Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2005

The counter-revolutionary virus has infected the very Bolivarian Revolution...

A New Man needs a New Science and a New Philosophy ... what does this mean for the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, Latin America and the world?

Let us just briefly spotlight some urgent tasks that are pertinent for revolutionary emancipation within the next decades.

The danger is that if we are not careful, we may lose the newly born Bolivarian Revolution, this would be a tragedy for mankind in its totality. This theme is complex, because revolution and emancipation are very complicated realities; we even have to invent new words and expressions to explain new socialist realities.

Formal logically, and even dialectically, in a world, in a closed system, where "A" (together with its inferior derivate "No-A" or "Non-A") as only officially accepted postulate (is and) exists as eternal hen kai pan, as an infinite unomnia, as a One and All, as a unique, single universe; no exodus, no "ex-volution," no "trans-volution" is possible. In such a limited ideology of a closed scientific and philosophic system, there is no room for free thought, for real external, truly exogenous relations and transhistoric contradictory solutions. Cosmically, threatened with the conflagration of global, fascist "shock and awe," religiously, terrorized with hell fire, no "B," no "Z," is possible; per definitionem on planet Earth for billions no exodus, no extra-systemic, human emancipation is allowed.

Formal logically, only "A," systemic evolution, only democracy, the dictatorship of the few over the many; dialectically, only "A and Non-A," intra-systemic revolution, pave the historic trail of production, of labor, of work, and therewith of exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation.

This monolithic, totalitarian, closed system, euphemistically called Western Culture, Christian Civilization and True Democracy, in reality, Capitalism, which conquered and enslaved us, the "Third World," for centuries already, leaves no alternative, no way open for any pacific mass liberation, allows no exodus from this physical and mental labor holocaust, no peaceful emancipatory transcendence for billions of toiling masses across the globe.

This expresses the emancipatory core of the possible future quo vadis of the Bolivarian Revolution.

This is the transhistoric context, in which we have to discuss, criticize and surpass the past victories and failures of all previous and contemporary, evolutionary, reformist, democratic, revolutionary and emancipatory movements in Latin America and elsewhere. .

In this way, for example in Latin America, we could identify and inter-relate all our "great" political leaders and personages, inter alia, Bolivar, Marti, Zapata, Che, Lula, Kirchner, Uribe, Fidel, Chavez and Evo.

In revolutionary militancy, armed with a new praxical science and a real, theoretical philosophy, we could then understand the different appearance forms and formations of the various global and Latin American social and economic "models" or "projects," of new "political classes," of Keynesianism, "neo-liberalism," "desarrollismo," "a new socialism of the XXI century," Venezuelan Christian socialism, a mixture of Bolivian capitalism and socialism, a Brazilian alliance of labor and capital.

Furthermore, only as such, we could comprehend, can apprehend the historic existence and relevance of all "Stalinists," "Marxists," "Peronists," ·Chavistas," "Trotskyists," "reformists," "revisionists," "terrorists" and "socialists," not in arrogant, pejorative terms, not by attacking them as "lackeys," "Quislings," "sell-outs" or "CIA agents," but to grasp them radically at their very radix, at their social roots, to grasp their acts and thoughts, their ideology and practice, their praxis and theory, as logical, social products of their respective epochs.

This simply means to see them as victims of a universal social order as living realities in a closed, limited, global, capitalist, imperialist, corporate system; in a world order in decay, as human expressions of popular revolt, resistance, capitulation or betrayal; all these as reflections of a dying culture, of corrupt civilization that now demonstrates its real fascist grimace, of global ruling class history in total decomposition.

At different stages of planetary and human development, specific deeds and words are necessary. A human species in plain birth has specific tasks and necessities; at its zenith, it shows its full essence, its maturity and excellence, at its nadir, like today, the battle for survival necessitates all creative faculties for a victorious exit towards transcendental emancipation. Hence, although related, that is, contradicting, sustaining and furthering each other, human evolution, social revolution and historic trans-volution are different stages and realities.

What does the above imply in the current global reality of the time-bomb Latin America?

Firstly, what was (and is) happening lately in Latin America, with slightly different contours, with other names and places, already occurred elsewhere, is still taking place in Africa or Asia, or will soon be born in Oceania or in the Caribbean. This is what is to be understood by the equal, unequal and combined development of world history or global revolution.

For example, what President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela today wishes to achieve, viz, the total integration and independence of Latin America, forty years ago, President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana tried to achieve the very same thing for Africa. In both cases, the reaction of global imperialism is the same, Nkrumah till this day is being portrayed as a past authoritarian, corrupt tyrant by all mass media, books and manuals, and he was overthrown by a military coup, engineered by the CIA and British Secret Service. Currently, President Chavez is getting the same royal treatment. Nkrumah's Organization for African Unity (OAU) was converted into an African version of the "Organization of American States," and instead of a revolutionary "African Economic Community," originally planned as a future type of "ALBA" or a "Mercosur," we now have the counterpart of an African "ALCA," our own NEPAD, controlled by imperialist interests.

Secondly, a historic class consciousness, a praxico-theoretical memory, the black face of the Bolivarian Revolution, all would prevent that we commit the same errors of the past, would enable us to learn from our own history, international revolutionary and emancipatory efforts and experiences.

The African Revolution, evolving from anti-imperialist African Nationalism, revolving towards pan-Africanism, eventually involved into "African Socialism," decades later, nowhere there is a sign of the latter anymore.

