolivarian Revolution. There is no other alternative.

We are not fighting against a coming "civilization," that is coming to free or convert us, to bring us Father Christmas or the "Nino Jesus," that time is gone, we are faced with colonial savagery and neocolonial barbarism which trans-historically already raged over five centuries, and that now, in decadent agony, are more brutal, bloodthirsty and inhuman than ever.

Capitalist Imperialism, at its current corporate stage of globalization, is currently razing the Arab world to the ground, converting it into the radio-active ashes of Fallujah. It is on its way towards the Far East, to continue its destructive dynamics of converting the whole globe into an Orwellian Sodom and Gomorrah.

Within this context, our thinking, our thoughts, seem to be paralyzed; our acts do not correspond to necessary revolutionary praxis. Revolutionary theory is flooded by official "thinking," by religious confusion and fantasy, by alienating ideology.

But, let us try to move on towards more pleasant emancipatory things.

If in his judgment concerning the cosmic essence of all things, he was right, and not wrong, good, and not bad, then all world religions could not survive anymore, because in reality, in daily practice, all of them ... some to a lesser degree, others all the more ... live by the grace of bi-cameral, binary, heavenly and/or hellish, dualistic, double standard morals and by ruling class ethics.

One finds oneself in the same dilemma that Kant has placed us. In essence he stated that there is nothing either spatial or temporal, but thinking makes it so. In other words, what he was saying is that space and time do not exist, they are just categories of thinking, fabrications of the human mind. Philosophically, it is very difficult to disprove what he is saying.

All these things give us a clue about what ideology means, how it is being fabricated, how one departs from reality, out of class interests distorts it, converts it into a lie, repeats the lie until one believes in one's own compendium of lies, and finally distributing and defending them with one's very life as absolute "gospel truths".

An excellent example of this kind of collective brain-washing or delirium is just to listen to the anti-Chavez arguments of the "opposition" and to its rank and file in Venezuela, and to its supporters overseas. In reality the CIA does not need any new brain-laundering Mkultra projects for "Manchurian Candidates" anymore, also it is not necessary to use HAARP programs or ELF-waves, to control and channel the minds of millions to pacific docility and ideological ignorance. Over the past centuries, so-called education and socialization, ideology and religion, morality and culture, have done a fine job already. Nowadays, it is well-nigh impossible to imagine anything else than the vices and epidemics of capitalism.

Within this context we could imagine the immensity of our emancipatory tasks within the Bolivarian Revolution.

In 1845, in Part One of the "German Ideology," in 'The Illusion of the Epoch,' Karl Marx explained to us what official "thinking," what formal logical ethics, what ruling class ideology, what religion that permeates the whole global superstructure, are all about.

In fact, there is a new renaissance of anti-Marxism, a crusade against socialism and communism, a new witch-hunt is setting in, anything that goes against the interests of the USA is again communism, is terrorism. The masters of the universe know what is the negation of capitalism and imperialism, only the poor slaves and wretched wage-slaves still do not have this class consciousness of global reality.

Ironically, the imperialists know what is Socialism, and we do not even know what is Capitalism.

Globally, in many institutions of higher learning and elitist foundations, so-called human "thinking" and "thought" ... in reality, powerful "ruling class ideas" ... are being produced by erudite "think-tanks," and converted into fascist ideology.

These fabricated intellectual wares, in reality, bellicose arms, are being launched into the international "war of ideas," in all "Mkultra" programs, in all the disinformation campaigns, in the national and international mass media, press agencies and bare-faced propaganda. Currently, in 2006, this Orwellian "Newspeak" is being launched ferociously against Venezuela and Iran, in fact, against the whole "Third World".

Are we going to fight ideology with ideology?

Are we trying to poison the vipers with their own venom?

Because the concept ideology has become a house-word of nearly all revolutionaries, even here in Venezuela, let us try to clarify at least the ambiguous, negative, early Marxian conception of ideology; it is as clear as daylight what Marx is saying, hence, allow us to quote Marx in detail.

"The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. The class which has the means of material production at its disposal, has control at the same time over the means of mental production, so that thereby, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of mental production are subject to it. The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships, the dominant material relationships grasped as ideas; hence of the relationships which make the one class the ruling one, therefore, the ideas of its dominance. The individuals composing the ruling class possess among other things consciousness, and therefore think. Insofar, therefore, as they rule as a class and determine the extent and compass of an epoch, it is self-evident that they do this in its whole range, hence among other things rule also as thinkers, as producers of ideas, and regulate the production and distribution of the ideas of their age: thus their ideas are the ruling ideas of the epoch."

The above explains the core of what we have defined as the millennia old "Mental Holocaust," a direct superstructural phenomenon of the material accumulation of capital in Europe, of "educating" and "socializing" the slaves, serfs and wage-slaves. In other words, a "thinking" process was launched to cover up the reality of ruling class exploitation, domination and discrimination, to make big lies the big truths.

