Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2005

No wonder that so many of us fear socialism, fear to be identified as socialists!

In a world of massively perverted, international educational and socialization campaigns, of heavily militarized "full spectrum dominance," intended to topple the few remaining democratic governments left on planet Earth, do we still have any real opportunities, any chances of survival?

In a global reality that since centuries was (and still is) paving its trail of conquest with the innocent blood of millions, and soon of billions more; in a world that officially nurtures and crowns bare-faced, ideological lies, that justifies moral and political assassination, tyranny, dictatorship and genocide, how could democratic Venezuela stop imperialist armed invasion, without losing her human dignity, her people's sovereignty, her natural resources and wealth, her dearly acquired revolutionary independence?

In an imperialist world empire that mercilessly launches aggressive diatribal wars of the worst Stalinist and Hitler-like kinds against Venezuela by such capitalist mouthpieces like The New York Times, Miami Herald, El Nacional, El Universal, Globovision, Venevision, CNN or Fox News, in such a democratic, civilized, christian, global environment, what could we in Venezuela expect next year?

As New Year gift, what will Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Coca Cola, "Messiah" Bush and Big Brother bring us?

At the end of 1959, they brought the social revolution, socialism and communism to Havana.

45 years later, at the University of Havana, Fidel had to tell the students the following cruel but most enlightening historical truth: " ... among the many errors that we have committed, that all of us have committed, the most important error was to believe that somebody knows anything about socialism, or that somebody knows how to construct socialism.”  (Fidel Castro Ruz)

A while ago, the best Venezuelan university student, President Chavez, who is much more optimistic about socialism and about cultivating a revolutionary class consciousness, urgently suggested that all of us should study history and philosophy:

"The President (Chavez) insists that Venezuela is beginning a process, which will see civilian-military initiatives, programs and exercises over the next few months ... 'in the framework of asymmetrical warfare, People Participation is indispensable in the country's defense of national sovereignty, laws and territories.' The President has told cadets that they must study philosophy and history to help create a military strategy that is unique to Venezuela and its needs." 

Now, let us talk about the future, the new, the not-yet-there, the not-yet-now, that nobody else except we ourselves will bring to Venezuela, to Latin America. We are the creators, the pioneers, the guardians, the vanguard of our own future.

This is the real "Noel." the true Joy to the World, the wise Season's Greetings for Bolivarian Venezuela!

What is Socialism, what is scientific, philosophic Socialism?

To be a revolutionary student, to study modern revolutionary science, innovative emancipatory philosophy and creative transitional history, in reality, is to study world capitalism, the revolutionary process of capital accumulation across the ages, the exploitative quintessence of imperialist, corporate globalization, is to question capitalism, to know its opposite, its negation, is to grasp physically and mentally what socialism is all about, is to know how to make and think socialist revolution.

Intra-systemic, capitalist, reformist, democratic revolution is one thing; extra-systemic, socialist, human emancipation is a completely different thing.

We have to clarify the social aims and objectives of the Bolivarian Revolution, as it is reflected in its historical roots, in its contemporary historic tasks, in its Constitution and laws.

However, one thing is very clear, only after having studied capitalism scientifically and philosophically, could we ever know what modern history is, what socialism essentially and existentially is all about. In fact, because they experience capitalism daily, all illegal immigrants, toiling aliens, all "miserables" (Hugo) and "wretched" (Fanon), all global, toiling workers, not completely annihilated by alienating consumerism, very easily could learn, could learn to think, could identify, could understand socialist praxis and could learn its corresponding simple flowing truths and revolutionary theories.

With the aid of their true vanguard, and not of its authoritarian dictatorship, they themselves, the Sovereign, Citizen Power can launch the "socialist revolution from below" (Hal Draper). This is what any counter-revolution within the revolutionary movement always wants to nip in the bud ... is what all reactionary middle and upper classes fear most.

Socialism is the very opposite of real historical capitalism, is its own true Negation. its "No!." It is not the Negation of "primitive communism." "slave society" or of feudalism, but of the whole process and existence of Capitalism.

Who knows Capitalism, knows Socialism!

As we pointed out in previous commentaries, any stringent study and conscientious analysis of the historic process of production, of capitalism, of ruling class history, will reveal the dialectical inter-relationship of the five basic elements of total, totalitarian capitalism: economic exploitation of nature and of man; global political domination practiced by all ruling classes, including democracy itself ... that is, in the words of Lenin, by the ruling class dictatorship of the few over the many ... epitomized in the modern Global State, the USA; social discrimination, a result of master-slave relations, of arrogant racism, of modern Apartheid; universal militarization, genocide of all enslaved peoples, that is North American "shock and awe." and finally, global dehumanization, mass alienation and annihilation, macabre synonyms for the very global productive and destructive process, for exploiting work, for wage labor, the matrix of surplus and exchange values, murderous prices, for capital, profits and power, in a word, for Capitalism.

