Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2005

Venezuela: On the eve of yet another United States attempted military coup?

According to a intelligence report, published on October 15, 2005: "US private military contractors are already in-country to 'deal with' Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias."

W. T. Whitney Jr. (making reference to this VHeadline report) on October 20, 2005, published an article "¿Contratistas norteamericanos pretenden sacar a Chávez?" (Are North American mercenaries trying to oust Chavez?) in the "People's Weekly World Newspaper."

Both publications report that paramilitary forces, stationed in Colombia and hired by the US administration, are already in Venezuela with the declared objectives to assassinate President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, and to bring about another military coup. These CIA death squads claim to have had regular incursions into Venezuelan territory, that they are supplying arms to oppositional groups and that they are in direct contact with some Venezuelan rebellious military units.

According to this intelligence report, within the context of the "Plan Colombia," together with the Pentagon, a Colombian general is coordinating the strategic techniques of the planned coming military invasion. Let us quote a part of this pertinent information:

"Senior officials at the US Pentagon have authorized the intruder operation as part of a plan to make it appear that Chavez is militarily assisting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
The US mercenaries have also established close links with right-wing Colombian paramilitaries (AUC) and their associated drug cartels to smuggle weapons into Venezuela.
Attached to the Pentagon's Joint Staff, a Colombian General is participating in a joint foreign military "interaction plan" sponsored by the US Defense Department in Washington D.C. to coordinate "force development" and "scenario simulation" invasive techniques at the behest of the US Joint Staff Command."

As reported in my previous commentary, "The Second Coming of George W. Bush: 'The Messiah' of the 21st Century":
"It is not strange that practically all world religions in one way or the other are mixed up with imperial and imperialist conquests ... or that current "Western" churches and religious creeds, like Roman Catholicism or Calvinism, all historical European offshoots of the Spanish Inquisition and the Reformation ... in our time directly or indirectly have supported the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini, Salazar or Franco during and after the Second World War, and till today, many of them secretly still aid Bush in his current fascist wars of conquest."

Apart from strategically dangerous "missionary activities," like those of the US "New Tribes" in Amazonia, well known is the traditional political support that the official, religious, Roman Catholic oligarchs gave to all previous colonial and neocolonial regimes in Venezuela. In fact, since many years already we are aware of the Opus Dei (Roman Catholic) espionage and political assassination team that is freely operating in Venezuela and in the United States; it "is in the background of a case where a former Marine aide, Leandro Aragoncilla ... a US Vice Presidential staffer and FBI agent ... has been accused of espionage at the White House. ... Opus Dei elements are known also to have played a major role in supporting the April 2002 coup d'etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias which continues a wider espionage and political black bag operation with support and logistics approved by highest levels within the Pentagon and the FBI."

What is the bottom line of all these facts?

Firstly, every day, every hour, we are approximating an inexorable military invasion of the United States of America. It is a dying culture, a bankrupt "civilization." Ever since 2001, after taking its own last sacrament, its own self-produced "9/11," it is in death throes. Its historical, inexorable demise has set in.

In its current diatribal megalomania, its bellicose, international actions have become anarchic, irrational, incalculable. In its chaotic agony, it is prepared to take the whole of humanity with itself, down the huge abyss of total destruction. Fatally wounded, nearing its end, it is even more brutal than ever over the last 150 years.

Desperately trying to get new life energy by all Machiavellian necessary means, to acquire a new short life-span, this North American "plague" (Simon Bolivar) is prepared to perpetrate any abominable, unimaginable crime, that is, to invade Venezuela or even to bomb Iran.

* We have to be well-prepared, be informed, it is not a question of "rumors" anymore, according to veritable intelligence reports, the planned US military invasion is already in operation, as intrinsic part of the multi-billion dollar military "Plan Colombia," long ago its interventionist strategy was and still is minutely being planned; as we experience daily in the news, its vile, fascist, international propaganda machine is in full operation, socially, it will be unscrupulous, merciless and will take on genocidal dimensions.
* Like the previous military coup attempt, also this new invasion is an open secret, the Venezuelan government knows all its details; the question is only, whether the politico-military conditions exist to handle the coming, violent, terrorist situation, for example, for a long protracted struggle, for "100 years" (Chavez) the immediate, effective arming of the vanguard of the sovereign, of the reserve army, of citizen power, together with the regular armed forces, that is, effectively and efficiently in an asymmetric war, to defend the constitution, the government, the natural resources of Venezuela.