Thirdly, why did this all happen? Will the same occur with our "New Socialism"? For now, why did all the social revolutions of the 20th century not achieve their liberatory objectives?

Will the same happen to the Bolivarian Revolution?

To avoid that something really tragic would and could happen, urgently we have to do something really serious about it, must diagnose the symptoms of the revolutionary failures elsewhere.

Fourthly, we ought to study the infectious diseases that accompanied all social revolutions: the global capitalist plagues, the chronic epidemics and perennial pandemics that played (and still are playing) havoc with world socialism.

This implies that the "deepening of the revolution" has to eliminate all kinds of myopic ideology, religious confusion and metaphysical illusion, that are generally commingled with reactionary practices, technocratic reformism, empty dialogues, sterile consensus, frigid reconciliation, criminal class alliances, secret "gentlemen agreements," fascist devil's pacts, with corruption, theft, clientelism, messianism, lies, bureaucracy, treachery, sabotage, militarism, high treason, murder, magnicide, genocide.

In Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean, in Latin America, the above occurred before, during and after all the social and socialist revolutions of the 20th century; this horrible, horrendous reality continues everywhere, till this very day.

This counter-revolutionary virus has even infected the very Bolivarian Revolution.

Fifth, studying and living the above, we will discover that a social revolution, a socialist revolution, is not unilateral, it has multiple dimensions and spheres, some of them were described by Marxism, others we have to discover, enrich, and excel ourselves.

Again, why did all the socialist revolutions of the 20th century fail in reaching their social objectives?

This did not occur because guerrillas, Marxists or communists are satanic cannibals, it was simply due to the fact that after millennia of labor exploitation, of merciless ruling class domination, of criminal social discrimination, of cultural ideology and sexual repression of whole peoples and especially of women in all walks of human life, of brutal military subjugation and of massive religious indoctrination and manipulation, surely, overnight, like sprouting mushrooms, out of nothing, within a few years, no real, true, class conscious revolutionaries or emancipators suddenly could populate Mother Earth by the millions.

This is and always was a cardinal, central problem of all liberatory movements. It is especially a huge problem of and for the Bolivarian Revolution.

Sixth, a quintessential element of revolutionary emancipation and of emancipatory revolution is the creation of a cultural vanguard.

In the Chinese Revolution Mao tse-Tung underlined the necessity of the cultural revolution within the world socialist revolution. Also, in this case, we have to ask why the Chinese cultural revolution failed, and why China is on the road of becoming the greatest capitalist, imperialist, corporate power that the world ever has seen. In fact, it is competitor No. 1 to annihilate the USA and to capture world hegemony.

Also, worse even, what really happened to the valiant, glorious Revolution of Vietnam, of the Vietminh and Vietcong, led by Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap? For what did millions of Vietnamese die over nearly half a century? How did they die? Did the USA use weapons of mass destruction against them, napalm bombs, agent orange, HAARP?

Can we construct socialism on an island, in one country, in one integrated American region, or only on a world scale? Why did the huge Soviet Union disintegrate?

Could this also happen to us? How to avoid all this?

Seventh, what does the cultural revolution within the socialist revolution mean?

Basically it concerns the problem of creating a new, not degenerated, exploited, alienated human species, the fertile, creative New (Wo)man, Mother Earth, Gaia, La Pacha Mama.

This is the Hombre Nuevo, the Homo Novum, about whom the Marxist revolutionaries, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao tse-Tung, Ernst Bloch and Che spoke, without whom no victorious Bolivarian Revolution can be realized, without whom a "New socialism" is impossible.

Eighth, the New, the Original, the Authentic, is not a repetition of the Old, of what has been, it is utopian in the philosophic sense of Ernst Bloch. It is not yet, not yet now, not yet there. As we approximate socialism, we ourselves create the path, in fact, we construct the new, socialism itself. Like praxis and theory, which are his revolutionary tools, the acts and thoughts of the Hombre Nuevo concern doing things never done, never thought before, this is why (s)he is new, innovative, inventive.

This is the sine qua non for a cultural revolution in Venezuela, within the Bolivarian Revolution.

Ninth, surely, there is an urgent necessity of feeding, clothing and housing the millions of impoverished masses, and this costs money. The only way to get money is to work, to work as a capitalist wage slave, to be exploited. Furthermore, other classes, especial the middle classes have also to get something pecuniary from the socialist-capitalist cake. ... This is our dilemma, to have our cake and to eat it at the same time, to construct socialism and destroy it at the same time, an eternal work of Sisyphus!

Tenth and finally, nonetheless, without radical cultural changes in our superstructure, in our ideas, thoughts, beliefs, ideology, religion, jurisprudence, traditions, behavior patterns, world outlook, logic, morality and aesthetics, no new man, no socialist revolution is possible in Latin America. Without the corresponding economic base, without a new science, labor replaced by creativity and creation, private property by human property, the elimination of class society, of the State, of militarization, of the market economy, of the world market, of capital, money, profits, etc., not even a utopian daydream about emancipation is possible.

Yes. time and space for human survival are running out, it is now or never, hence, we should tackle the real tasks of human emancipation, and not tarry in fake "revolutions," in socialist window-dressing; caught on the horns of a huge dilemma, we better tackle the imperialist global, fascist bull by its horns.

Only in this way, as emancipated human species, we could still become invisible, invulnerable, invincible.