Franz J.T. Lee, June, 2005

For North America ... the fatally wounded werewolf ... time is running out!

While everywhere, in Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and elsewhere, the "Time-Bomb Latin America" is already approximating the eleventh hour, on June 15, 2005, seriously informed us about the delicate situation in which we currently find ourselves here in Venezuela.

It is no more a matter of shouting: Wolf, Wolf...!

The truth is that the Orwellian US homo homini lupus is already amongst us, The Battle has begun long ago already.

Inter alia, Aporrea informs us about the planned United States manslaughter of President Hugo Chavez Frias, as last resort to topple violently the democratic, legitimate, popular government of Venezuela. It explains that all the ominous "rumors" of the past weeks had a veracious core, and that the sovereign by right had all the reasons in the world to fear for the life of its dear revolutionary leader, and for its immediate future.

Now, the situation is so critical, that this year the president cannot even appear physically in the annual Camp of Carabobo celebrations on June 24. Military intelligence has discovered various plots organized by the CIA, the "opposition," paramilitary forces and other imperialist lackeys all over, and seriously has warned the President to refrain from participation in dangerous public appearances.

The current situation in Venezuela is indeed grievous, highly dangerous; extremely volatile, everywhere ... inside and outside the Bolivarian Revolution, today and tomorrow ... everywhere, where least expected, lurks a macabre blood-bath in the making, the ferocious successor of the one that was aborted in April 2002, this time, well planned by the fascist, elitist Bush administration.

Then, in April 2002, we saw it coming, and could do nothing to avoid it!

This new Yankee assault against the Bolivarian Revolution is present all over in the air, one senses it everywhere, in every diabolical detail of the daily Rembrandtesque panorama of "world news", of Fox, CNN, etc., of the international war of ideas, of the disinformation campaigns, of the raging, violent Mental Holocaust, that devours millions of innocent, ignorant victims, especially the metropolitan consumer bees, specifically the North American and European working classes.

For North America, the fatally wounded werewolf, time is running out!

Permanently it is being harassed and haunted by profound, global and globalized class contradictions, by a cancerous dollar, by fiscal deficits, by mountains of internal and external debt, by a strong coming petro euro, by capitalist fraud, lies, hoaxes, by imperialist corruption and corporate megalomania,

Hence, Venezuelan comrades, this time, are we really going to wait till our president and other important political figures are all assassinated, and only then, we will launch serious plans and projects of how to act and think our emancipatory self-defense? Is this Citizen Power? Who else than the Sovereign itself, than the Citizens (the Working Classes), have to organize their Armed Power, against a global Dracula?

If we tarry too long, for a week, for a month, it could be suicide, genocide, be too late!

Big Brother had in mind, still has in mind, to slaughter all real and even "chimbo" revolutionaries, like he did already in Indonesia and elsewhere. All "chavistas", with or without "red berets," with or without "Chavez," or even a "Chavismo without Chavez," in the end, all will have to believe in it, in Bush and Ratzinger, in "God Bless America!"

It is unimaginable what would occur here in Venezuela and in Latin America, should Bush succeed in his villainous, diabolical plans.

Those bare-faced traitors within the Bolivarian movement, that daily are undermining their very own future, unless stopped in time, they will soon have the innocent blood of thousands on their minds and heads, including that of their de facto very unique, excellent President.

The Yankees are coming, are there already, and they are out to kill, are desperately bloodthirsty for our national and continental resources: oil, gas, water, oxygen and biodiversity.

Their time is running out -- they are bankrupt in all senses of the concept, a whole society lives on internal and external debt, on pump, on foreign petro dollars. North America is a beggar nation, she vegetates on credit, on credit cards. The Great Crash is imminent.

Against the poor, against the North American poor, the Patriot Acts, the concentration camps, are launched. In the very own North American Republican lair of vipers, world fascism is being born. This "scapegoat" maneuver, that what the USA accuses Chavez of, is simply a real expression of what is happening in Yankee Land since decades already.

And Bush dares to accuse Chavez of tyranny and dictatorship!

Concerning those "comrades" that are still suffering from the 'puntofijista' virus of corruption and high treason, better, now or never, without any hope of reconciliation, dialogue, forgiveness or impunity, you, the "chavismo without Chavez" ... because Chavez should not be alive anymore ... seriously should begin to reflect, to know precisely what you are doing!

Your time is also running out.

All the saboteurs and conspirators against Venezuela should take the responsibility of their treacherous deeds, before possible rivers of blood will flow in America, when real, future US tyranny and dictatorship will break loose across Venezuela and the neighboring countries.