To realize socialism means to say "No" to the above, to capitalism; to act radically against capitalism, means daily to negate it unconditionally, signifies to surpass capitalism in a scientific and praxical manner; however, this necessitates a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy, a new human being, existence and transcendence, superior than anything that capitalist globalization and global capitalism ever have seen, ever could grasp or destroy.

With bureaucracy, corruption, clientelism, fraud, theft and lies, as counter-revolution, we can never approximate socialism, the very negation of precisely these vices and crimes against humanity.

No wonder that so many of us fear socialism, fear to be identified as socialists!

Hence, we see that socialism is a science, is a philosophy, is a human art, is creative, creating, artistic emancipation. If this creative, creating, popular, inventive, human energy could be liberated by billions of class conscious workers themselves, then this human avalanche, this dynamic eros, this parapsychic orgone, this vis vitalis, would flood even HAARP, and could sweep capitalism forever into oblivion.

Concretely, socialism is a declaration of total class war against systemic methodology, formal logics and internal dialectics, against limited world outlooks like geocentricism and heliocentricism, against theological idealism and pragmatic materialism; it is the arduous praxico-theoretical superation of them all, is emancipatory excellence towards new modes of aesthetics, ethics, creation and creativity. It is a new world, it creates other worlds, void of human violation of galactic nature, of exploitative slave labor, dominant master-slave realpolitik, of racist patriarchal discrimination, of double standard morality, bellicose class power, of human misery, ignorance and poverty, in a nut-shell, void of world markets, consumer goods, capitalist prices of all calibers, a money nexus of exchange relations, and profits.

This is not just intellectual jargon, it concerns human survival. These are the things that identify a real social revolution, a true socialist revolution, a world revolution towards human emancipation and creativity; but also that determine who is a revolutionary, and who is not one.

In defense of the global dignity of the whole human species that partially is already in agony, is being trampled upon by the Yankee genocidal boot ... that desperately tries to rescue itself from the grave that it has been digging for itself since centuries ... we have to warn about any reformist or counter-revolutionary deviations within the Bolivarian Revolution. At least, as a minimum, they have to be identified, discussed and rectified.

At all costs, we cannot permit the return of Venezuela to past imperialist arrogance, vice, greed and hegemony, to the zombies, vampires, parasites and ghosts of yesteryear, to the saintly lords, sacred landlords, divine warlords and graceful overlords of five centuries of colonial and neo-colonial conquest, plunder, vandalism, pillage and genocide.

Hence, eventually, in the years to come, the issue is not only that the "puntofijista" overlords of yesteryear, that the political gangsters of Copei and Accion Democratica, should never come back, rather, all capitalists, all exploiters, all counter-revolutionaries, must not see the light on our Venezuelan soil anymore, all should never come into existence in Latin America, on the whole globe anymore.

This is easier said than done, but in the coming years, as Michael Ruppert and Thomas Bearden have warned long ago already, when the energetic crisis progressively will be devouring the USA, second after second, the serpentine road described above will be the only revolutionary sine qua non left for us, for American survival.

At any rate, capitalism and capitalists can not save this world, they will not save the human species from total extinction, the latter was their imperialist entelechy; only we can still try to achieve this historic goal, to emancipate mankind.

And, precisely within this context, with reference to the Bolivarian Revolution, currently we witness the advent of serious new problems in Venezuela. The class enemy failed from without, now it attacks from within.

That we should be united, unified against a common imperialist, fascist enemy, that we should integrate ourselves, should act in unison, as one, single, powerful continental force, this is clear and absolutely necessary.

However, it is precisely the overt and covert acts of international conspiracy, perpetrated by the intelligence agents of the fascist Bush administration, and its local lackeys, that are dividing us, in the old colonial style of divide et impera, splitting us up into "oficialistas" or "chavistas." and into the "oposición" or "escúalidos." Surely, any socialist revolution, any radical student movement or any workers' international, generate their very own Stalin, Mussolini or Kautsky, who generally possess excellent knowledge about Marxism, enough to be able to distort it, to convert socialism into a religion or an ideology, that is, every social revolution dialectically produces its own internal counter-revolution, and, at the same time, it confronts an external global counter-revolution.

