Franz J.T. Lee, November, 2005

Venezuela: How to arm ourselves physically and mentally to become invincible

As a result of my latest two writings and of other VHeadline reports with regard to a possible planned United States military intervention in Venezuela ... some of which were translated into Spanish and reproduced around the globe, as far as Russia and China ... also because of many letters and telephone calls which we have received from all over to congratulate us for veracious, relevant information and also for our conscientious efforts to defend authentic scientific journalism, I decided to continue our audacious comments about the latest revelations of another valiant VHeadline reporter, by highlighting the dangerous ideological master and slave mentality, the cultural, foreign invasions, the colonial, counter-revolutionary mental holocaust that is wrecking our brains for centuries already.

Really, international solidarity and global, revolutionary expectation have an eye on what is happening here in Venezuela.

Together with Cuba and other Latin American endeavors, the Bolivarian Revolution is the current vanguard, the pioneer of human emancipation in the third millennium, but, in the voracious eyes of the "noble eagle" of Washington D.C., it is a "rogue state," a dangerous part of the "axis of evil," to be eliminated as soon as possible by "full spectrum dominance."

Within the Bolivarian Revolution itself, within its many projects and missions, on a national scale, the inherited, neocolonial, cultural invasions ... in the appearance forms of corruption, bureaucracy, impunity, lawlessness, irresponsibility, disrespect, capitalist vices, egoism and racism ... have already caused severe moral, psychological, psychic and alienating damages.

As social foreign interventions, these spiritual attacks are just as dangerous as direct physical invasions. They can destroy the social revolutionary fiber and morale of the Bolivarian Revolution, thus allowing surreptitiously the entrance of the "Trojan Horses," of the class enemies, the CIA, the death squads, that could cause pandemonium with our popular and military defense forces and organizations, and consequently, indirectly from within, could weaken and hollow out our emancipatory integrity.

In other social revolutions of the 20th century, for example, in Africa, in Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Angola or Mozambique, or even in Namibia and South Africa, precisely this happened, and a foreign imperialist military intervention, a violent conquest is not even necessary anymore.

In a recent article:
"US Pentagon contingency planning for military conflict with Venezuela," William M. Arkin supplies the "bad news" with regard to the military interventionist plans in Venezuela, that is, how they are being concocted secretly by Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon.

Among other important facts, he informs us about the following:

"Internal documents associated with the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and preparation of the fiscal year 2008-2013 future defense plan identify five specific "threat" countries in three groups requiring "full-spectrum" planning. The first group includes North Korea and Iran, both justified for their involvement in the development of weapons of mass destruction. China is listed as a "growing peer competitor" and threat of tomorrow. Syria and Venezuela are listed as "rogue nations. (...) Military sources ascribe Venezuela's emergence on a list of actual military threats as a reflection of an important post 9/11 war reality."

Concerning the "good news," William M. Arkin quotes Julia Sweig, director of the Council on Foreign Relations Latin America program and author of the forthcoming 'Friendly Fire: Anti-Americanism Gone Global and What to Do About It', who states that " 'the two countries are stuck with each other,' joined by oil and trade."

However, the author, Arkin, notes that this "strength ironically could also become the core strategic justifications for future war. For the under-employed war planner Venezuela has everything to get the juices flowing: it has oil; it is leftist; it is critical of the United States; it is buying from the bad guys; it is in our own back yard."

Concerning what we stressed before, allow us to serve some emancipatory food for serious theoretical reflection.

In addition to all our previous warnings and denouncements concerning planned military coups, magnicides, genocides, oil sabotage and foreign invasions, what are the urgent lessons to comprehend from these realities by the Bolivarian revolutionaries and global emancipators?

As revolutionary liberators, urgently we have to uncover and cross the scientific and theoretical taboos. We cannot talk about a "new socialism of the 21st century," and barely know anything about capital, capitalism, socialism or communism. For us, it is irresponsible, whatever the reasons may be, to sing the same anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-Marxist tune of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Batista and McCarthy, to follow the same Yankee war march of the Era of the Cold War, without having read and understood a single work of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin or Trotsky. Ignorance might be bliss, for us it could be folly!

Do we fear scientific and philosophic socialism or Marxism more than we fear the lords and overlords of this capitalist world?

Even Marx himself has stated in Paris: "I am not a Marxist!" Hence, who wants to be called a "Marxist"?

In times of severe global depression and recession, modern imperialism is so scared of a possible renaissance of Marxism, that it has to dig up the old white bones of Karl Kautsky and Eduard Bernstein, has to lift up all the revisionists and reformists from their graves. In unison their staunch, modern believers for the millionth time are declaring Marxism to be stone dead; some even want to computerize socialism, to relieve it from its dialectical, rebellious fire. What they do not know is that Marxism is more alive than ever. All the tendential laws of the development of global capitalism, as predicted scientifically by Marx in his major work, El Capital, have become true, are global realities.

Capitalism and Socialism are two dialectical sides of the very same current mode of production, they can only be excelled by a superior, completely "trifferent" mode of human creation, by Human Emancipation.