What is at stake here, is not the individual Chavez, it is the historical fate of the American peasants and working classes, whose manual labor forces have already become obsolete. They, as "useless, mad cows", are being driven to the "Bushery," to be mercilessly butchered, decimated and cremated by the "shock and awe" doomsday operations of the Pentagon and NATO.

And, whether they know it or not, historically, the Venezuelan "opposition," as loyal Bush lackeys, stupidly are choosing their own butchers themselves. How insane, how blind, how mind-controlled one must be, to be so self-destructively racist and fascist!

The poor, the slaves, the serfs, the laborers, the working classes, all along history never ever were considered to be human beings, to have had human rights. A huge transhistoric mental holocaust, religiously furnaced by lies, fantasies and ideology, saw to it that billions live in a "democratic" world of make-believe, in virtual reality; they got the "royal treatment," and were destined to pay the price, with their very lives, so that the global "freedom-loving" parasites and drones of society could enjoy heaven on earth.

Against the poor of Venezuela, the wealthy Cisneros, Mendozas and Capriles, sell their birthright to Bush for a meager pottage. This is the essence of national and international class struggle, of socialism in Venezuela.

The class interests of the poor of America are the revolutionary objectives that Chávez defends, represents, and why Bush and his local Quislings and national lackeys have sentenced him to death.

By right, Chris Herz asks: "Who cares what happens to ordinary working-class people?"

"Personally, I think, although that does not matter -- what counts is what our elite thinks -- that the experience of the brief moments of sanity during the Ford and Carter administrations shows that another way is indeed possible. We saw enough to suggest that in working for the emancipation of the poor, and most especially of the most down-trodden -- the women that this population explosion could be contained. Most of these modalities were, naturally, sooner or later suppressed by the US and international elites, but former World Bank initiatives such as education and career development for girls in super-Islamic Pakistan itself showed great hope. And family planning was deployed in all its forms."

The hard historic truth is that before Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution were born, in deed and word, very few individuals and social groups truly ever cared about the "poor," about the "Kaffirs", "Coolies", "Camel Drivers", "Red Indians", "slit-eyes" and "tin-collectors" of this world. The poor was used and abused, violated and murdered, exploited and dominated, at whim and caprice of all Christian rulers and "democratic" ruling classes of this world.

This is the inhuman, brutal and genocidal tradition in which Bush is "liberating Iraq", is planning to foment "human rights" in Venezuela.

Bush and his Quislings do not have the foggiest idea what humanity, truth, rights and freedom are all about. Let comrade Rosa Luxemburg explain to them what socialist freedom is all about:

"Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently."

Also, across a bloody past century, let she explain to the Bush clique, but also to us, what could still be real, true democracy in a capitalist world, and how capitalist, imperialist "brutalization of public life: attempted assassinations, shootings of hostages, etc." , come into being:

"Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element. Public life gradually falls asleep, a few dozen party leaders of inexhaustible energy and boundless experience direct and rule. Such conditions must inevitably cause a brutalization of public life: attempted assassinations, shootings of hostages, etc."

If across 45 years, over 600 identified CIA orchestrated attempts on the life of President Castro have been made, if several attempts have already been made to assassinate President Chávez over the last years, and even if they had been unsuccessful until now, yet, we have no revolutionary reason whatsoever to continue our victorious celebrations, to relax on our past laurels of triumphalism and invincibility.

The issue is very serious indeed. We should get down to national, daily training in emancipatory self defense measures.

Any moment, hell could occur in Venezuela, and millions, the poorest of the poor, will lose their dearly acquired legitimate rights and gains with the single stroke of a fascist, racist pen, deleting our Bolivarian Constitution, hence, introducing decades of vile tyranny and evil dictatorship in Venezuela.

Of course, this will not occur without popular self-defense, without violent battles, but the danger is that the best of Venezuela, her most sacred, loyal and devoted men and women, her revolutionary heart-beat, may be massacred one by one, by reckless, brutal, murderous, paramilitary US rowdies.

The corruption of the best of us will surely be the worst corruption, across the ages, that Simon Bolivar ever would sense.

This is the time in which we live. Day and night, every minute and second, overseas and domestically, the enemies of Venezuela are working at the eventual overthrow of President Chavez. They are the same ones, who plan to massacre the peoples of Bolivia, Iran and North Korea.

At least, Iran is not fooling around. Openly it is training its whole population, at least a total reserve army of 21 millions, for the final attack that will come, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

Hence, Venezuela, dear compatriots, let us awake up out of our latest puntofijista slumber! The Battle ... not of Algiers, not of Dien Bien Phu, not of Santa Ines ... our Battle of Caracas, for Zulia, has already begun!