Franz J.T. Lee, April, 2005

Don't jump recklessly from the US frying pan into the Latin American Bush Fire

Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:37:06 -0400
From: Franz J. T. Lee

Subject: Steve, you will not only be vomiting

Steve Utech ... concerning your letter "Oscar Heck makes me want to vomit ... he has to be crazy!" ... where you are "right," you are right!

However, I do not really care much of being "right" or "wrong" ... of harboring "absolute truths" or of being "crazy."

This is exactly the crux of the issue.

Everyone does not know that...

For example, logically, you don't know what political economy or economic politics are ... you do not apply their scientific knowledge or "absolute truths" in your attack against Oscar Heck.

In your arguments, you do not even have a historical ruling class consciousness, you operate with obsolete conceptions of history ... for example, great men make history, great men decide over the destiny of countries or peoples.

No! "The US never gets involved in anything unless it helps us in an economic sense. Everyone knows that."

Yes, the US decides.

And. what and who is the United States of America?
Are Bush, Rumsfeld and Condi deciding American foreign policy?
Really, did Bush personally decide to attack Afghanistan and Iraq?

And, what do the "think tanks" that formulated "The Project for a New American Century" or Haliburton have to say concerning the "conflict" Bush versus Chavez?

Does the "dictator," the "tyrant" Chavez, personally decide what is going on here?

Not even Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini had this privilege!

Their real, true bosses, of whom they are just replaceable pawns, decide. When not needed anymore, like in all capitalist relations, they are being demolished, bull-dozed into oblivion.

Capital, profits, accumulation, monopolization, centralization, merging, decide all current global fascist moves on the planet.

Why does the USA (You) go to war?

Is it because you don't like the faces of Hussein or Chavez, how they speak, what they say?

No, "the US is doing a horrible job of keeping stable US-Venezuela relations..." of constructing a "Plan Colombia," "Plan Puebla-Panama" or the ALCA.

Who is doing this?

The huge, horrible US military-industrial complex!

Surely, you are aware of what is capital, capital relations, capitalism, and that the USA is a capitalist super power. This has nothing to do with "two little children provoking each other" and with the "craziness" of Oscar Heck. It concerns US economic and military plunder of Latin American natural resources, of gas, oil, biodiversity, oxygen and water.

If you are in favor of this, then we have nothing to tell each other anymore.

I would suggest that the USA (You) occupies itself with its "horrible" domestic problems, with the possible possession of over 100,000 Russian rifles in private hands in Houston alone ... even more in Miami ... could cause. They may be used by school kids or babes to kill Afro-Americans. Also, look at the internal and external debt of the USA ... it is completely bankrupt in all social, moral, political and economic respects.

Furthermore, look at its fiscal deficit, its dependence on foreign oil, its energetic crisis, its fear for the rising euro, its blatant lies and hoaxes, then you will understand who is becoming "crazy", is reaching megalomaniac fits.

Oscar Heck is a responsible, hard-working, revolutionary journalist.

Also give President Hugo Chavez Frias a break, concentrate on Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, etc.  So much to do, so much to learn, so little done!

Steve, if you really feel like vomiting, just look at the US "Crude, rude and nude ... masticated, ruminated, ideological strychnine," at the filthy garbage, from the international mass media quagmire and cesspool, that is being launched as daily "news" against President Chavez and Venezuela.

Hence, Steve, don't call the pot black, don't jump recklessly from the US frying pan into the Latin American Bush Fire.