Franz J.T. Lee, December, 2005

Yankee Leviathan, local Behemoth power-drunk with thirst for innocent blood

Over the last months, we warned steadily about the possibility of a next military coup attempt in Venezuela against the democratic government of President Hugo Chavez Frias, financed and organized by the Bush administration, with the help of treacherous parts of the national "opposition," within the context of the current global energy crisis and petrowars.

An excellent description of the current dangerous situation can be found in the article, published by "Withdrawal prelude to some bigger campaign, maybe another coup attempt?"

For those who read Spanish, an article published by Aporrea.Org, "Súmate a la guerra asimétrica: Subversión-Magnicidio-Terrorismo," written by Jorge Mier Hofman, gives a precise background picture of what is really at stake here within the next days in Venezuela.

At this moment we are experiencing a full application and assault of a new United States subversive conspiracy launched against all progressive democratic forces, with the aid of an army of local and national traitors and mercenaries, committing high treason against millions who are fighting to further the Bolivarian Revolution.

A few days ago, against the technocrats, against those who want to institutionalize the socialist revolution from above, on November 29, I asked the crucial question: "Who all form the real, true revolutionary base of Venezuela?"

At this very moment, this revolutionary subject is marching on the streets of Caracas, defending its social revolution.

Categorically I stated that "in the first place, who all really defeat military coups, oil sabotage, foreign intervention and "chavism without chavez" here in Venezuela, are simply the millions of employed, unemployed and sub-employed, starving, toiling workers, peasants and other "under-dogs." Between April and December, 2002, and later, scientifically all this was verified amply."

We identified the transhistoric subject of revolutionary emancipation in Venezuela as follows:

"The Venezuelan masses form the real, true revolutionary base of popular class resistance to global fascism. Without their revolutionary action, acts and praxis, the whole Venezuelan Bolivarian edifice would crash. All alone, no matter how brave they really and truly are, President Hugo Chavez Frias and his loyal ministers and generals, cannot stop any United States organized and financed military coup or violent intervention. It is they, the people, the laboring classes that resisted in Vietnam, that still resist in Palestine, Colombia and Iraq, that only can save the human species from extinction."

Like in the case of April 11, what is happening here right now, long ago we saw it coming already, the question is just: are we prepared to combat the reactionary, counter-revolutionary forces? That is, not only the local "opposition" or the foreign Yankee conquistadors, but even more so, will we fight victoriously the merciless "Trojan Horses," the paramilitary death squads in our very midst, perhaps even in Miraflores, in the army, in the secret intelligence services, in our political parties, in our information channels and news agencies, in our red-feathered beds?

Without breeding any xenophobia, we can safely say that the enemy is everywhere, more ferocious than ever. In previous commentaries we demonstrated its energetic crisis, its economic agony, its global bankruptcy. We informed the world about the mortal United States WMDs, about its full-spectrum-dominance devil's pacts, about the coming effects of Peak Oil, about the overt and covert military plans that are being launched against the "axis of evil," to which we have so kindly been grouped.

In the past, the United States Orwellian Fourth Empire has launched all its interventionist schemes against Venezuela, only one diabolical plan of military conquest is left: a possible assassination of the Venezuelan President Chavez, and therewith the breaking out of civil war, that the USA could "win" by means of its "multiple wars strategy, and by using its infamous, fascist Djakarta Hitlerite end solution, developed 50 years ago, by the massacring of hundreds of thousands of Latin American and Venezuelan Bolivarian revolutionaries.

Who all are already selected to be annihilated within a month, by a possible, victorious dictatorship, by a "regime of terror," already exist in a long list of death sentences, compiled before April 2002 already. In all probability, meanwhile, this black list has doubled or tripled itself.

Historically, all revolutionary vanguards, all the tips of the iceberg of emancipatory eras, were born in dangerous times. More than ever, within the next critical days, like in 2002, to defend our democratic gains, we have to repeat our militant acts, our unconditional praxis and theory, to North American savage butchery across the planet. We have to surpass April 13: our splendid answers to the oil sabotage of 2002/2003, our electoral victories in a row, and our human optimistic militancy and militant optimism, as expressed always in the addresses to the nation, in the words and deeds of President Chavez on a global scale.

Comrades, Venezuelans, beware of what the so-called opposition and the USA is preparing for Venezuela! George Orwell has described their fascist intentions and plans, their world, as follows:

"A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but MORE merciless, as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. ... In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy."
(George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-four, The New American Library of World Literature, New York, 1961,.p.220)

Compatriots, we have no alternative, he first step is that all of us have to go and vote, to go to the polls on December 4, have to capture more than 50% of the total possible votes, and finally, whatever will come thereafter, we have to defend Venezuela with our very lives.

The Yankee Leviathan and the Local Behemoth are power-drunk, have an insatiable burning thirst for innocent blood, especially of women and children.