Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2005

Total Barbarism, Total Alienation: Armed Yankee intervention in Venezuela will spell doom!

Oscar Heck's VHeadline commentary "It is a matter of life or death! Venezuela must keep the US military at bay..." urgently describes what we lately have warned about, in so many writings since the very inception of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Oscar Heck writes: "Before reading this article, I would like to ask readers to be prepared to come face to face with some highly disturbing photos and information ... information which is finally coming to the forefront ... information which people such as myself have been aware of for some time ... information that has been intentionally hidden ... information that every single human being on this planet should be aware of. It is a matter of life or death!"

Inter alia, we have warned about HAARP, about electro-magnetic weapons, used in Fallujah, and still being used in Iraq, about arms of depleted uranium, about AIDS, Ebola, "Spanish Flu", probably also "Bird Flu", and other military biological weapons. We unraveled the "Project for a New American Century," and other diabolical plans to extinguish millions and millions of obsolete, unwanted physical laborers.

We warned about "Peak Oil" ... and many omniscient geniuses declared us ripe for the loony bin ... we explained the real dimensions of the world energetic crisis, about Tesla technology, about "free energy" and Wilhelm Reich's "orgone," about "Pentagon Aliens" and "Flying Saucers," Made in Los Alamos, about the real possibility of mighty WMD extinguishing life on planet earth sooner than later.

Now, Oscar Heck has focused the coming Armageddon in its full mortal perspective.

Venezuela, because of its geopolitical and strategic position and relevance for the coming belligerent machinations of the USA, cannot and will not escape the already very carefully planned military invasion, of course, unless the whole of America in unison stops this perverse, fatal act of imperialist, corporate megalomania and suicide.

The North American workers and poor devils should wake up out of their doped complacency, out of their prozac consumerism, and support the Bolivarian Revolution, hence, defending themselves, their very existence; if not, all over the globe, and in the USA itself, huge patriotic concentration camps and secret prisons are already built to harbor us, are awaiting us. We, the billions that have become useless "cattle," we are in reality the current "Arab terrorists," ready to be slaughtered. In fact, many of us are so mind-controlled that in the very last "democratic" US elections, we, millions of us, chose our patron saint Bush, our own favorite butcher, all by ourselves.

We just do not see the fascist "menetekel" on the wall, cannot imagine the Big Crash, the Coming Behemoth, the Global Holocaust.

Many secret plans and occult projects of the US military and industrial complex are still unknown to those who do serious research work, especially thanks to the still existing "free" Internet (which has no privacy, and whose master key and password Big Brother possesses).

However, as Oscar related, the known information that has leaked out, about genocidal projects already in operation, is sufficient to give anyone of us an eternal nightmare.

Deadly imperialist world wars, especially the current ones, the "Bush New Wars," the worst ones of them all, have manifold characteristics, economic, political, military and social aspects. They do not just come out of the blue one sunny day, as isolated events. Wars do not rage for a while, and then suddenly disappear into oblivion again.

Should such wars resist the massive disinformation campaigns (remember, the Iraq war was won and terminated long ago), then they may supply research material for a few surviving history students, all of them filled to the brim with depleted uranium, who may live to analyze the censored "facts" some fifty years later, and graduate with flying colors.

Well, the current raging world war is something which every member of the human species, just born, young, old and senile, should know about ... since the last millennium, it is already in full swing, and it may be the final war, the extinction of life on this planet.

For the inhabitants of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, it was the end; for the "wretched," for the poor Jews, Africans, communists, gypsies, in the gulags and concentration camps of Stalin and Hitler, in Workuta, Treblinka, Dachau and Auschwitz, it was apocalypse now.

For the millions of African slaves, the world ended in nowhere, at the bottom of the sea, or in American Colonial Hell, in the Bermuda Triangle of the world market. For the workers of the "Twin Towers" ... the double standard death symbol of US Draculian and Draconian megalomania ... it was Sodom, for the Afghanis and Iraqis, for the poor innocent Arab mothers and children of Fallujah, who were ripped to pieces by the North American "mother of all bombs", by the uranium depleted, lethal atomic bullets, it was Gomorra. For many Palestinians and Colombians, for nearly half a century already, life on earth has been converted into eternal hell.

According to Oscar Heck:

"The USA is using nuclear weapons.
In order to bypass laws and to allow for the use of napalm weapons against Iraqis in the recent invasion of Iraq, the US military (or someone) simply changed the name of the weapon and slightly modified the ingredients. In much the same way, the US government has been deceiving us regarding depleted uranium ... which has been used in weapons against Iraqis and Afghanis in the recent US invasions.
Depleted uranium weapons are apparently not categorized as nuclear weapons."

All this, at the cost of billions of human lives, that a corporate, imperialist clique, a Bush military junta, a Christian "chosen people" should enjoy Heaven on Earth! And, what a God allows all this?

What Oscar is warning about, is that we should stop any attempt of US military invasion into Venezuela. Should this ever happen, and it is highly probable that it could happen in the very near future ... as the result of the dangerous, desperate, decadent and decaying global status of the USA, that has lost control of everything ... then, beautiful Venezuela will be converted into a radio-active, scorched, infested quagmire, an arid, lifeless desert, a lethal threat to human life, this happened in Vietnam and is happening in Iraq already.