In this Marxian tradition, a quotation attributed to Hegel's "World Spirit" on horseback, to Napoleon Bonaparte, informs us what official history, what the process of production, is all about. Of significance is that Napoleon, who at the eve of the 19th century was spreading liberal, competitive capitalism across Europe, hated all ideologues and ideologists, especially those who were spreading reactionary ideology against his French revolutionary military campaigns.

According to scholarly attribution, he said: "History is a set of lies agreed upon."

In fact, he was saying that most of the common, official conceptions about what or who makes history are probably hoaxes, that such fabrications like the "great god theory," the "great idea theory," the "great man theory," the "great race theory" and combinations of them all are based on Platonic republican lies, that never leave the caves, to see the light of real natural and true social processes on planet Earth. In an excellent poem, Bertolt Brecht demonstrated how ridiculous such conceptions of history can be, and underlined that the toiling slaves, serfs and workers have constructed the "seven wonders" of this world, with their sweat, blood and labor force.

Hence, only they, the Venezuelan workers, the under-dogs, can abolish capitalist bondage, can construct any still possible socialism in the Third Millennium. However, for them, to develop a class consciousness, to discover all the historic lies is a real traumatic experience, is shocking. It would be fateful for them, to discover that their "great god" cannot make history, cannot help them anymore.

Furthermore, to notice that the "great ideas," the great electoral promises of their "great leaders" are just a "set of lies" would simply make world order and peace impossible. For weak minds, to discover the real truth about the "chosen people," about the "coming messiah," about the white-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed, blue-blooded "master race" would cause a total mental breakdown, a crash of everything sacred and holy, that has been taught to us from the cradle to the grave.

In case we do not know it, these are the strange ways of revolution; as Ludwig Feuerbach has explained, we in Latin America have to begin with the unmasking of divine creation, with unveiling the fake discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, to move further on, towards revealing hoaxes concerning the causes of world wars, like the "Reichtagsbrand," "Pearl Harbor," or the "Twin Towers," and, eventually we all have leave the Cave of Mental Holocaust, at last to be conscious, to see the light, the reality in and around Venezuela.

Only as such we could eliminate forever the 'Big Lie' which claims that President Chavez of Venezuela is a "dictator" and "tyrant."

Very few people, also here, can take this long view of history, of planetary reality.

No wonder that long ago William Shakespeare had given his future capitalist and imperialist countrymen some urgent practical and "praxical" advice. With reference to ideology and ideologues, as liberal "good capitalists," he even honored them with the status of philosophers.

As we all know, categorically Hamlet states:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet. ACT I Scene 5.)

Ernst Bloch taught us that all real Marxists are logically philosophers, and that in contemporary revolutionary endeavors, a philosopher is exactly the opposite of an ideologue or ideologist. The latter always defends the establishment, and wants to eternalize the exploiting, dominating, discriminating global and globalized status quo.

Hence, in the words of Hamlet, Shakespeare ... who really was not a Marxist, not even a socialist ... was warning us, that no matter how dark the "night of the long knives" may be ... that in spite of full spectrum dominance, of preemptive wars, or "shock and awe" campaigns ... the real new, the novel and innovative cannot be halted, that the inexorable exodus from imperialist bondage, from this capitalist vale of tears is already dawning on the human horizon.

As emancipators, we are made of sterner stuff, of invincible stardust.

The stringency of this transgalactic fact neither Bush, nor Rice, nor Rumsfeld ever would comprehend, also none of the CEOs of the United States military and industrial complex, or any of the military technocrats of NASA, NATO and the Pentagon.

Although many are too myopic to notice it, too near to the fleeting historic moment, to note what is happening on a world scale, to register the class hatred of the White House towards him, in Venezuela, in Latin America, President Hugo Chavez Frias, with all his human faults and imperfection, expresses at best what is meant by the above, by per aspera ad astra, by "reaching out for the stars!"

This should be understood in the militant emancipatory spirit of Leon Trotsky ... over whose seat of wisdom the Damocles Sword of Magnicide was also hanging, and who shed his precious revolutionary blood on Latin American soil ... who expressed at the eve of the 20th century, of the October Revolution, as his clarion call echoing everywhere his famous: 'dum spiro spero!, "as long as i breathe, I hope!"

Finally, in critical times of total despair, trans-historically the very same Marx is cheering us up. in the Preface to his "Critique of Political Economy," he explains why human liberation, why social emancipation is possible:

"Mankind thus inevitably sets itself only such tasks as it is able to solve, since closer examination will always show that the problem itself arises only when the material conditions for its solution are already present or at least in the course of formation."