Franz J.T. Lee, October, 2005

As if the entire US Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon...

According to Celtic mythology, the superstition about the four-leaf clover originated with the Druids, who were probably priests from Atlantis washed ashore somewhere in Wales. Anyhow, just as garlic supposedly would stop a blood-sucker, so the druids believed that the four-leaf clover would ward off all types of evil spirits, and that it could enable us even to see and to communicate freely with the good fairies.

Little could they imagine into what world capitalist production, especially American militarism, later would transform their youthful, natural belief.

Nonetheless, important for revolutionaries, the druids firmly believed that the possession of a four-leaf clover would allow us enough time to get away from any terrorist intruders, permitting us to find a safe hide-out where neither the CIA paramilitary troops nor the death squads could never find us.

Comrades, we need a new clover-leaf science and philosophy!

Definitely, many strange things were and are happening on earth. More things than those which we ever could daydream about.

Many of us, totally ignorant about our real earthly existence, just cannot capture or assess the real impact of world events in our daily thoughts, actions, future missions, projects and plans. Our Bolivarian Revolution does not, can not take place isolated from world events, from global class struggle, from general strikes in France. Latin American integration does not finds itself on a free highway, in reality, it is being ambushed, is threatened by a continental wild bush fire, is being countered by real United States weapons of mass destruction. The people, the sovereign, must be informed about the true, real dangers that presently confront the forward march of the Bolivarian Revolution.

It is sad enough that until now the impoverished masses of the world were always used and abused by their slave-masters as virtual electoral, but also as real cannon fodder. In defense of America, the workers and peasants must know against whom they are fighting, about the weapons of the enemy, and also why they are faced with death in battle array, that is, millions of them, like in so many revolutions of the 20th century, for example, in those of Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Algeria and Indonesia.

Nowadays, getting strange headaches, looking up into the sky, very often we see very strange cloud formations, that nobody ever saw before; in reality, what we are seeing are "chemtrails," produced by operations like "Project Cloverleaf" or HAARP.

By Jove, our weather is not fine anymore.

In fact, according to Thomas Bearden, it has not been natural since three decades already. What is really happening to Mother Earth?

Are we killing life on our planet; is it in agony?

What does the Bilderberg mafia know about the state of health of our planet?
Why do we not have an inkling of an idea of its knowledge?
Why does this elite forbid the publication of their discussions and plans?
What about human rights in this specific case?

Already in 1992, the National Academy of Sciences was studying methods of geoengineering, of how to mitigate the rapid rise of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. Such efforts eventually led to the genesis of "Project Cloverleaf," whose occult experiments, together with those of HAARP, are obviously messing up the whole global weather system and all natural climatic conditions.

Concerning climatic wars and weather weapons, since many years, we have warned continuously, especially about the HAARP projects. Lately, we have experienced the mortal effects of strange weather phenomena like the recent devastating floods in Venezuela, in the states of Vargas and Merida, like the apocalyptic Tsunami of Asia, and now the mortal hurricane Katrina.

Because many of us are already physically and mentally very seriously "challenged" and others are psychologically totally doped with drugs and pills ... as a result of eternal brain-washing by all types of disinformation campaigns, by the huge means of mass communication ... most of us just cannot escape main stream "reasoning" and "thinking" patterns anymore, we cannot inter-link strange cloud formations, contrails or chemtrails, with deadly weapons of mass destruction, with climatic warfare, with artificial earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and Tsunamis.

Worse even, we cannot really relate them historically to the transatlantic slave trade of millions of Africans, to current globalization, to United States homeland patriotism and apartheid, to world capitalism and corporate imperialism, to socialism, to Marxism, to world revolution, to the Indonesian Massacre of a million "communists" within days, to the military coup in Venezuela, to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Furthermore, millions of us are not fully aware of the global, fascist, military chain reaction of heinous evils and crimes against humanity, that daily are being planned and perpetrated by a few powerful elitist groups of gangsters, aided by their respective international foundations, agencies, lackeys and Quislings everywhere : Inter alia, Global Nazi Genocide that departed from the United States "Operation Paper-Clip," to the "Project of a New American Century," to Bush's systematic planned elimination of "world poverty"; from military laboratory experiments like the "Project Spanish Flu" to those of Ebola and AIDS; from "Operation Yellow Cake" to joint ventures like "Project HAARP" and "Project Cloverleaf" to Space Militarization ... to downright capital and cardinal crimes against Society and Nature, and finally, from the "Reichtagsbrand" to "Pearl Harbor," and straight to "The Twin Towers," to "9/11"; from throwing atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to those planned for Iran; from the brutally murdered workers of the "Twin Towers" to the helpless, massacred women and children of Kabul, Baghdad and Fallujah, to the current mortal racism against the Afro-American peoples living in poor and miserable conditions in the "Deep South" of the USA, to secretly planned, future terrorism in Latin America and Venezuela.

Millions of us just swallow the thousand and one night fairy tales of the Bush administration, of the NASA and Pentagon, all simply with hook, sinker, bait and toxic shark.

