Franz J.T. Lee, August, 2005

If we do not wake up soon, there will be no human dawn left for us

Our VHeadline commentary on "Peak Oil" has caused intensive discussions here in Venezuela and elsewhere.  Michael C. Ruppert also published this writing on his own website.  However, a very interesting letter from Harry Minetree, a VHeadline reader, has inspired me to explain the following with regard to some aspects of the critical world situation.

Among other things, Harry Minetree writes: "Your 'oil peak' article is excellent -- truthfully informing and frightening as Hell. I wonder, though, your title implies that the solution to The Problem (or the most promising way to delay the Inevitable End) is an international, Communist revolution."

As the philosopher Hegel reminded us ... here on Earth, and elsewhere in our "Universe", formal logically and dialectically, in our closed, limited, finite system ... everything that comes into existence merits to pass away. This reality, we witness daily every where. That we do not like this flowing, overflowing, over-flowing Truth, that individually we do not want to perish completely, that is another story, but it is a reality to know, to live, to die, to transcend. The life of the very human species is currently at stake.

Hence, one day, sooner than later, when its life-energy has faded away, and progressively itself has become vile, senile and sterile, our current mode of production, capitalism, -- including everything that belongs to it, all its affirmations and negations, including its Negation Socialism, and its Negation of the Negation, Communism -- just like the sun, like the Milky Way, it is destined to perish, to fade into oblivion.

Yes, like so many of its helpless, hopeless victims, like so many unknown hundreds of millions of human beings, that were mercilessly murdered or driven into master-slave relations, this fascist world order ... in severe, infinite and eternal agony, like the past European colonial empires ... inexorably will also pass away; so did Nero, Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Mobutu, Idi Amin, and so will vanish Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, etc.

The following scientific and philosophic reflections, free of counter-revolutionary practice and reformist ideology, in an epoch of threatening nuclear warfare, are of special significance in the formulation of a new praxis and theory for the Bolivarian Revolution here in Venezuela.

Because of previous, historic, unbearable situations, caused by perverse natural-social relations, by unilateral, formal logical exploitative and dominating non-relations towards Nature, Man, Society, the "Crown of Creation" launched Work, Labor, that eventually led to the current apocalyptic situation.

Internally, Man, Society, Ruling Man, by means of class relations, of thing-relations, began to destroyed it/himself; to such an extent, that the organic composition of capital has become absurd, that currently, together with machines and computers, less than 2% of the total labor force produces the lion's share of goods on the world market, that are being traded between the metropolitan countries themselves. Africa practically has disappeared from the global economic map, excluding oil production, it participates perhaps only with 1%. By social order, by social decay, by human decadence, billions are condemned to an agonizing death, that began already in Afghanistan and Iraq, and which is now moving from Northern "Oceania" towards highly populated Eurasia.

Trying ideologically to portray a happy future, a happy end, that has nothing to do with intergalactic processes, many social utopias, positive and negative ones, some even electrically earthed, were fabricated: Plato's "Politeia", Augustine's "City of God", Bacon's "Nova Atlantis", the Biblical "Heaven", the Hindu "Nirvana", the indigenous "Happy Hunting Grounds", the French Revolutionary "Democracy", "Socialism and Communism" of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, "Capitalism alias Fascism" of Hitler, Mussolini and Bush, etc.

All tried to give succor and peace to the mind, spirit and soul of a species, that arrogantly denominated itself as the "Crown of Creation", as the "Highest Blossom of Nature", as the "Paragon of Animals". In reality, across the millennia, across the labor process, this "civilized" crown, this "Christian and Western" spearhead progressively has degenerated from homo sapiens sapiens into homo homini lupus, and therewith has pulled everybody and everything on earth into the epicenter of its capitalist boiling cauldron, into Peak Oil, into its imperialist Moloch.

Secondly, viewed from intergalactic, scientific cliffs and philosophic profundity, the above reflections have nothing to do with ruling, class, ethical, mind and thought controlling systems, with products of man-made, transhistoric labor processes, especially not with bicameral norms or binary morals, that is, with bourgeois, capitalist liberty, equality, fraternity, with good or evil, with right or wrong, with god or devil, with life or death, with heaven or hell, with peace or war, with democracy or terrorism.

The current threatening Armageddon, of which very few people are really conscious, that what happened lately in Madrid and London, that which threatens Venezuela permanently, is simply the result of the egoism, vice, avarice of elitesque, powerful, power-drunk, parasitic, opulent, ruling class gangsters, who recklessly have used and abused social and natural forces, have produced mortal, fatal and lethal arms of mass destruction, and long ago have set loose a gigantic, global chain reaction of self-annihilation, nuclear roasting of human life, ravenous planetary destruction, that the rulers themselves cannot stop, cannot control anymore.

Ever since Sodom and Gomorra, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this imminent danger of self-destruction was already haunting planet earth.

If we do not wake up soon, there will be no human dawn left anymore.

Practically, within the wink of an eye, within only 150 of some six billion years of intergalactic earthly revolution, the bourgeois, capitalist, democratic revolution, transhistorically driven forward by various global ruling classes -- democratic and aristocratic slave-masters, feudal nobility and clergy, tyrants and dictators, capitalists and imperialists, "real, true, existing socialists" alias Stalinists and "Marxist-Leninists", local CIA lackeys and national Quislings, etc. -- all, were and still are engaged in total destruction of life on Planet Earth, and therewith of human life itself.