Even so-called "post-capitalism" will still be a form of capitalism: similarly, post-socialism still will be socialism. On the other hand, by casting away ideological inaccuracy, we know that democracy is a political term, is a form of ruling class government, it is not a mode of production or a concrete type of human society. As long as capitalism survives, logically, socialism or Marxism will remain pretty alive -- it survived 150 years already, alongside with Globalization on its wild, savage, trans-historic Titanic Trip.

Furthermore, for the very first time, at this moment, at the stage of imperialist globalization, the essential conditions for the realization of socialism, as a mode of plenty, creativity and emancipation, as the real, true negation of capitalism, are given.

This is what capitalism, what Bush's "new wars" are trying to destroy currently.

Surely, Bolivarians, unless we grasp global, trans-historic, human phenomena and problems at their very radix, at their very root, we will never be able to eradicate, to annihilate them, will never emancipate ourselves.

For our real, true, fighting Bolivarian comrades, here are some invaluable, incalculable, already forgotten, scientific Marxist jewels; that is some simple, flowing, over-flowing, political, economic, natural and social truths about our global reality.

Since decades, via the authorities of the Venezuelan upper and middle classes, across their educational and socialization systems and processes, mentally we all have been profoundly infected, injected and invaded with North American and European capitalist ideas, morals, customs and behavior patterns, by the social and religious precursors of the final, physical, military assault on Venezuela.

* The root of all our present labor (ALCA) and creation (ALBA) problems ... that are being discussed at the current Fourth Conference of the Americas, of Mar del Plata ... is the concrete basis of our earthly existence, is our current mode of production and of destruction, is capitalism. It accumulates capital, produces surplus value, elitist privileges, intellectual and physical private property, social classes, class struggles, world wars, military power and hegemony, by means of brutal economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, universal militarization and inhuman alienation. This has to be negated in our everyday existence, else very soon there will be no historical tomorrow for all of us anymore.
* The root of all threatening metropolitan invasions against Venezuela is the current direction of our mode of destruction, of the production process of history, of bellicose, aggressive, imperialist capitalism, of capitalist, imperialist aggression. We cannot be anti-imperialist and pro-capitalist at the same time, we cannot serve both Mammon and Jahweh!
* The root of all current human poverty, misery, starvation and plagues is capitalist, imperialist corporatism, is the United States global, corporate military and industrial complex, is developing, highly developed World Fascism. This is what invaded us mentally already, and what now tries to finish off its millennium job.

The above is not cheap, obsolete Marxism, is not ruminated, masticated ideology. It states the Conquest, that what "education and socialization" over the last centuries successfully have eradicated from our social and historical consciousness, it indicates the current degree of mind and thought control, the dimension of the global mental holocaust heinously meted out against billions. This process of social decay, of human decomposition, the Bolivarian Revolution has to stop immediately in Venezuela.

Compatriots, beware, currently an inexorable global battle rages: "New Socialism of All Centuries" versus "Old Capitalist Reformism and Revisionism of the 21st Century"!

North America and Europe long ago spiritually, culturally, mentally and intellectually have invaded our very souls, hearts and brains, have assured that we will not find so easily the theoretical and philosophic class weapons to annihilate capitalism and imperialism.

The North American social invasion, this social plague about which Simon Bolivar has warned, is the major cause of the current counter-revolutionary dangers, disunity, competition, suspicion and treachery in our very midst. Hence, much more important than the direct military defense of Venezuela sovereignty against Yankee violence and aggression, is first and foremost, the immediate, mental, theoretical and philosophic preparation, is an optimistic militancy, militant optimism, which must discard the master-slave mentality, religious fantasies and ruling class ideologies.

Even under the threat of an asymmetric war, a people, a country, a continent of revolutionary class conscious emancipators, would be strychnine for the USA; they would force it to think thrice before considering any possible invasion.

However, as mentioned before, at first, we have to overcome our inferiority complexes, our colonial morality, our capitalist greed, our consumer behavior patterns, our human egoism. our religious chimeras. These "vices" we can only excel in the real, true class struggle, which is the social revolution, is the negation of capitalism, is socialist revolution, is scientific and philosophic Marxism.

In simple language, we in Latin America and elsewhere have to learn why we are being hated by capital, by capitalist classes, by imperialism, and why Marx, Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Trotsky and Lenin are so much hated by the White House and the Pentagon, and even by many of us. The answer is very simple: they taught us the true, real secrets of exploiting capitalism and dominating imperialism, what they are, and how we could get rid of them, by means of global class struggle.

It is high time that the Bolivarian Revolution acknowledges its trans-historic emancipatory legacy, that is, to study and verify Marxism in reality, and as such to excel it, to improve it, to realize its historic tasks, the emancipation of humanity.

Especially, how to arm ourselves physically and mentally, how to become invincible.

Summing up, Socialism only begins then, when we begin to negate, attack, surpass the very quintessence of Capitalism, when we scientifically discuss capitalism, officially declare a total war against it, begin to eradicate and annihilate it, that is, to convert private property of the means of production and communication into common property of the peoples of the Americas.

Anything else is a pure waste of time, of natural and human resources, is playing right into the hands of capitalist, imperialist, military invasions, is inviting the sure extinction of humanity.

Only as such, Venezuela, we will fear no Yankee imperialist invasion whatsoever!