Secondly, there is no time left to fool around with "ideology" anymore, to launch an astute, underground campaign against socialist world revolution, just to avoid being called "atheists," "Marxists" or "Castro-Marxists" by the enemy; by trying to pacify, to purify, to reform the class struggle, to "democratize" it, to "christianize" it, to computerize it, to leave open a back door for the entrance of capitalist private property of the means of production and of mass communication -- all these colonialism, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism and imperialism have done it already much better than we could ever dream in doing it so fine.

* Since millennia, since centuries, since decades, there existed "subjective and objective conditions" for just about anything ... for the mental holocaust, for colonialism, for capitalism and imperialism, for throwing atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for brutal massacres and heinous genocide in Indonesia or Fallujah ... but for the class interests of the poor, for Marxism, socialism, the class struggle and for communism, never ever anything was "ripe," or even existent for the realization of human daydreams and emancipation.
* Like sheep crossing the highway, or being driven to the slaughter-house, brainless many of us defend the status quo, with all our might, defend irreal ideological opium, patriarchal religious drugs, surreal cultural pills and virtual, racist hemlock, that is, all the major arms of capitalist exploitation, domination and discrimination.
* Furthermore, we suggest that the self-proclaimed "left" and "leftist" leaders and international government "friends" and advisors should seriously reflect about their pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist, counter-revolutionary and counter-emancipatory attitudes and panaceas, that scientifically and philosophically they should urgently liberate themselves from the "mas de lo mismo," from current raging reformist, revisionist, "Christian socialist" defeatism, and urgently begin to attack all forms of "social democratic", reactionary, "post-capitalist", Orwellian "computer socialism", that is, the so-called "real democracy."

Thirdly, in mortal times like now, we should really perform some serious stock-taking of our concepts, like revolution, ideology and democracy, about our colonial formal logical norms, ethics, customs, rites, rituals and behavior patterns, and especially about our religious, god-devil, master-slave mentality.

* We should reevaluate our own, real, true, authentic, autochthonous "gods," "religion," sentiments, morals, feelings and emotions, and liberate them from all counter-emancipatory values that colonial and neo-colonial mal-education and dissocialization processes have hammered into our very hearts and souls.
* At the very latest by now, any Orwellian, industrial and technological computer tutelage, anything that officially comes from metropolitan countries, even from their "left" or "socialist" ministers ... unless it is truly proletarian and emancipatory, that is, unless it serves our immediate and long-term class interests ... that is being forced upon us again, like "Soviet Marxism" or "Marxism-Leninism," or even "Labor and Capital Alliances," in a totalitarian fashion, can never serve our Latin American class interests at all.
* The above explanations highlight what is real "revolution within the revolution," that is, what surpasses, what excels the revolution, what is true emancipation. This is what "deepening" the Bolivarian Revolution connotes.
* This is what is on the order of the day during the coming violent self-defense of Venezuelan sovereignty, especially taking into account the ominous presence of United States trained and guided genocidal paramilitary troops on Venezuelan soil.

Finally, faced with death in defense of our inalienable human right to live, all hypocritical, bourgeois, capitalist, State diplomacy has to vanish. If we, as "downtrodden third class world citizens" know what is scientific and philosophic socialism, what is the real, true negation, the opposite of capitalism, no matter what name we give to it, well, then in theory, categorically, we must state it, and in arms must defend it concretely, must live or/and die in its legitimate defense.

* It is very suspicious indeed why the lords who love Heaven and Earth, so deeply, so ferociously, hate Marx, Marxism, socialism and atheism. It is about time that we begin to love ourselves, to love that what slave-masters so deeply hate, call "chusma," call "tin-collectors"!

The lords, landlords, overlords can take everything away from us, except our emancipatory will to transcend this capitalist, imperialist inhuman, putrefied dungeon of Moloch, a global "neo-liberal" savagery ideologically disguised as white, pure, civilized, western, christian "liberty, equality, fraternity, world peace and democracy."

* Repeatedly we have stated that the Bolivarian Revolution is the logical creation of current world revolutionary dialectical dynamics, of current, vehement, global class clashes and crashes, also, that the Bolivarian Revolution is becoming the Negation within Globalization, and that "trialogically" it surfaces as the tip of the huge global iceberg of trans-historic "superation," of workers' and peasants' resistance, of a still possible Exodus out of imperialist Alienation, towards Human Emancipation.