Franz J.T. Lee, September, 2005

Baghdad and New Orleans: the Janus-face of US world fascism

Over the last days much has been said and written about the tragic disaster of New Orleans; here very briefly we will just spotlight the intra-systemic essence of this natural-social catastrophe, that could have been avoided in time.

As Michael Parenti underlined, the capitalist, imperialist "free market" destroyed New Orleans and killed ten thousands. The Bush regime did not have the desire nor the decency to rescue its mainly "third class" Afro-American citizens.

In any case, in spite of the everlasting "Al Qaeda, Arab Terrorist" hoaxes and threats, of the fact that New York is permanently militarized, that the Iraq War is absorbing all the financial resources so much needed for the defense and social services of impoverished US citizens against natural disasters, as we emphasized so often, the current capitalist, imperialist and corporate global system is murdering and assassinating hundreds of millions of "obsolete" manual laborers by social order.

Baghdad and New Orleans represent the external and internal Janus-Face of world, fascist imperialism, of "democracy" ... whose death trails can be followed from Draco to Bush, from Nero and Caligula to Rumsfeld and Rice, and whose ominous grimace only reflects its own language of endless suffering, pain, terror and violence.

As Georges Sorel long ago stated: billions have not invented violence, they were born into violence, they were taught to be violent, they live daily in violence; violence is being used as an excuse not to save them, hence, they die in violence, killed by State power, by the class interests of the industrial-military complex, by mortal, fatal WMDs, by global private property of the means of production and communication, by merciless exploitation, domination, discrimination, militarization and alienation.

This is what happened in My Lai, Sharpeville or Fallujah, what is happening now in New Orleans.

In the present epoch of permanent world revolution, of the final, valiant endeavors to establish global socialism, New Orleans could very well become the beginning of the launching of "civil war" in the USA, that it, the advent of violent future class struggles in the metropolitan countries, especially in the USA itself.

In a desperate hara-kiri act, as can be witnessed by the legalization of Orwellian world fascism, by the introduction of Patriot Acts and Apartheid Anti-Terrorism Laws, by the prison and concentration camps across the globe ... as Thomas Bearden, Michael Ruppert, and many others have warned already ... the imperialist horror and terror scene is set for massive, brutal oppression and for genocide of hundreds of millions of "unwanted" labor forces on a world scale, for the most violent world war that the planet ever has experienced, that may annihilate all life on earth.

It just remains to be said that if the millions of consumerist bees in the metropolitan countries immediately do not wake up out of their Snow White complacent slumber and urgently join up with the Latin American Bolivarian Revolution, and with all other emancipatory forces, and wipe this apocalyptic Leviathan out of human history, then very soon we will have another New Orleans, Harlem or Watts, another Hiroshima or Nagasaki, another Auschwitz, Dachau or Workuta ... in brief, a Global Orwellian Computer Fascism.

President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela said it categorically: the only way out of this current global nightmare is the permanent world struggle for the total negation of Capitalism ... for Socialism!