Peak Oil and the overt and covert United States Plans of Armed Intervention in Venezuela are part and parcel of this global conflagration.

This world tragedy does not allow any "attempt to negotiate an international compromise in the ultimate self interest of Life on Earth?" Surely, there exist "enough reasonable people with both power and foresight to earnestly consider the notion of peace as a hopeful alternative." (Harry Minetree.)

Generally, to relish such excellent human, humane and humanist fruits like reconciliation, truth committees, dialogues, prayers gentlemen agreements and peace talks is really fine, however ... in raging world entropy, in devastating global class war, in which historically no ruling class ever has stepped down peacefully from its throne, in bare-faced global competition for hegemony, fired on with gas and oil, more precisely, in the life and death struggle of the dollar versus the euro ... in reality, that is, in realpolitik, such ideological, nonviolent, pacifist, Ghandhist delicatessen simply loses all its revolutionary savor and emancipatory flavor; the Yankee army boot steps on our bloody faces, and the true interests of the survival of humanity are left outside in the cold.

Summing up, as stated before, firstly, we cannot stop natural, social, historic, planetary, galactic processes that do not obey the exploiting rules and dominating laws of human egoism, arrogance and megalomania, of unilateral satisfaction of exclusive human class needs by means of the globalized labor process.

Secondly, we can invent as many fantasies, phantoms, phantasmagoria and chimeras, including angels and demons, as we please, we can resuscitate all kinds of gods and devils, all sorts of ethical values and ruling class ideological morality, but they do not necessarily reflect or even portray micro-, meso- or macrocosmic realities and creations. Any invention, any experiment, can fail, can produce disastrous results, can blow the very planet to blazes.

Bolivarians, for our survival against Yankee fascism, against world imperialism, not only our revolutionary ideas and thoughts must approximate Venezuelan and international concrete reality, much more important is that global, objective reality itself must move towards our collective, conscious thoughts, towards our emancipatory theory, towards our philosophy of creative exodus.

Now, finally, concerning Harry Minetree's healthy "wondering", about our "international, Communist revolution":

"I wonder, though, your title implies that the solution to The Problem (or the most promising way to delay the Inevitable End) is an international, Communist revolution."

A careful study of all my previous commentaries will reveal that I never use the concept "Communism" as global panacea to avoid human apocalypse. The term "Socialism" I use as the internal dialectical Negation of Capitalism, of the French Revolution, that currently is globalizing itself completely. Also, the very concept "Revolution" I consider it to be a bourgeois, capitalist, democratic invention and an excellent ruling class weapon, that has to be surpassed by Human Creation and Creativity, not by reformist Human Labor, not by Human Production, that, in any case, have caused the current disaster.

As Bolivarians, as Liberators, we have to make, think, find the means of human transvolutionary Emancipation, the liberatory energy and power to cross the Rubicon, the Exodus out of all modes of bicameral, binary production, out of all formal logical and dialectical systemic, productive realities and relations. We have to emancipate ourselves of our current exploited status as "workers" and "laborers"; we have to surpass, to excel as self-creators and auto-emancipators, progressively, forever, to eliminate the very words "workers" and "laborers" from our revolutionary vocabulary, and to replace them with Creators, Emancipators.

Hence, in our opinion, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, the attempts to realize a "New Socialism" (Chávez), have to be seen as a "praxico-theoretical" transition towards Global Human Emancipation.

Only in this scientific and philosophic sense, we support any "international, Communist revolution".

With reference to saving the planet, or the human race, we are not prophets or messiahs. Already just depending on our own acts and thoughts, many things could and can happen around us. Already Shakespeare's Hamlet knew that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than those things that are dreamt of in our limited philosophy. Also, as i stated in a previous commentary, the "Polynesian Syndrome" blocks our transhistoric, social consciousness about the true state of affairs on planet earth, of what can still be done, can be thought, can be excelled.

The bottom line: Wo/man, in limited spatial parameters and temporal barriers, was born on earth as one of the weakest species; in fact, it seems that it was a kind of tragic miscarriage. Compared to other "hominid" species, s/he was born yesterday, and is already condemned to perish today. However, in spite of all its weaknesses and disadvantages, this species has developed a early omnipotent weapon: thinking, thought, theory philosophy.

In the first place, this had nothing to do with spirits, souls, soma sema, anamnesis, amnesia or even guardian angels. Together with its natural part, with acting, doing, praxis and science, the human species practically could become nearly invincible.

However, as explained before, while Ruling Class Man cannibalistically was devouring labor manna, and voraciously was drinking labor nectar, every Sunday morning, in church "les miserables" and their humble priests hungrily were swallowing the meager body and blood of Jesus Christ; in reality, secretly, Big Brother had already transubstantiated mankind's sacred arms, its mind and thoughts, its intellect, into dangerous weapons of mass self-destruction.

Thus, Venezuela and the World, our brains, our acts and thoughts, our Praxis and Theory are the only weapons that urgently could still save us from ourselves, from total annihilation, from Big Brother, and which still could guide us towards transcendental Emancipation!