Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2005

Who all form the real, true revolutionary base of Venezuela?

US president Abraham Lincoln did not just yell, masticate or ruminate the infamous ideological phrase about "democracy," about a "government of, by and for the people"; already facing an imperialist future, he mainly spoke about "the last, best hope of Earth." Whatever he really meant, it was surely not the bloody edification of the current decadent United States of America, or of its fascist globalization, or even of the present bloodthirsty Bush military junta and its Draconian administration.

Directly related to our daily revolutionary struggles for immediate, physical survival, to strengthen our shaky, neocolonial, capitalist economies and to search for popular cooperation and socialist solidarity, that is, to quell our immense hunger, misery, poverty and alienation, are the transhistoric, global forces, their material dynamics, social dialectics and human creativity.

In the final analysis, about what, about whom, are we talking? Who really changes, who really defends Venezuela?

Gods? Ideas? Heroes? A Messiah? A Herrenvolk?

A "new socialism" presupposes new human beings, existences and transcendences, an innovative science and an emancipatory philosophy. In simple terms, this means that we have to become conscious of the dangerous limitations of our current universal world outlook, of its restricted, geocentric, formal logics and heliocentric, intrasystemic dialectics, its unilateral, spatial-temporal movement, motion, development and change and of its obsolete conceptions of history, especially of the labor forces of production, that, inter alia, claim that great gods, great men, great ideas, great populist messiahs, and great races make and break history.

Precisely the above misconceptions hinder the creation of world socialism, negate protagonist, participative citizen power, deny the existence of antagonistic, transcendental, transhistoric class struggles, ideologize revolutionary theory, neutralize popular praxis, pacify rebellious negation of capitalism, christianize anti-imperialist, militant world emancipation, with reformism ostracize and sterilize revolutionary Marxism.

Bertolt Brecht, the Marxist dramatist, in an excellent working class poem, has explained to us long ago that a great lord cannot exist without staunch religious believers, that no Pharaoh alone could construct any pyramid, that Bolivar and Napoleon, all alone on horse-back, without their armies or soldiers, could never have won a single battle, that an eternal lover all by himself could not build any Taj Mahal.

And yet, the toiling masses were always used and abused by all kinds of ruling classes, by upper and middle classes, negative, positive and neutral ones, by national and international exploiting and dominating slave-masters.

Hence, in the first place, who all really defeat military coups, oil sabotage, foreign intervention and "chavism without chavez" here in Venezuela, are simply the millions of employed, unemployed and sub-employed, starving, toiling workers, peasants and other "under-dogs." Between April and December, 2002, and later, scientifically all this was verified amply.

The Venezuelan masses form the real, true revolutionary base of popular class resistance to global fascism. Without their revolutionary action, acts and praxis, the whole Venezuelan Bolivarian edifice would crash. All alone, no matter how brave they really and truly are, President Hugo Chavez Frias and his loyal ministers and generals, cannot stop any United States organized and financed military coup or violent intervention. It is they, the people, the laboring classes that resisted in Vietnam, that still resist in Palestine, Colombia and Iraq, that only can save the human species from extinction.

No Great God, No Great Idea, No Great Man, No Great Race, will ever save us from extinction.

Scientific Socialists, true Marxists have taught us that the task of liberation of the billions of workers and peasants of the world is the "work" of the workers themselves. In the famous workers' song, The International, and in the very Communist Manifesto, we could verify the above: the workers of the world have no patria, no fatherland, no "matria," no motherland, they have to create their earthly "home, sweet home" all by themselves.

Hence, in our Bolivarian projects and missions, if we do not depart from the real, physical and social base of world revolution, from emancipatory reality, if we neglect the creating acts and creative thoughts of billions of manual and intellectual labor slaves of the whole world, and, instead, if we just resort to modernized, ruling class, sociological jargon, to Orwellian, computer "new socialism of the 21st century" ... about which Marx had warned in "Capital," with reference to the progressive "organic composition of capital" ... in reality, to a new, real, existent "democracy," then many of us will be overrun by ourselves, by global class struggles, will be swept away into historic oblivion.

President Chavez is very clear about creating our socialism, that is, our human socialism, our Human Emancipation.

Hence, Bolivarians, as stated in a previous "¡Alo Presidente!," before we will be picking up our Russian rifles, and will then silently disappear together with President Chavez into the hide-outs, caves, mountains, forests and jungles of Latin America, in defense of our sovereignty, to avoid the threatening pot-holes of reformism and revisionism, at first, beforehand, let us study, criticize and surpass Marxism, theoretically let us discover the social classes, the class struggles, the proletarian, world emancipatory potential of the Bolivarian Revolution!

Yes, beginning in the Sierra Maestra, in the vast, dangerous jungles of Latin America, Africa and Asia, together with his bullets, from the point go, Che Guevara had Marx in his revolutionary luggage, that is why he is the eternal, youthful, emancipatory hero of our galaxy.