Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2005

Diana calls: Forward to historic victory! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Once again, all over Venezuela, the revolutionary whip of the counter-revolution mixes with the charged, charging clarion call of Diana. Venezuela is in revolutionary motion, in emancipatory commotion, the situation is tense, the lackeys dressed in hypocritical black search for overt and covert assistance in the Vatican, in the cathedrals, they have lost all moral and popular support, all belief in any God, except in the Dollar, in the "Messiah Bush."

They are empty, dry, void of all healthy, democratic opposition, of all dialectical contradiction. They sense their immediate historic demise, they are ready to commit hara-kiri, to perpetrate their final, heinous crimes, and then, to fade away into savage, globalized oblivion, into the darkest night of treachery, into the eternal fascist lair of pharisaic, yankee vipers and professional liars ... into Orwellian Hell.

However, it seems that beforehand they want to commit their final capital and cardinal crimes, high treason against the Venezuelan sovereign, to play the last card of their boss in Washington D.C.: to launch a series of magnicide, to assassinate leading figures of the Bolivarian Revolution, and, in fact, if necessary, send their own leaders from the pulpit straight to the heavenly gates, and then, as always, blame their genocidal crimes on President Chavez.

There is not much to say anymore. Vice President Jose Vincente Rangel said it: Jacta est alea! The dice are cast!

The political sentence is cast, the "opposition" will appear tomorrow before the final judgment of truth, of the sovereign, of the major revolutionary class force in Venezuela, in front of the people's democratic justice, of socialist class struggle.

We have to give them the good-bye kick tomorrow, that is, including their Uncle Sam, if not, the tables will be turned! Not the sky will then be the limit, but the eternal pillage of our national, natural resources and wealth.

Washington and its local Quislings were never interested in "democracy," elections or referenda in Venezuela. From the very onset, from the hour that Chavez won the elections in 1998, they organized military coups, conspiracy and sabotage. Hence, today, December 4, we will all find ourselves on the battle-field again, in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, of Human Emancipation.

We have said it for over five years already, if we do not know it, well, then Washington DC is cock-sure about the fact, that ... after the fall of "communism," of the "wall of Berlin" ... the greatest danger to globalization is the Bolivarian Revolution.

We form the tip of the iceberg of the negation of capitalism, of world socialism. Any real, true, scientific, philosophic Marxist knows this simple, straightforward reality. We just need to study the international hatred of the corporate industrial military complex, the statements of Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld, to verify this simple truth.

Being the emancipatory, militant spearhead of world revolution is our transhistoric "good luck," is our moral caliber, is our Bolivarian birthmark. It is our transcendental revolutionary fiber, our social life-line, however, sitting on a huge pot of black gold ... being enveloped in huge, mysterious, gaseous, watery galactic clouds, in a natural habitat of beautiful biodiversity of rainbow colors ... is the Damocles Sword of capitalist, imperialist, corporate greed, egoism and avarice, that permanently hangs and hovers above our innocent heads.

For this very reason, for the years and decades to come, on our liberatory Via Crucis, permanently we will be scorched and scourged by the North American "plague" (Simon Bolivar), by this real, earthly Golgotha, by its global epidemics and pandemics: inter alia, military interventions, conspiracies, coups, sabotage, massacres, AIDS, avian flu, Spanish flu, WMDs, Twin Tower hoaxes, mother of all bombs, atomic wars, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, draughts, earthquakes, genocide, magnicide, extinction of humanity -- all Made in the USA.

Psychologically, physically, militarily, nationally and internationally, we better start to prepare ourselves for the final "Battle of 100 Years" (Chavez), to eradicate, annihilate capitalism, imperialism and corporatism forever from the face of our Milky Way.

As such, we will be able to create our own new mode of emancipation, in which nobody will ever need any reformist "computer socialism," any technocratic planners, any new ruling class to calculate labor equivalents and market prices. In fact, we have to create, to humanize a solar system in which nobody ever will work, labor or toil again.

As stated in other commentaries, slave labor, wage labor, that is, alienation per se, is a perverse, unilateral, unilinear, pathological relation between Nature and Society, it is the conditio sine qua non for merciless capitalist economic exploitation, for imperialist political domination, for globalized social discrimination, for universal corporate militarization and, to crown it all, to identify itself: it is total, totalitarian human alienation.

Creation and Production are radical opposites, they negate each other, exclude each other, the first one is human, the other one is divine, is feudal ora et labora, is globalized pray and work, is global fascism.

At first came millennia of Production, now the era of Creation already dawns on the crimson horizon, as the birth of the ALBA, counterpoised to the demise of the brown, stinking sewerage system of the decaying ALCA -- this is what Washington DC wants to nip in the bud in Venezuela, this is the golpista stench that the current "opposition," headed by Monsignor Porras, now attempts to carry to church, to Rome.

Comrades, as emancipatory creators, no matter what will and could happen in the immediate revolutionary future:

We all have to go and vote today, December 4, we have to enrich our electoral, participative "revolutionary democracy" (Chavez).

Hence, Diana calls: Forward to historic victory! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!