When shall we ever learn? Learn to think for the first time in our lives?

During the "Cold War" it was the "communists" who were lurking behind every corner, ready to devour our children any moment, to rob us of all our "private property," of our toothbrushes, vests, shoes, hamburgers, frankfurters, sweethearts, wives and all. Now it is the demon Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda, the Arab "terrorists."

At the very latest, by now, is it really so hard to think, to know, to reason who all blew up the "Twin Towers" to blazes? Also to know the reasons why this vile act was perpetrated?

Or, have we lost all these human faculties already?

Surely, by now, we know that both Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were on the payroll of the CIA. And, can we not imagine that the latter still owes them a lot of dollars for their loyal service towards the belligerent globalization of capitalism and imperialism; as scapegoats, for trying to rescue United States world hegemony, that is currently being threatened severely by its competitors, China, Russia, Europe, etc.?

If we really know all this already, then before we are going to be riddled by atomic bullets of depleted uranium, why do we not have the guts to say it, why do we not tell the world the truth? In any case, those who still think, who still criticize, who still resist, are on the black-lists of the global paramilitary death squads. Hence, say it now, do something to avoid it, or be silenced forever!

Venezuelan President Chavez said it in New York, in front of the United Nations, of the whole world, so what are we all still waiting for?

Now, let us see what awaits us.

At the zenith of the "Cold War," in the 1960's and 1970's, the ex-Soviet Union was boasting that it possessed weather modification technology, an euphemistic expression for weather weapons of mass destruction. In 1976, the USA retaliated with the "woodpecker grid" -- therewith a generation of weather wars was launched lasting till today.

President Bush, who now and then is being informed about some of these weather war operations, in his typical, clumsy fashion, very often lets the cat out of the bag. On his recent tour of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, he carelessly let out state security secrets: "I'm not looking forward to this trip ... It's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine."

Yes, the USA possesses this "worst kind of weapon we can imagine," the only problem is that the fascist "war of ideas" has already played havoc with our sane and sound imagination.

Many strange things were noted by scientists with reference to the Asian Tsunami, also to Katrina; who knows?, was Katrina perhaps also a man-made Tsunami that ran bezerk? Or did it totally fulfill its macabre military objective? Who was the culprit? Bin Laden?

It is hair-raising to read what some investigators suspect:

"... Katrina was absolutely guided along the path that we all watched. This path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and to the psyche of those that remain susceptible to further storms this year and in the years to follow. Oh New Orleans!"

The above can only be verified when in future such strange weather experiments will continue on the globe, especially in the USA itself.

Also, in previous commentaries we have warned about the use and abuse of Tesla technology. In the 1930s, at the advent of the next world war, Nikolai Tesla himself had warned about the discovery of a horrible weapon of mass destruction:

" a death ray, a weapon to destroy hundreds or even thousands of aircraft at hundreds of miles range, and his ultimate weapon to end all war -- the Tesla shield, which nothing could penetrate. However, by this time no one any longer paid any real attention to the forgotten great genius. Tesla died in 1943 without ever revealing the secret of these great weapons and inventions."

We should remember that in 1975, at the SALT talks, Leonid Brezhnev practically was begging to limit the production of weapons "more frightening than the mind of man had imagined."

Of course, he was referring to the Tesla howitzer in production, that was completed later, and which is a high-energy laser or a particle beam weapon. Of course, before already, the scientists of the ex-Soviet Union also had discovered and weaponized the Tesla scalar wave effects. (For more information, see: Aviation Week & Space Technology , July 28, 1980.)

The truth of the matter is that the ex-Soviet Union and the USA, and their allies, have continued with illegal, dangerous experiments that use the technology of Nikolai Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, that is, they are continuing with the fabrication, stock-piling and installation of deadly weather weapons across the planet, and are now even militarizing outer space itself.

Now we have a military glimpse of all that is happening in North America and elsewhere, what is being launched against the Iraqi resistance, and with what the USA may intervene and invade Latin America and Venezuela.

The very first thing that the Yankee marauders would do is to destroy the depots of our conventional arms, our military installations, even before the weapons could be handed out to the reserve army, to the people, in defense of their revolution.

In Africa, in the 1960s, while founding the "Organization of African Unity," trying to convert African Nationalism, Gandhism and Pan-Africanism into African Socialism, President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, among other urgent issues, had placed the collective military defense of Africa as urgent revolutionary prerequisite on the agenda, had suggested the immediate building up of a Liberation Army of Africa, including the founding of an African Bank, and an African currency.

President Hugo Chavez Frias has declared a "100 Years War" against the USA, if it should dare to attack Venezuela and Latin America by military interventionist means.

Do we have the necessary knowledge, technology and arms to realize this revolutionary and emancipatory task?

If not, then here in Venezuela, we better start right away to call a sword a sword, a laser ray a laser ray, depleted uranium bullets in the womb of a "mother of all bombs" simply low intensity atomic war.

Time is running out, our revolutionary honeymoon too. Severe violent battles already rage on the blood-red horizon of Latin America.

The time-bomb is ticking storm, hurricanes.