Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2005

Cassandra warns: Venezuela, Beware of the Ides of March!

On March 20, 2006, Iran, Nation No. 1 on the current Yankee hit list of the Axis of Evil, which finds itself just next to or before Venezuela, is scheduled to begin trading oil for Petroeuros on its own "newly minted" Iranian Oil Bourse [IOB].

We all would recall that Saddam Hussein had the very same thing in mind, before the American invasion of Iraq; also we should not forget that US$20 billion of the Venezuelan petro-reserves are now in Euro Land, in Swiss banks.

Moreover, the United States of America urgently needs a permanent influx of petrodollars as high as $US4 billion daily, to get its budget, debt and war accounts somehow straight.

However, another strange coincidence appears on the bloody "shock and awe" horizon: the U.S. Federal Reserve plans to discontinue its usual report of M3 money supply data.

Now, for us, lay(wo)men, what is "M3 money supply"?

It concerns measures of money held as a store of value; in the United States the Federal Reserve defines them as follows:

Now, one wild guess, when will the publication of United States M3 be discontinued?

"As of March 23, 2006 information regarding the M3 will no longer be published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System -- in contrast to the other three reports of the United States money supply, which are provided in detail."

A very strange coincidence indeed.

Cassandra warns: Venezuela, "Beware of the Ides of March, 2006"!

As explained in previous commentaries, if we would take the warnings of Thomas Bearden and Michael Ruppert for 2006 very seriously, if we would read the United States "Project for a New American Century" again in detail, if we could picture imperialist "Vandalism in the Sky," if we would study Marx' "Capital" and the Marxist Theories of Imperialism conscientiously, especially concerning competition, elimination of competitors on a global scale, concentration, monopolization, geometric progression of pauperization on a world scale, militarization and world wars, depression and recession, if we would remember the 1955 Indonesia Massacre of a million "communists," only then we would get a macabre glimpse of what is awaiting Venezuela and Latin America in 2006.

This is not a matter of painting a "menetekel" on the human wall of woe, it is a serious warning to those civilized "Christians," "Democrats" and "Social Democrats," who are selling their birthright to the USA for a meager pottage, for a lean treacherous pittance.

It is to warn the "Chavistas without Chavez," the "vendepatrias," the sell-outs, who, together with the CIA, blinded and blindly are conspiring every second of the day against the legitimate, democratically elected government of President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela, who will have rivers of Latin American  innocent blood on their empty skulls, and on their miserable, inhuman conscience.

Too late, when they themselves will be landing under the corporate guillotine of the world fascist "reign of terror," of the only hell ever possible, only then, in radio-active agony, by pure luck, they may realize the treacherous magnitude of their reactionary deeds, the genocidal dimension of their heinous crimes against total humanity.