Next on the list are countries like Iran and Venezuela.

And some war mongrels even consider attacking Iran or other Euro-Asian countries with atomic bombs. Another atomic "Pearl Harbor" or "Twin Tower" incident may occur anytime on the West Coast of the USA, giving the Bush military junta the "pretext" to set loose an atomic wild bush fire across the globe.

Hence, Bolivarians beware! This strange development of world events does not refer to Nostradamus or any "Palabra de Dios" ... any "Word of God," it was seen already by two great European minds.

In reality, Europe itself ... the origin of capitalism, of this human plague, of this Moloch ... the works of two excellent philosophers have already explained what has happened, what is happening now, and how all this will end eventually.

The erudite scholars ... both born in the country where Nazism will eventually triumph in the 20th century ... Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Heinrich Marx, in their great works, "The Phenomenology of the Mind", and in "Capital", respectively, explained to us the dialectical quintessence of capitalism, its material base, its superstructure, its tendential laws of development, and its final demise.

In fact, cum grano salis, Hegel explained the whole development of the superstructure of the mode of capitalist production, of Reason alias Capital, and Marx explained its tendential laws, competition, concentration, monopolization, fall of the rates of profit, the organic composition of capital, where physical labor will be thrown progressively out of production, and machines and social labor will take over. The problem is that only living, exploited, human labor force produces surplus value, profits, capital-accumulation. Machines and computers do not consume, do not realize capital, do not produce wealth and power.

Finally, Marx described the progressive, geometric pauperization on a world scale, giving mankind only two possibilities: Socialism or Barbarism. Chomsky calls this dilemma: Hegemony or Survival.

We name it: Production or Creation, Alienation or emancipation.

Already on January 25, 2005, we warned:
"Armed self-defense is the only hope that we still have against a "Colombia Plan," that at any moment is hell bent on grabbing the water, gas and oil reserves of Venezuela. The USA urgently needs this to survive a few years longer, economically to confront its European and Asian competitors.

As we have seen before, it is a matter of life and death.

Not many friends will come to our aid ... as Shakespeare said:

Venezuelans, Latin Americans, we will have "to take up arms against a sea of troubles" that will not come "in single file but in battalions" very soon."

Well, we have arrived at that stage...

Barbarism, at the life or death struggle of the human species, at possible Total Annihilation, of the "Angel" of Death, of the US army boot already at our very door-step. Europe is getting fascist at top speed, Russia and China unite, yes, an imminent nuclear world war is in the making. It is a matter of decades for the human species to survive.

That what began in Venezuela, as "Caracazo," and which saved the life of Venezuela's President Chavez and the country's oil economy, that which is unfolding itself across South America, and the globe ... the Bolivarian Revolution, with its trans-historic task, Scientific and Philosophic Socialism, Global Human Emancipation ... is reflecting the most sacred desires, hopes and daydreams of billions of workers, peasants, intellectuals and wo/men of "good will," to survive, to live, to experience Beauty, to know the Truth, to Love each other, at last, to create and emancipate wo/mankind here and now, is the only real, true, concrete path left for Humanism, Humanity.

In human history until now, to achieve anything human, humane or humanist, we had to fight bitterly; however, this last belligerent confrontation, the greatest battle that man ever has seen, this global class struggle, this Yankee, barbaric "shock and awe," as was witnessed already in Palestine, Nepal, Colombia, Afghanistan and Iraq, and soon in Iran, will be the most bloody, terrorist world war of them all.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki indicate the limitless terrorism and brutal barbarism of United States corporate imperialism.

If we do not stop this global, fascist terrorism immediately, by global protest, by using our only formidable weapon against all WMD ... for example, inter alia, our billion fold labor power, organized in a real, revolutionary, emancipatory, workers' striking force on a world scale ... then, armed Yankee Intervention in Venezuela will spell doom: Total Barbarism, Total Alienation.

Otherwise, the US "Noble Eagle" will fetch us all one by one. In the end, there will be no one left to terrorize anymore. Then, a lifeless, lonely planet will rotate at the edge of the Milky Way, as tragic remembrance of once existing creative and creating human life, that eventually, as the result of arrogance, egoism, vice, avarice and megalomania, extinguished itself, by means of its own, divine curse, its own "original sin," by "the sweat of its brow,"  that is, by its unilateral, dangerous, perverse invention of Work, of Labor, of Production, of Alienation per se.

Man had placed things topsy-turvy, in ideological, religious delirium, he did not realize that only after surviving his own home-made Production, real Human Creation, the Transcendence towards Human Emancipation, could really begin.

Alas! Across the ages, Man, the Ruler, the Boss, just had loved himself, his own coronation, formal logic, universality, metaphysics, idealism, reformism, the market economy, values, equivalents, profits, wars, world hegemony, democracy and capitalism a little too much.

To stop laboring and working, to get down to a new mode, of human creativity and creation, is still, now ... at the eleventh hour, already crossing the Rubicon, at the point of no return ... the only real, concrete way out of this capitalist, imperialist, corporate, planetary conflagration.