Franz J.T. Lee, September, 2005

The Bolivarian Revolution facing the eleventh hour, crossing the Rubicon

According to an article of VHeadline commentarist Chris Herz: "War is coming to Venezuela ... and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it!" -- "only the complete collapse of the existing corporate/oligarchical order in the USA can do that, and this cannot happen without a fight, probably without many fights, of which the one in Iraq is only one. I am so very, very sorry about this but facts are facts, and however serious these matters may be, to face them boldly is far better than living in a dream-world."

Chris told us to be prepared for the worst.

Here we will just briefly comment on this very opportune article, giving it its historical, global context, because it is written in a very decisive moment of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Over the last years, in many commentaries, we have given the historical context, the capitalist background, to the current, threatening, global conflagration, fired on by an unnecessary energetic crisis (Thomas Bearden), by a coming "Peak Oil" economic collapse (Michael Ruppert), by the current crashing process of the US economy and therewith affecting the whole world market (see latest IMF reports), by Bush's new, atomic wars against "terrorism", by using low intensity depleted uranium weapons.

Moreover, we are experiencing a severe capitalist, systemic crisis (Ernest Mandel), ushering in fascist "barbarism" (Marx), that is deepened by another emerging ecological disaster, that concerns the rapid warming up of the planet (Siegfried Tischler), that is liberating toxic substances like methane gas, that since millennia were trapped in the polar ice caps; furthermore, this is a situation that will be worsened by the massive melting of the ice, by the drastic change of climatic conditions, by the creation of new, mighty rivers of water flowing into the oceans, causing devastating floods, elevating sea-levels up to 10 meters or so, and, finally, to crown it all, an apocalypse that very well may terminate in the progressive total destruction of the ozone layer.

Homo sapiens sapiens, alias homo homini lupus, we really did a fine job, by having produced perfect slavery, absolute serfdom, eternal wage-slavery...

Together with all true Christians, we can now just sing all together: Nearer my God to Thee!

If we do not know it as yet, this is the very reason why we make and think the Bolivarian Revolution.

Any reasoning species which is not completely out of its mind, instead of trying very hard to destroy itself, by militarizing the planet and the solar system, by stockpiling tons of deadly WMDs, by now would be shivering in its boots a billion-fold, would declare the planet in emergency, in alert on the degree: bloody red.

Faced by apocalypse, Armageddon and hell, all together, what are the United Nations, the "great powers," the G7 or G8, the G666 doing?

In reality, as corporate, military-industrial complexes, they are planning war projects, magnicide and genocide, developing secret invasion plans, organizing NATO campaigns to conquer strategic important regions, constructing oil and gas pipe-lines, and invading oil and gas producing countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Venezuela, murdering hundred thousands of innocent women and children.

And, as a result of global massive disinformation campaigns, of a real, contemporary mental holocaust, of Orwellian Newspeak, innocent billions do not have the foggiest idea of what is really happening on planet earth, and immediately how they and their kith and kin are being threatened by total extinction "within the next decades." (Chavez).

To save mankind, to rescue the planet, among many other things, billions would have to "work" freely, without pay, day and night, to clean up all the rivers and oceans, to liberate them of the capitalist, productive mess, of all toxic, industrial, radio-active and human garbage and bellicose excrement, to plant millions and millions of trees, above all, to trash all armament factories and cars on the planet, to dump NASA and the Pentagon on some faraway barren planet, etc.

In short, the whole planet will have to stop working and laboring, and to commence immediately with human creativity and creation, based on revolutionary science and emancipatory philosophy, where neither Nature nor Society will be exploited or dominated unilaterally, where all emancipatory needs will be really natural and social, will be truly sacred.

All this is limited in time and space, who knows, perhaps everything might be too late already, but true, real hope is the last human virtue that liberates itself from Cassandra's or Pandora's Box.

Hence, La lutta continua!

In fact, cleaning up the patriarchal mess on Mother Earth, we would have to abolish history as a process of exploitative production, of oppressive work, and of destructive labor; would have to annihilate alienating capitalism, to advance immediately to a new mode of creativity, to emancipatory socialism, to human self-creation.

Surely, this is not just a matter of eternally shouting "Wolf, wolf, ...", and that thereafter nothing unusual seems to be happening, simply because for normal ideological, corruptible eyes no wolf can be detected anywhere in capitalism.

No, as I stated in my latest article, all of us: "Beware of capitalist, imperialist wolves, disguised under red berets!"

Currently the already "classical" national forerunners of a possible United States organized military invasion ... that is, the "storm troopers of the apocalypse" ... like in 2002, in tune with CNN and Fox News, are again disseminating openly diatribal propaganda against the democratic, legitimate government of President Hugo Chavez Frias.

A fierce dialectical class confrontation between the Bolivarian revolution and its counter-revolution is already lightening up the crimson-golden horizon of Venezuelan politics.

However, as can be seen everywhere, things are not going on as they really should be marching on.

Constitutionally, it is the sacred duty of all Venezuelans, of all emancipators, to warn about any surreptitious, clandestine machinations that may sabotage or jeopardize citizen power, that is, its participative democracy.

However, as a revolutionary rule, as an emancipatory sine qua non, we have to solve our internal problems all by ourselves, as a quintessential principle, we should never give our mortal enemies any bullets to freely riddle all of us later.

Our historic, emancipatory duty is to save our only space-ship, Mother Earth, to liberate her of exploiting, oppressive, megalomaniac war mongers and corporate mongrels, to avoid the extinction of humanity, to transcend to a better world, in which it would be worthwhile to live and to die, to create something else, something new, to be proud of the fact that each and every one of us ever has existed in our galaxy.