However, due to the absence of the formulation of a fluent scientific praxis, of a precise compass of philosophic theory, of a constant, militant, revolutionary vanguard, that Venezuelans and Latin Americans themselves have to create, better sooner than later, the internal counter-revolutionary tendency within the Bolivarian Revolution, represented mainly by the "Chavistas without Chavez." by a new rising social class, could endanger the very emancipatory quo vadis of all our revolutionary efforts.

A dictatorship of 10 or 20 years, a Djakarta massacre, the planned slaughter of 15 000 Bolivarians, that the counter-revolution has in mind, would throw the Bolivarian Revolution back for many decades to come, who knows, even forever. On the other hand, the Bolivarian revolution is sending Bush and Cisneros to eternal Hades.

Yes, for all the participants, Revolution is not a game of monopoly, or a bingo, or a pacific, pacifist enterprise, it is a matter of life or death! It is "¡Patria, (Matria) o Muerte!"

The greatest danger, the top secret, is what is happening within the Bolivarian Revolution itself. Are there more Michelenas and Alfredo Peñas hiding in its rank and file?

Because it is our Achilles Heel, this matter is very serious indeed.

Of course, we could argue that by means of reconciliation, dialogues and pacific transformation we should wash our dirty linen privately at home.

There is nothing personal, domestic and private about world revolution and global emancipation. Counter-revolution in Venezuela, magnicide of President Chavez, bloody civil war, all these heinous objectives of the counter-revolution really concern all who support the Bolivarian Revolution, nationally and internationally. Also their lives are at stake. Many of us receive daily perverse insults and threats of assassination.

Under such circumstances, it is high time that the Bolivarian Revolution officially launches the "Fifth and Last International." in the name of all our Marxist and socialist revolutionaries, starting with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, to excel the "Fourth Empire." the "Fourth Republic" and even the "Fourth International."

The counter-revolutionary forces within the Bolivarian movement are gaining momentum every passing hour, infiltrating many important, strategic sectors in all spheres of public life; they probably breed or have their secret lair of vipers near to Moraflores, even in the army and in some ministries, hiding from us many truths about certain Venezuelan events and realities, even trying to keep them away from President Chavez himself. Surely he cannot associate with his popular base so freely like before anymore, cannot mingle with the people without caution, as a result of permanent threats of possible magnicide, and also because of strict security measures. Nonetheless, this all do not stop the militant forward march of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frías.

For the sake of deepening the revolution, these things have to de said, have to be revised, to be rectified by all Bolivarian revolutionaries.

Furthermore, in Venezuela, many authentic analysts suspect that there may be more "counter-revolutionaries" in the newly elected legislative assembly than loyal revolutionary followers of President Chavez, than those who favor a permanent revolutionary process.

Whether this is really true, only the immediate future will tell; next year, during the presidential elections the real acts of some individual members of the national legislative assembly will reveal the naked truth.

We know that some fundamental changes have to be made in the constitution and certain important laws have to be passed, to enable the social process in Venezuela to retain its revolutionary status. Otherwise, it will fall into the imperialist pangs and fangs of reformism, evolution, democratic "desarrollismo." and "Alliances between Labor and Capital." Thus, the new legislative assembly will play a central role in the defense of the revolution.

What is very obvious, is that at top speed a new political, economic and social class is coming into existence in Venezuela, and it is not precisely a revolutionary, working or proletarian class. It is different from the obsolete social classes that Copei and Accion Democratica, that the past State had represented. Historically, they can't, they never will come back.

However, this new class in Venezuela does not come into existence in a traditional capitalist manner. In feudalist and early industrial Europe, as a result of the primitive accumulation of capital, the various social classes were born. In Apartheid South Africa, the respective social classes were produced by means of racist laws or fascist decrees.

In post-Apartheid South Africa, within a few years a black parasitic ruling class was created as a result of merciless robbery and economic pillage, by means of a total wholesale to international imperialism. The tens of millions of black toiling workers live in misery and poverty, just like previously under fascist Apartheid. Of the South African Revolution, in fact, of the whole African Revolution, very little remains; the African giant, the Black Prometheus, has to break loose from the chains of its own black traitors, from the rocks of neo-liberalism, and, in solidarity with the whole "Third World" must join the emancipatory international of global freedom forces.

Finally, as mentioned before, socialism introduced from above, ... and "above" always implies divine master and slave relations ... never functioned anywhere, in fact, such a caricature does not even merit the name Socialism.

Do we know that the Africans were here on our American continent, have visited us, have discussed Socialism, centuries before Christopher Columbus landed here? Columbus knew this fact, he used the African charts to reach America. If anybody does not know this as yet, then please urgently consult the pre-historian Ivan van Sertima and the London based monthly "The New African."

Hence, what happened to our historic memory, to our souls? With whom, with what did we sign a devil's pact for already more than half a millennium?